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Eno Feb 24
When there is no solid ground
Just combination
When love is abound
Always conditional
When emotion is potent
Beyond reach
When sleep beckons
Nightmare days
When life carries on
Just suffocate -
When the next day
Never arrives
When pain and fear and shame and distrust and betrayal and dissapointment and disgust for yourself sit like a ball of cat hair stirring in your abdomen.
You’re lying here
And wish you could be anywhere else
Away from destructive characters
Torn right out of a novel where
The genre is
A Psychological thriller
LaCayla Jul 17
When we split paths,
I cried myself to sleep every night
I felt unsafe everywhere I went,
One day,
I just forgot

I've forgotten about you
I've liked people since
But then today,
I saw you,
And I remembered you

I'm already in a difficult position in my life right now
I like two people at once
Seeing you just reminds me
Of all the memories
Good and Bad

I hate to say it, but I wish I didn't see you,
You didn't even talk to me anyway,
Why am I feeling this way?

You just randomly ignored me,
I thought I did something wrong,
But people have told me it's not my fault,
I still don't believe it

Can you just tell me why you did it?
What did I do wrong?
Why did you hurt me?
Bohemian Feb 2
If my love is to be perverted
I would rather ****** you utmost to the brim
To seek your naked emotions .
Inducing the tears
You held back for long .
Seldom is how you feel
Salvation be my love/ salvation goes unsure
You lend me it once .
Wolf Jan 9
Back to the world
I still refuse to awaken in

Back to the world
That reminds me of a corpse

Back to the world
Which stole my warmth and praise

Back to the world
Where my safeties cease to exist

Back to the world
That hurts me so

Back to the world
And those burning eyes
Hello world, I'm back.
False Poets Feb 2018
there is no value in a poem that reads
M M l i f e s u c k s x x x n o p o e m i g o t


nerve; crap bs, a denial of craft

seek the intelligent intelligible,
kiss the sensational thrill that
emotion harvests with resonating tenses
that beg our brains to differ, sense

this claims,
there is no value in no words is
a hoax cloaked as art by the weak,
make thy metaphors metastasize,
my every cell, a preposition,
preposterous and precious and
comforting in their
privations and provocations

speak to us in alpha and
line our eyes wide,
with pictures at an exhibition
of a faun immobile and beauteous

let me hang on every word of yours and
let it be the raft that sees me happily
unsafe home

take your bs line poem  
shove it down your silent voice

this is not avant garde; this is insulting

p.s.  write me a smile and all will be_____
i ate a plum today
the deep purple hue
and melting red juice
dribbled over my chin
it wasnt quite ripe
and this is how my poem begins
you arent really my type
standing all akin
mind all a luce
but im drawn to you
what might the knights forsay?
when they see me run
for fun
into your arms
might their ears shriek in alarm?

i ate a plum yesterday
might it have been ripe this day?
leaving my mouth dry and bitter
i would like another bite
my poem is not over
men do not think me polite
i cause their knees to jitter
and this is what the knights forsay
when i ran to your arms that day

"he is a reminder, that looks deceive, a ripe plum is not ripe at all, the act is clear, shouldnt the juice be sweet? shouldnt the corners of your mouth lay sticky? you are instead left bitter, running to an unsavory fruit that longs for your tongue. you do not eat unripe fruit, you throw it aside. this fruit will quake and die quietly where you have left it... do not be a fruit fly, they crave lifeless desperate sweets."
how might you interpret such a poem?
Ivana Rodriguez Jun 2018
Ocean tide, please wash away
All of the misery from yesterday.
And my past, and the winter.
White, frantic snow that made me bitter.

Draw in the sunshine and the love.
Take back a previous life that was rough.
Ocean tide, I know you can
Help me see my love again.

Ocean tide, release your wave.
Blend in with the melted snow and rain.
Move my boat to find my treasures,
Or my pile of long lost letters.

Gold locks and chains buried deep.
I thought that my love was one to keep.
Ocean tide, do be brave,
Though this path is somewhat unsafe.

Ocean tide, it’s getting late.
Do not make me sit and wait.
Search the seas, maybe sky.
I want to see my love tonight.

Splash around your waves of salt.
The loss of my love was all my fault.
Ocean tide, do me well.
I’ll keep the secret... I shall not tell.

Ocean tide, it’s now or never
To find the person I thought I’d lost forever.
The wind is too light to drift you astray.
Please don’t take long or my dead heart will decay.

There is a secret that I only know,
And the time seems so very long ago
That I stepped up and set out to find
My one true love with the ocean tide.

There is the secret which I only know,
Washed away together with the past and snow.
The secret is that with the ocean tide,
Forever one may never hide.
MJL Feb 20
Bark worn
Root rotted
Limbs sagged
Once a dream home
Once a beacon
Once a symbol
Of strength
Of potential
Of freedom
To climb out of an earthly condition
Now home to snakes
For greed
For fire
To burn for the few
American tinder
Patriotism sold.
Mellow waves Apr 2018
I am finally here,
I am finally home,
I am finally where i longed to be.

I am safe, secure, loved,
Yet unsafe, tangled up, misunderstood,
Stuck between a nightmare and a lost dream.
Carter Ginter Mar 2018
I'm seeing you tonight
And it's been quite a while
Four days to be exact
I remember a time when
It drove us crazy
To not see each other most days
I act like I don't care
Sometimes it feels like I don't
But I feel the sadness looming over me
How can I not when
I know I want to see you more?
Life isn't that easy though
It's best not to feel
Not to care
A self-protective coping mechanism
That lets me function as human again
I'm nervous to see you
I don't know how I'll feel and
If I really am compartmentalizing
I know it doesn't hold up
When I'm laying next to you
I don't want to want you this much
I still want to be with you though
Just not so invested
It's unsafe
It's uncontrollable
And as someone who needs to feel
A variation of both of those
I'm terrified that seeing you
Will destroy these walls I've built
Until I'm left with nothing but
My feelings
fukk May 14
When you are near
i can feel my body degrading.
i have the urge to rip my skin off with my finger nails
i have the urge to tuck myself into a ball and hide in the comfort of my own arms
i have the urge to pinch my wrists till i feel my pulse-rate through my veins while i bleed.

when you are near
i can feel my whole body flaming.
when i breath, i feel my chest physically burning
every breath feels as if there is a volcano inside me that is about to erupt
my body begins to shut down leaving only agony.

The ache that bolts through my broken body builds up so much that when i saw you again across the street, my body froze.
the thought of you making me feel vulnerable once again got me to my knees crying on the pavement while others stand around observing me as if was the one in the wrong.

i have been getting memories of you once again. i feel unsafe leaving the house. i watch my surroundings every second getting ready to run.

Its hard to remember clearly but i can never forget the way you looked at me. Your eyes peeling away the layers of my clothing waiting for me to obey word by word. I for one couldn't understand what was happening. i stayed clueless for a long time; only shock and fear were the emotions i could understand... especially the times where you threatened and abused me.

the emotional and physical pain you have put me through has **** the innocent girl that once lived here. now there is a woman with cuts and cracks on her body. a woman who cry's herself to sleep almost every night. a woman who wonders what it is like to not have anxiety attacks 4 times a week.
sorry this a bit personal but i just needed to put it out there in case there were anyone else who is going through the same thing so they know that they arent alone. i may not be a good writer but i got my story out and honestly when i went through this, i didnt know this happened to millions of other little girls and boys so i felt so alone and different and that made me feel so scared.

im not special but i just hope everyones alright and also writing about my problems help me out so yea :]
Part of me would like to go back
and delete
all the pain
and suffering
hastily transcribed
by someone looking
for that real betterness;
But I'll polish it
and let it sit here. Shh,

It's OK
to be in the past
for a time but, what's past
should remain; makes me feel unsafe
when things creep into the present's domain,
Things to make me heave and sigh.
I rest on this chair, in the glib darkness, and
hear the city breeze
of automobiles' afar off accelerations
become those comforting rustles
that carry through the wind.
The dusk sky has dipped.
I'm left wondering
after my travels this weekend.
BellonasBride May 2016
They said
Don’t wear leggings
Or a shirt that shows your cleavage
Because you need to be covered up
You’re a distraction

They said
Don’t use your period as an excuse
For male teachers to let you go to the bathroom
Because you’re not fooling anybody

They said
Don’t shave your head
Boys can
You can’t and don’t
And won’t because we’ll suspend you

They said
Watch the length of your skirt
The colour of your hair
The shoes and makeup
The piercings
And they call that fair

They said
Come to us if something is wrong
if you’re feeling bullied
if you feel unsafe
I guess they don’t remember asking my friend and I
if we heard of anyone in our year with suicidal tendencies
They asked us because
We were the sensible ones
The bright ones
We couldn't have been depressed.
I guess they didn’t see my panic
and my hand squeezing my wrist.

Because school
Is not a place
Where you can express who you are
School is not the place where you feel safe
It's a battle ground on the outside of your comfort zone.

School isn’t about education
Its a challenge, competition
Its a measurement of your capabilities  

But what if you don't excel?
You’re called out for not being good enough
You're humiliated. Mocked.

You get looked down on
And you don’t get your

As if a degree explains who you are
What you’ve been through
How much you’re worth

As if a degree
Measures the capacity
Of your heart
And your knowledge

And a teacher can share your grade
Make a joke and smirk
Cause they think you’re not worth it

And they can laugh and yell and call your parents
Who don’t think you’re any better.

Because year after year they’ve been led to believe
that you’re easily distracted
that you don’t do what you’re told
that you’re rebellious

Because even if you showed respect to the hypocrisy
That you can't help but notice,
They still won’t understand that you're just fighting
for what you believe is right, for mutual respect.

Because that’s not what you were thought.
You were thought to raise your hand when you want to speak.
And even if you made a valid point
You would still get lectured on putting your hand up when you want to speak.
Discipline put first.

**And that is my definition of school
imo Nov 2018
that was you;
and how your voice never silent and your yells sweetened and how it made me feel so little, and
how your being found me unsafe and your sorry that came away and how it made me perfectly dead

and i am no poet;
to curse you with words to glorify you in a paper
and keep it in a box, i
wont let the fool in me becomes
Linus Stevenson Jun 2018
Let me tell you a story
Listen and learn
There was a Shepherd, a good Shepherd
Kind and loving, courageous and strong
He had 100 sheep
and the sheep loved the Shepherd
And so when one sheep wandered
The good Shepherd left the 99
And went after the one

And you might think you know this story
But I'm afraid it's not what you think
Because I am not the one...

I am one of the 99 left behind
Waiting for the Sheppard to return
Trapped by the walls of this fence
The posts and wooden planks
That contain us
Being lead by the very sheep that are
We walk in circles around the pen
Around and around... circles
Eating up the food we have
We begin to eat each other
And as demented as that sounds
It's true
Biting and gnawing
Bleeding and bruising
We turn to other sheep for nourishment
For truth... for guidance
But we are sheep all the same
Another one of the 99 left behind

Sheep is what we are
Be careful not to tater your fur
Careful not to tear or cut
To show the underneath
The skin that doesn't flatter but
Burns with the red of your hate
Your pride... Your sin

When will the Sheppard return
And open the fence
Lead to new grass
and water

There are sheep I've never seen before
Black sheep.
have you seen black sheep?
Yes sheep with spots but these sheep
They are black from head to toe
Their snouts are long and
they have sharp teeth
Strange that they have not hooves but paws
Appearing as wolves wearing sheeps clothing
They are mending the fence
The fence! It's broken!
Suddenly we realize we are not safe
Quickly, grab your hammer and nails!
Let us work with these black sheep...
to mend... the fence... around... us

Who built this fence?
Was it the Sheppard?
Cloudy as my memories be of the man
with the scars in his hands and side
This does not resemble his work
Who... built... these... walls?
These bars... This cell
With no key and a steeple?
Oh God, who built these walls?
No it wasn't the sheppard.
The walls he built had doors
And windows to let the light in
No... We have built these walls
The 99 left behind were not left...
We left.

We left the fence! The pasture!
The place of love and safety.

We are not the 99 left behind but the one
We are the one who wandered and strayed
And seeing that we were in territory unsafe
We built walls without doors
that trapped us inside... in darkness

Find us
Break down
These walls
Rebuild them
With windows
To let the Light in
jack Jan 25
i don’t sleep when i’m lying by your side.

not because you cling to me the way you do, or because i feel uncomfortable or unsafe or anything other than solace and ease when i’m with you.

but because how else can i protect you? if i were to sleep, who would lie awake at night and guard you?

you say that you sleep better in my bed, in my arms. that you dream sweeter and your nightmares are lesser.

so i’m telling you; that’s all i want. and if it comes at the cost of a few sleepless nights and tired days, it’s still worth it. you’re still worth it.
and you look like an angel when you sleep. looking at you puts me at ease. so it’s a win-win, isn’t it?
Bob B Sep 2018
Seventeen years ago
America was shaken to the core.
Since not too long after that
We've been involved in a non-stop war.

Homeland security
Became an issue that since then
Hoped to assure Americans
That such attacks won't happen again.

During the past seventeen years
Many measures have been taken
To make us safe; however, it's time
For sleeping minds to reawaken.

Lacking foresight, our president
Has gone after the people who
Have worked to make us safe. The man
Doesn't seem to have a clue.

Discrediting investigators,
Removing them from key positions,
And pulling security clearances
Because of paranoid suspicions

Will only make us vulnerable
To future terrorist attacks.
Watch how his Republican friends
In Congress support him. Political hacks!

The president also hates
When investigators eye
American involvement with
The Russian mafia. We know why.

It's hard to watch as the president--
With almost each careless endeavor--
Stupidly goes out of his way
To make us more unsafe than ever.

-by Bob B (9-11-18)
Dinodust Oct 2018
I stood on the stage with 4 other people
Saxophones in our hands
We laughed and bantered

I looked out at the sea of people
To find you
With your goofy smile and your running jacket as a shirt

I smiled
And you smiled too

And after that performance
We played a game
With two other people

And we talked
And spilt tea
Which was great

And made jokes about the die
“I need rope to save me!”
“Ooo!! *****!!”

And we joked about the oldest there
How he was 21 and had a balloon tied to his overalls
“You’re like the little kid in the store who runs away easily and that’s how your parents keep track of you!”

We laughed
And joked
And had deep conversations

About love
About hurting
About school

And I realized when I was with them
I was so stupid
For trying to stay at that hell of a school
With fake people and friends
And an unsafe environment

When I could’ve moved here
And made friends who care about me
And found someone who makes me feel like I’ve never felt before

I realized I just needed a new start
And a new life
To be the best person I could be
“If I wasn’t wearing overalls I could beat your ***** in a thicciness contest!!” -Tony 2k18
Graff1980 Nov 2018
Aint' it a shame
I hear them complain
as clouds of smoke
circle their faces.

Tight jacket teens
glare at me

Tallest of the bunch
growls angrily,
"stop looking at me
puke face."

I turn away
but not fast enough
cause mister
tough stuff
has something more
in mind you see.

Stomping over all
he yells
you ignoring me?"

I try to move
faster than him,
but a shove in my back
makes it clear
this is a race
I won't win.

So, I face him.
Two years older,
might as well be
to my early teens.

He pushes me
back up against a tree,
then goes in to punch
me in the face,
but my face
does not remain
in that unsafe place.
So, he hits the tree.

Cursing loudly
with a mangled hand
slows him down,
but doesn't stop his friends.
They follow me
down the street
and beat me till
I am out of wind.

This is were
this poem ends.
There is no
sweet revenge.
Time goes on.
I don't see them again,
and this becomes something
distorted and fictionalized
in these poetic lines.
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