Sam Jul 9
I miss the days when I was five
'cause everything was simple
everything looks fine.
I miss soaking on rain,
I miss rolling on mud.
I miss climbing on a tree,
and jumping from its branch.
I miss running with a cape,
and fighting with a sword.
I miss watching popeye,
I miss kid's story books.
I miss all of that and —
being careless of the pain,
there's nothing to be sad.
These are memories
from my 'catching firefly' days.
Elmer Kok Jun 28
The spirits of heaven and earth.

I look down...
You, fly!
Unknown to disgust
Revelling in the solidity of your warm ambition
"You, fly!
Know the Earth and its bounty."

I look up with darkness all round
Glee in the beauty of a falling star
But wait!
"You, fly!
And your jest of chemical fire."
Have taught me a lesson
Of far thought beauties within grasp

Scholar of sustenance and Archetypal will-o-wisp
"Thank you.
You, flies!"
For showing me
All that I can be
And all there is to see
imai May 2
i watch her from below.
every time she descends,
slides down the pole,
time slows
until it comes to a stop.

she moves her body gracefully,
head held high,
she sways her hips
puckers her lips
as intoxicated exhilarated men
shower her with tips

but she glows,
vividly against neon lights,
like a firefly who cannot cry
so it burns bright
till the day it dies,
on the brink of death,
she shines like a
star on its final breath

i watch her from below
she says she’s used to it,
but i know
her better
than all the body glitter—

i watch her from below,
still i cannot say anything
for i am
nothing but a mere spectator
of her show.
Pavle Apr 27
a man with smoke in his eyes
stumbling down the street,
he swinged swiftly through the air

then opens up his hand and cries
wind's long exhale
- a single firefly
flies away
Anusha Mar 27
Demanded to be a Firefly
But rose as a phoenix.
Trusted me to be the guard but
Couldn't control when I grew into an extremist.

My broken phases have become your battle cry
My empty songs have become revolutionary
You watched me go awry but sweet love,
The rebel phase is temporary.

I have changed and I have grown
Like wildfire in the calmest of seas.
I have reached the place that is high,
One deliberate wrong step and you keep guessing Why.
All my dreams and plans are forsaken,
Warrior that I've turned,
I'll be the keeper hardest to keep.

But sweet love, the rebel phase is just temporary
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I'm kind of stuck
At least... I think I am
Somewhere between telling everyone I know to fuck off
And "just please come hold me friend"

Some place in between an uneasy heart and hectic mind

"I'm depressed"
Can't I just say it without having to explain why?
Sometimes I don't even know which reason to choose

Short replies

"You seem like you don't want to talk"

You're right, but I also want to reach out
I want out
I want to let go of everything
And capture it all in my arms

like a fire fly in the palm of restless hands,
Just let me hold on to your light
Atleast, just for tonight

Because I'm feeling stuck.
I'm trying hard to run to catch the firefly as the night stalls.
Emitting such a beautiful pastel blue light, the size of an 8 ball.
The closer I get, the faster it darts away.
I can try to sleep, but I feel too jittery to lay.
Silly little bug, I just want to catch you!
I want to put you in my mason jar and stare into your orb of baby blue.
Stop making me run so much, I keep tripping...
I can feel the grass under my feet tipping.

You're at the grasp of my fingertips as you taunt me with your flickering light.
I stand on my tippy toes and reach up into the night.

But you fly away into the vent.
Why won't you come to me? I'll even pay your rent!
Am I doing something wrong?
I can attempt to sing you a lullaby song...
...But you still won't come out of there.
I shake my head and brush away my hair.
I take a deep sigh and see you as a loss cause.
I take a step and fall onto my knees, immediately looking up and I pause.
I'm in my room as my skin breaks and bleeds.
You fly across my face one more time in an evil attempt to tease.

Stupid...- Wait, this isn't what my real eyes see.
I look in the mirror and there She is, staring back at me.

...It wasn't real, right? It was just my imagination?
Fuck... why does this keep happening again?



         ­                                             o
                                                                ­                    t                        

                  ­         l
e                ­          
I thought I saw a firefly fly around my room last night. I saw Her again.
Magic arboreal lights suffuse
amid the fertile underwood,
sheltered by rebirthing leaves
on the tall tree branches of a secret

forest, after the white cold carpet
of pale snow gives way to nature’s
awakening, from wintry lethargy
when plants and flowers rise

to blossom, green pastures offer
fertility to the somnolent hungry
inhabitants, as marvelled they gaze
in wonder fault of an archaic ingenuity

before, what are unknown to humans
as fireflies. To date all still ignore
the prodigies and riddles they carry,
their beguiling looks and doings,

for they shine to hide from incredulous eyes
omitting they are the ones who ring
the bells of spring’s return. Minute
enchanting creatures of sapphire silk

hair dressed in aquamarine
satin and lace, fays bearing
the magical lanterns of life.
Seema Nov 2017
You fly up high
You fly down low
You are a beauty
A natures show
You are a beetle
So damn cute
Tho so little
You ain't a mute
A power pack
Loaded on your back
You flash your lights
And ignite the nights
The light that glow
I hope it doesn't blow
Your wings are shiny
Your eyes so tiny
If your heat bell rings
You might burn your wings
It would make me sad
To see a burned firefly
Others have fled
As above my head you fly
You are my beautiful

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