Maya 5d
my body still aches.
when my mother hugs me
i tremble.

i don't like being touched anymore.
it reminds me of your hands
like spiders crawling
under my clothes.

i was so small
and you were so much bigger.
get your voice out of my ears.
'Let it happen.'

in seven years, all the cells in a body
are replaced
which means
in six years there will be no part of me
that you ever touched.

i am counting the days
until then.
i am scared of what you've done to me
Liyah Bella Aug 3
i shower in the dark because i hate to see my body
not because i am insecure
because i am not
but because every time i see my naked body
i see his finger prints engraved in my skin like a tattoo
i see his smile as he took off my clothes
i smell his cigarettes he smoked earlier that day
i hear his grunts and whispers
i feel everything again
so i avoid it
i just shower with the lights off
i feel dirty
a kind you can't clean
a kind you can't get away from
Poetry Jul 26
My name is Nikita
I am 19

I was 6
when he raped me
my sister was 3

I was 7
when I realized I'm human

I was 10
when he killed my dog in front of me

I was 12
when he played strip poker with me

I was 13
when he attempted suicide

3pm, in the next room

I was 14
when I leaned out the ledge of a bridge

Fast forward to 19

I'm alive
I'm safe
I'm strong
The list goes on. A list of healing scars. I'm proud of me and you should be proud of you too.
Parker Poole Jul 24
When I was ten I used to believe some pretty silly things
I believed my sister when she told me
That marshmallows were made out of whale blubber
I believed that all the monsters in the world
Would totally be repelled by my covers
I believed that taking 40 baby aspirin would kill me
And I only found out it wouldn’t after I tried
When I found out that other than a stomach ache
I was left completely fine
I first attempted suicide at the age of 10
And I don’t know if that’s where anyone else has been
But I really fucking hope not
I found out at age 14 that monsters, real monsters
Are the ones who actually slip under your sheets
Plucking out your innocence before you can even realize
That they are monsters that will hold your hand as they rape you
Make you believe that you are okay
But 4 years down the road you still won’t be able to breathe or concentrate
When you hear their name
Or when the anniversary of the day rolls around
You won’t be able to choke out any sound to ask for help
You can no longer let people in
Afraid they will blow you up like a balloon just to pop you with a razor sharp pin
I wish I could go back to believing in the silly things
I wish I could go back to flying in my dreams
Instead of drowning and being ripped at my seams
Cyrene Jul 11
touched her,
her dignity
laying lifeless on the ground
at a monster
even the animals
wouldn't look at
My heart goes all out for the ones who've been treated with no humanity. You all deserve so much love life has to offer. Don't ever think your world is crushing, instead build your confidence up to face the day again! ;)
still look at his facebook.
You know,
just to see what he's doing,
who he's hurting.
Series 5/19/18
That messed up feeling
in your stomach
when you've avoided sleep
until the sun came up.

Have you ever known it?
The tightness in your jaw,
the pain in your head,
from jamming
your molars together.

Have you ever stayed up
so late
that your body started to shake?

And suddenly
you're cold sweating,
and your eyes are burning,
you feel sick all the next morning,
maybe even the whole day.

Have you ever had a nightmare about the man who sexually assaulted you?

I have.
From series 5/18/18
Sweet little shop girl,
always smiley,
always happy,
That's what they tell me,
"little miss sunshine."

They don't know,
they don't know,
that I wake up some mornings before the sun does
to make them their morning coffee
with the weight of his hands still on me.

And none of them
will ever know.
From series 5/18/18
Parker Poole Jun 22
i haven't been able to sleep quite right
the nightmares are keeping me up at night
12 years ago, i was molested
4 years ago, i was raped
a year ago, i was raped by someone different
i've been asked why i've been putting myself in these situations
i protest, always
"i'm not! i swear!"
but as i hear their words, telling me it's all my fault
i come to the realization that
maybe it is
maybe its the way i dress, or the way i trusted too easily
i'm trying to keep strong
but i've been making a mess of the bed each night
i try to remember i'm loved as my lover holds me tight
but all i can remember is his rough hands shoving my body down
closing my eyes and trying not to let myself drown
all i can remember is my own flesh and blood
telling me to do things no five year old should
and i've been having trouble sleeping in my own bed
and i wanna tell someone but i put it all on paper instead
Belle Jun 4
i live in the past as if its home
it is disgusting
it causes me pain because
every corner
or room
the backyard
another memory creeps up
and im pathetic
it makes me uncapable
i remember each
reminds me of each
person screaming
sexual assault
malicious predator
i live in the past as if im stuck there
and i am
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