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Noura Abdelrazec Sep 2021
Flash of a camera goes off and I rush into the shadows, because the picture will look all wrong if I am in it.
Conversations circle my head aimlessly, all connected by a single thread that has slipped from my grasp.
A game of cards that I watch from the sidelines.
Memories are made in front of me and I cannot have a slice of them—they are not mine.
I was there, but they are not mine.
Because you smile when I wave
and I laugh at jokes that I don’t fully understand
and we complain, compliment, communicate,
but you are a stranger to me.
I am a stranger to you.
You, polished jade stone in vicious waters,
yet the waves yield to you
and your iridescence
and all of your beautiful stone companions. I am a pebble who gets caught
in the tide, too desolate to swim back to shore, too afraid to join you in the deep.
I cannot stop fighting the current.
There is no hope for me if I do,
for I will sink, settle on the sandy floor with my back arched and my hands shaking
and join my fellow forsaken, solidified into a gritty brick of aching bones and broken spirits.
I will no longer be your burden. I will be something you do not bother to look at twice.
You will float above me with nothing to haunt you.
But even as I am fighting the current all my life
I am still dissolving
bit by bit.
As though I am destined to fade away no matter how hard I try to stay.
Grey May 2020
Will I ever be
the main character of my
own story? Or will
I always be stuck on the
sidelines, lost in the dark?
Asominate May 2020
I promise to give myself the things I deserve
I promise that it's not because of you I hurt me

Deteriorate, I die behind the scenes
You'll come to find that descending madness ain't serene
As I make it seem

It's said a promise is comfort to a fool
So shame on me for believing in you
Very comforting your lies were
Now I'm here questioning my own worth

"It's irrelevant"
I'm usually the skeptic here
But the tables have turned
The roles are reversed

It's your reckoning
I am undone with no care
It's time to let you know

I write in dedication
I am forever grateful
Thanks to your behaviours
Now I am truly able
To hide myself from the world
'Cause all you do is hurt me
I had trust in your word
No surprise you desert me
You're watching from the sidelines
My body bleeds in a trench
As if I'm a sci-fi
Does dealing with reality make your gut wrench?
(Do I make your gut wrench?)
You know who you are
Ayn Apr 2020
Why is it always others
That find requited love?

And why do I
Still enjoy listening to their boasting?
It irritates my interest (that’s basically what “piques my interest” means), and irritates me, but I really do enjoy listening to others talk about their relationship, good or bad times. Is it a bit creepy, or do others feel that way too?
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
Perspective changes

new goals anticipated,

standing on sidelines

witnessing palpitations
There is only thing I want
Is to see your beautiful blue eyes
holding you hand while i drive
hear your voice singing to the radio
feeling your energy

I miss you
every moment that you are here
I'm going to not stop loving you
life is to short

lets lay together
stare into each others eyes
not say a word

The thing is miss the most
is that feeling...

Oso Amor. You'll always be in my heart until the end of time
Pax May 2018
My life is a stroke of luck
in order to have a good life,
Ive sacrifice the blooming
Scent of lotus
Never having
Never falling
only taking
Comfort on the
Sidelines and
Shadowy shelters,
Seems happiness
has evaded me....
I leave with this quote of mine as a reminder for me:

The thing about waiting is
it takes much longer
since from the start
you never make a move.
Feliz G Feb 2017
As long as this sun shines,
As long as this heart beats,
I have my goal set,
My back against commitment.

Grasping onto truth,
Believing in what's real,
Travelling along the sidelines,
Finding people who shares the same mind.
We haven't even met each other in person, but I hope it'll work out fine in a few days!
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