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Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I think my words speak for themselves;}

tired of the blinded faults

disgusted by the brutal unappreciation

manifested in the untied bonds

to **** the place and fire up the numbs

maybe ending in tons of regrets and flooded ponds

yet my indecisive conscience knows no faked up fonts

and my rage is bored of a game of prison where no fun

just please me with your silence drowned

keep me with your mouths shut down

you call me rage with no bounds

well blame yourselves for the upcoming storm and sounds

Asominate May 2020
Talk less
Do more
I'm obsessed
To the core
I detest
The skin I'm in
Then love
Didn't begin
It's not good enough.
Vaniexe Kafka Mar 2020
though it's not.

but i am too lazy to say anything more 'cause i don't want to be judged as a judger and my mind is so chaotic; i feel like tripping on my words and the conversation's gonna get longer and longer and i'll say another bunch of comments then you'll reply as if you're listening but then counter my argument like you've never heard it until i got tired and agreed to what you say so

"i think it's fine."
as an introvert and not really a sociable person, i have this social anxiety of speaking up my thought so i often just agree with what other people say

but in these times of crisis, i hope people speak up more and not remain passive and imprisoned with their thoughts because it do help a lot to let your voices be heard
Amy Dedman Mar 2020
shut your mouth
breathe quietly
are you capable of sitting silently?

i have watched you
in my hour of boredom
you have become my problem

peace has stormed out of the room
because of your inability to be quiet
do you really have to yawn that loudly?
is it really necessary to bulldoze me with your breath?

irritation simmering
yet i find it bewildering
that the annoyance you cause me
stems from your simple act
of being free
an aviary Apr 2019
please shut up about the moon
why won't you leave her alone?
she's busy casting silver glow
from her starry night of a throne
and weeping after you stuck
your disgusting little flag
into her skin all those years back
i hate america
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