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drops of rain,
stop suddenly do they,
for just a moment,
waiting for it to resume.

time, the great controller,
the ever hurting phenomenon,
first of all,
waiting for the end of all.

the traveller on it,
lives according with no,
past to turn back,
just walk past.

hardships it gives,
I see them, I judge them,
to dodge them,
or to face them.

hardships they do give,
a choice to handle them,
its up to you and me,
and sometimes up to time.

To deal with them,
run away from them,
to crush and crumble,
run and be scared forever.
Asominate Apr 2023
I grow diseased
Reconsider these

My memories long gone
You expect me to move on
And to grow from where I've spawned
Mourning melodies for remedies

I know they'll never come
So I live out dreams through song
Deep down, feeling scarred and wrong
Mourning melodies 'til morning

My love, she's not responding!
(read it from bottom to top)
Zack Ripley Jan 2022
You'll have more bad days than good.
You'll experience more pain
than you should have to.
At times, you'll feel broken; weak.
But you're stronger than you would think.
And when you find that strength,
that reason to stand,
you will come to understand
you have new responsibilities.
Responsibilities to yourself.
To the ones you let in.
Even responsibilities to the ones
who get under your skin.
You've come so far already,
but there's still so much to do.
I'll leave you to it.
I just want you to know I'm proud of you.
N Pescador Apr 2021
When we’re younger
We always dream to be a doctor, lawyer, etc. when we grew up
But now we all grew up
We all wanted to be free, happy, we want freedom
We want to stop all this responsibilities even for a day
And you know what we all wanted when we all grew up?
To bring back time and be a kid again
Reality is scary
The beautiful dream is dying
Like all you had built was an imagination
And now you are no longer on medication
There are so many  tears to shed
Crying until your eyes dry
Wishing you had wings to fly
To escape into a world refined
One with no troubles
One you want to tell a story about
The  architect to give it the design it holds and deserves
But no it's your time to taste
The bitterness  of this world
To drink from the same river animals go to drink
To make a fire and get burnt by it
To hope and never get all you wish for
To stumble and fall but still get up
To unlock all those talents you didn't know you had
To live the life of a poor kid and know it's  no curse
To share the little you have
To know there is always a blessing that comes with giving
Now is the time to shuffle the cards
To mold yourself into one ready for anything
Joy, pain, sorrow, happiness
All lighting on different candles
You have the power to blow out those you don't need
Keep those that light up your life
Now is the time to take the stand of being a man
The story about life
Each bad situation is always a test
However we are masters of our fate and can brighten our sad days
Maria Mitea Dec 2020
So, I was tired, ( as you know :)
and decided to honour and surrender my tiredness  for as long as I write the poem, at list, ...

After surrendering:

Driving to pick up a client, - Hilda,

You know Hilda,
She is the wife of the ex Italian mafia driver,

- Hilda comes,
She is seeing me, - smiling happily
( last night in her email she was in lots of pain, I expected her to cry, ...)
- we drive,

She speaks, ... I drive and listen,
( my job is to listen and breathe)
How she applied for unemployment
and the difficulties, bureaucracy, and stress
of loosing her job because of Covid,

- I listen, ...  I am no longer tired, ...

I was happy to drive Hilda, ...
Reality wakes or strikes you up from any state, 😊
Fame Flame Sep 2020
They say its all because I reflect the traits so true,
Little do they know.
It’s a fake picture long back which I drew.
They say I am the same,
I am the same badge holder,
Little do they know.
New expectations are like boulder.
They say I won’t change,
That they can still trust me,
Little do they know.
Its a fake picture, It’s a stuck mask.
Who am I under?
Is still unkown at last!
Little do they know,
Little do they know.
Harley Hucof May 2020
I am unknown, still alone.
Experiencing on my own.

No witnesses to validate
My involvement or the weight
Of the choices i've made
Trying to liberate my spirits
With my patterned habits
Only to understand
That i am digging my end
With my crooked tangled hands

But still

My fears and
feelings they tend to vary
And my mind keep changing its mind.

So now i just smile and carry on
Leaving all my worries behind

No one likes to deal with the the unknown
Someone must be manifesting
Because i can't explain my preferences
Disowned , unresting
I have to believe an omniscent is guiding me
So i can truly rest in peace
I don't believe in responsibilities.

Writing is the only way to fruit this fear.

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