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I am having a crisis,
But there's no need to response,
Since I've always been like this
So what else can go wrong?

Being under psychosis,
But you won't notice that
Can't tell you anything
Because you can't handle facts

I know it's a lot
It can be a lot to swallow
But feel my hurt today
To give us better tomorrows

I know it's uncertain
The future becomes unclear
So stop ignoring all the things
That fill your heart with fear

I know, you're a human,
I know, it makes you scared,
Seeing all the work you put into me
With an eye blink disappear

I know, you're human,
I know you are not prepared
But this is the way my life goes
It'll be better if for me you're here
I am my own
I am having a crisis,
But you cannot respond,
We wonder why I'm like this
Why was I ever born?

Being under psychosis,
But you won't acknowledge
So I tell you somethings
Overeact, astonished

Calm down, there's nothing
There is nothing to fear
For you, I'll change my perceptions
It's alright, I don't need prescriptions

I know it's set in stone
The future's always your way
So I should stop making up all these things
For the fun of it, for play

I know, you're a human,
I know, it makes you scared,
Seeing all the work you put into me
With an eye blinkdissappear

Because you're human,
I exist to be your *****
Your word is how I should go
Since you say so, I should behave
...but I'll become what you like
I'm not very smart
This is of myself
I gave you my heart
And hope that you help

Keep me together
Keep me from falling apart
But I shouldn't have done that
After I gave you my heart

The pounding sound of heartbeats drown me in their noise
My eardrums on the verge of bursting, but I have no choice
Taken over by the soundwaves, lost in a cloud of rot
My ears are bleeding, because of your voices, I can't stop.
My chemical imbalances
Make me unstable
Releasing pieces of my mind
So I'll become stable
Still calculating the halflife
Of my sanity
Alpha, beta or gammma,
Would not catorize me
Inside my static dreams
Are acid screams

A sphere of broken glass
On alone a string,

If you pull my cords right,
You'll make me sing
Let me die!
Why don't you like me?

So many time I've tried,
Why must hide your face?

I'm searching for a way out,
A way out of here
I thought maybe you could me escape
The horrors of life and all its fears
I'm brOKen Mar 10
They’re always watching, following me
I can feel their presence everywhere I go
I tried to listen to them, I felt them calling me
So I welcomed them in and let me go
I'm brOKen Mar 10
The past memories sit and stare
With nothing left to do, we begin to share
I say this, it replies with that
Deep down we both wish this was more than a chit chat

It showed me videos of things that already happened
I want to end its life, but it's there, crafting
From leaning on a wall about to crumble
With curiosity, I walk over, hoping it would show me it's humble

It was sharpening a knife, and I wonder "For what use?"
"Will it be another object that on myself I abuse?
I lose myself to my imagination,
To all my destructive behaviours that bring about surreal sensations
I'm brOKen Mar 10
Don't be surprised,
I, myself, can feel pain
Even without a external reaction

I've always been swallowing my pride,
For so long, it's no longer a part of me
That gives us one less distraction
I'm brOKen Mar 10
I have my destructible behaviours,
I beg for your love and attention
Maybe if I became what you want
You'll give me what I need
Even though what's received
Isn't truly affection

I have my addictions
I overdose on dopamine
But maybe if their levels were stable in my body
I wouldn't behave like the ****** I am
And no longer unwanted, I'll be

I have my happy moments in life,
Though I don't really share
Because if I give them away to others
That means there would be less for me
Although happiness never truly is there
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