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Jim Davis Aug 10
Much like dancing fireflies
Thoughts of you light my dark

©  2019 Jim Davis
Kayal Jun 1
You may not be
The moon or
A star or
The sun
Beaming vision to the world.

But to me
You are
The cute little
Casting hope in me.
G Rose Apr 9
I’ll plant her a Garden in a Library,
and borrow her the moon’s light,
(or at least a firefly),
build a tower in her name,
be the breath to her flame,
for her,
Aspen Welsch Feb 24
Pluck my legs off.
Ouch. Are you happy now?
Keep me helpless, wondering.

See my inner glow flying overhead
blinking for a new lover.
Capture me. Then smear my hope
across your sidewalk.
I’ll be the paint on your
narcissist, concrete canvas.

Maybe just keep me in a jar
******* that air hole. Tight and choking.
If I light up will you
poke another?
Hold onto the side looking
through glass until I fade.

I remember what you said.
I didn’t want to live anyway.
Allen James Feb 1
I'm in no rush to write my masterpiece,
Taking my time with gentle hands,
And all of these words,
That never seem to meet,
Fly away,
To be caught again.
inspiration firefly dreams words hands life childhood
Star BG Dec 2018
A firefly-like light surrounded me
with the energies of a dear sacred one.
One who carried God spark within.

It drifted and spun until I,
in deep breath caught its essence.

It radiated lighting room
to give me its gift.

It traveled pulsated merging in moment
to give me peace.

And so I shall catch your smile cross distant miles,
putting it into drawer of heart...
Cherishing it with glory and gratitude.
Inspired by a chat with Kim J. Baker. A gift to humanity (weather she goes out or stays inside her four walls. ) Thank you Kim.
Brandon Conway Dec 2018
my loquacious tide
flow into my heart
then ebb into
evanescent dreams
melancholy into
this new form
these eyes have never

How are you so beautiful?

the heat arises
inside this vessel
when you are near
451 Fahrenheit
this palpitating page
burns for your words
to hear you speak
to see you flow
through time

How are you so graceful?

The curve of your smile
is contagious
if only while in the presence
of your vanilla scent
your skin,
your laugh,
your countenance,
how they are so radiant

How do I capture this firefly?
ollie Oct 2018
There is good in this world
Unfixed by a shout and justice
But maintained by mischief
There is a willingness to be kind if you can find those who possess it
Capture it if you can
It is hard to catch
But bright yellow
It is good
It exists in the smile of someone who cannot help themselves
The pain in your stomach after laughing too hard
It exists when bruised knuckles pick wildflowers
And those who have neither dance in the fields nonetheless
There is a good that exists in nothing but chocolate and inside jokes
There is a good that exists in whispering and a good in the power of a shout
If you can find it your life is all the better for it
There is a good in simplicity and a good in over complications
There is good in a quiet voice
And a murmur of refusal
A murmur of acknowledging
There is a good in her excitement
There is a good named the pitter patter of rain on the window
There is a good they know as dreamless sleep
It awaits
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