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Asominate Sep 2020
Read me your words
I am yet to hear them
Knowledge to be absorbed...

Yet of the unknowns,
There's a fear within.
He was not sending
He did not know even he was the messenger
He went to that cave
Called "herraa" cave
To be away of the world
To look after the natural world

To discover if the world was created
By only power and God
His nation worshipped statues
360 statues with days of moon year
To approach them to the only God

The true is when one increases his faults
He searches away from his God
Trying to get a way and method
To get his God forgiven his worst

He forgot that his God accepted one
Who discovered that he did a wrong

Mohamad sent a lone
To see the outer of the world
And to hear the inner sound
Until a great creature appeared
He made a strong hung
Mohamd felt his chest was collapsed
Telling "read"
Mohamd said," I can't"
Mohamad was illiterate

The creatures hung him again

The sweat ascended as rain

Telling him read
Mohamad said," I can't read"
In the meaning of the talk
The creatures did again
Saying," read ,
Read with the name of the God
Who learnt with the pen"

As the Al arak surat said
Mohamd went with great shock
Saying," cover me, hung me
Warm me"
His lovely and honest wife met
With great mercy and kind
Telling you God will not let you down

To be continued
mohamad was sent to guide all the creatures to the holy power wo created the world
i was once thought that,
when i tried to swallow the pen and papers,
i will be able to write
without using my hand.

but i was wrong.

because every time you reminded me
that i don't know how to write,
reality will criticize me that
i am illiterate in fighting
in this mess up world.


an illiterate person who don't how to use
guns and swords in fighting
for the freedom of mind.

i am in masked.

a masked person
because  i tried to swallow
the words that persist to
pressed inside my mind that
"i am already lost even if the
fight is not yet started".

Lost in my Head Mar 2019
Words are used too often
And yet even more misused
Showing our weakness

Such as sadness and pain
Shifting from physical as a child
Simply meaning a splinter or cut

To emotional when older
With shattered dreams
Or failed friendships

You seem to be illiterate
Throwing words you don’t seem to know what they mean
Like love and feelings

You seem to be illiterate
You held my heart in your hands
And slowly crushed it wish the guise of a tender embrace

Maybe I'm illiterate
Unknowing what to say or feel or how to show you
Not knowing how to tell you and pour my heart to you
This one isn't that great ngl, but I'm not going to do much else to it so I'm throwing it out here
Sam Luna Mar 2015
I cannot read
Help me understand
the words
you're putting down
Tell me
the reasons
behind your
I want to
your messages
Are we friends
or are we
more than that?
I cannot read
your thoughts
Show me
the underlying
of your being.
I want to understand.
elizabeth Jun 2014
I have always noticed
That while this city is filled with females
The library is filled with men
Middle-aged; average, maybe less
Sitting at computers

Today I saw them, for the hundreth time
I finally realized
These men have nowhere else to go
Some of them, maybe
But nowhere they would rather be
They're looking for jobs
To feed their families, themselves
This library is their 9-5
No qualifications necessary

I sit in the Bates Room
Surrounded by green lamps and wood tables
Books line the walls, and the gray clouds do not let the sun shine in
The image of academia, the most scholarly of steeples
A man sits across the room
In a navy hat and gray sweater
Book open in front of him
Exactly halfway through

He dozes off
Time and time again
The security guard wakes him up

People walk in and out
Taking pictures and admiring the architecture

I wonder what he's thinking

— The End —