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The letter I never sent,
I write my valentine on your beating heart,
And send a perennial prayer,
That you could know without knowing.

Petals on your doorstep,
But no signature,
Pink Rosehip on your bedsheets,
Spying through your window blinds,
At someone unreal .

A label that travels as my desperations move it,
How I value the sick,
The unnatural,
The corpse and the consent.

The tenacious nature of a train,
With a hundred destinations,
None finite,
Moving and passing every station,
Leaving like it never stopped,

The will to pull me off it,
The weight of every expectation,
The ommitance after the deprication,
And the incommodious silence after the exposè.

I lust for that iced libation,
The roseate water of ivy and redemption,
A clay to fit inside my insatiable skin hunger,
A welcomed error of continuity in my own beliefs.

The rain of rapture will flood the streets to the chorus of weeping,
The composition of the crestfallen,
And my perennial prayer,
For an ardent antiphon.

-Unabaitingly, The Romantically Inept
Johnny walker Aug 30
Dominic Felton, I pay my tribute and thanks to him and all the others just like him who have put their
lives on
In hope of keeping us all safe from the evils of this
world Dominic Felton
survived a bomb blast In Ireland who now needs help, that he deserves and all the other's just like
But now I read he has to go through the cruel assessment system set up by this cruel
and uncaring Government just to prove his entitlement, by people who not
these Idiots can't they see with their own eyes and read what these's guys have done, there Is no respect from this
I have the greatest of respect for all these men and women who put there lives on the line to keep us safe
So I'm paying a tribute to Dominic Felton, and all other's like him and wish them all the luck In the world
so come on Government wake up to your responsibilities start doing the job you were elected to do treat all disabled the needy with the respect they deserve
"And remember this there
Scroungers In all walk of life and In truth as In your own Government
don't have the best record
I will  not say all In Government, but don't tar all us with the same brush just to save money you forcing people Into poverty kids going hungry, so shameful
when are you going to wake up face your responsibilities, I've
faced mine, to speak out because I woke up and opened my eyes to what's going on In the
And when I read of
single mother's selling there bodies for £10 for they have no money to feed their kids Its time to say enough Is
I remember the day Mrs May becoming the leader of her party outside parliament saying she was going to do all she could for the needy of this country
Talk about two-faced, come Mrs May help the needy help our serving men and women Help Dominic Felton and all other's stop saying lack of
your own MPs from your parties and other's don't seem to have a money problem when It comes to helping
to nice little pay rises "oh sorry forgot" the rise is forced upon them by a pay commission wonder who thought that little Idea
So come Mrs May get off your *** do something for once In your life follow through the policies you promised
and not the ones created  by Cowardly back stabber's In parliament the
oned to afraid to put their own campaign leaflets through your door, or maybe too lazy to get off their *** so "Come On
The Likes Of Dominic Felton" and all the other's vulnerable people you promised to help "Come On Wake Up Open Your Eyes, because  I
When are this Government going to face to Its duty to look after the vulnerable In our society the needy I've woken up to the world I've looked around and don't like what I see the most is the way this Government It's rich and treat Its vulnerable like dirt I hate them with vengeance the disgust me
Kate S Apr 18
Sweet Saturnine Child
you fear so much around you
expectations you don’t understand
responsibilities you never wanted
you’re disciplined in your actions
yet your mind tells a different story
because you
Sweet Saturnine Child
are better than your expectations
I have used my life to stay alive
Nurturing death into its prime
Only to be saddened by facts
For my eternity resides
Within lines of defeat
So unique and rare
Even I,
Have questioned happiness

But I’m here
Making silver into gold
Bronze into the richness of life
For an unknown to profit sincerely  
That I am still here
Leah Nov 2018
I look into your eyes
Deep within,
You evoke freedom in me
I no longer feel trap.
Consume by my family responsibilities
You have taught me there are other ways to live.
I no longer live to survive, but
Live and live for myself.
My soul thanks you,
For setting it free
I will forever love you, my dear.
This is for those who are constantly trapped by other people, especially family responsibilities to the point where you don't live for yourself. When you meet someone and they show you another way, its a breath of fresh air.
Ekuu Nov 2018
You can have a favourite political party
You can support it publicly
You can point out others mistakes.
You can state facts
You can crack a joke on anyone of them.
But you have no rights to use your 'public figure' status to influence someone's mind.
You are playing all wrong.
You can outsmart/ outwit someone's thought here, but only here!
Being a public figure, you have the freedom to speak and write your thoughts and the bheed will follow you.
But from being an important person you have some unsaid responsibilities which clearly, many ignore.
You can state facts without portraying your filthy  brain Divisive Mindset on people who do not know how to counter question you.
So, basically you are being smart to those who aren't actually questioning you!
Which indirectly means you are weak... Very weak indeed.
My advice to you people is, start talking to the people who beg to differ from you and have the write wit and the words to question you.
So that even you can be sure of your lovely choices.
Thanks for reading this!
Bheed: crowd
Hello wanderer
I came today
And saw that you left

For the first time in a long time
Did i feel alone

So you, came
Encircling the sky

With an unbroken spirit
Unlynched, unaffected and free

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How can I be free?

Do you have the keys?
Do you know the keymaker?

I've tried finding one
But these chains are too heavy

Their locks too complex
Too complicated, too human

And the prices they proposed
I'm afraid I can't afford

My chains are slowly
Becoming one

Slowly combining,
Slowly seeping into my skin

And now I've become too heavy too fly
Gravity's gotten stronger

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How do you see, with those eagle eyes of yours?

The sky's too dark
And these glasses aren't coming off

The doctor suggested a lighter,
And so I took

I lit, and I smoke
The price of seeing is but a substitute

And the last time I saw,
It was all so much brighter

**** I start wearing these lenses
And now they're not coming off

They've left things darker

The price of flying,
Has all but left me broke

It's left me weighted,
Left my eyes weakened,
Left my heart darker
If I could just be free
Cambria Andersen Oct 2018
I have been alone most of my life.
Every now and then someone would walk in, cup my chin,
give me a moments peace from the anxiety of living and not knowing how my day would end.
I could close my eyes, measured breathing into sleep.
I would dream for days, breaking only to sup and eat.
I could forget my sin and remember my goodness.  
A reprise. No need for forced politeness.
It was a break. No moving forward. Without or within.

Then, one day, I would think that I could awake, unlock my heart and carefully peer outside.
But every time my benefactor would be gone, and I was alone again.
When I was alone I would go through terrible bouts of insomnia that would effect my bipolar. Occasionally with a person sleeping next to me, for a while, I could break the cycle, but it never lasted long and I was back to having the world on my shoulders and not sleeping. It took a long time to break that cycle. Years actually.
i think i have lost
all my responsibilities
to my dreams.
they drift away at night
upwards towards the sun
towards the light
that burns them to dust
just to be made into
another north star
for me to chase.
i wish responsibilities could disappear and dreams could last forever-
if only.
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