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They say that love hurts,
But it's the pain that tears us in parts.
Unable to make if it's a memory
Or nightmare, we see silhouettes of ourselves in the dark.

She pleaded and cried no,
All that fell deaf into his ears.
He wrecked her, in his spirit reckless
Like torn petals she was drenched in her blood.

Her fights in vain,
Her resilience silenced.
Pinned against her will,
Like a picture hung on the wall
She laid there as he armoured.
Down it hurt like a weapon ******,
Her eyes welled with pain and hate,
In muffled screams she cursed the beast-
No cry or plea helped his haste.

Her hand reached out to the knife she was mugged,
Slit his throat and blood gushed out.
Then he lost and succumbed to the ground,
Stained with blood she could now gasp for breath.
There lies a hidden sorry in every girl's life that she afraid to tell. Part of her life has been tone apart and those bad feelings haunted her. I will be the voice for them through my poems.
Talia Oct 16
You drag me in
past the point of
personal boundaries
Hands like hot plates
welded to my waist

Eyes undress me
with a penetrating stare
exposing me to everybody
Your kind lurk everywhere

I struggle away from
potent, *** ridden breath
that invades my air space
I try to breathe in
some respect
from anybody, anywhere?!
birds of a feather
no one has put

two and two

daisies gone
Occam’s razor

and he
our common denominator

no monsters under his bed
but in it

scars ripped open
I thought had healed

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

words I had never spoken
out loud before

hot lava
righteous anger

memory loss &
found negatives

was that a kindness?
to ply me with alcohol so that I wouldn't remember?

two weeks
no sleep no eat

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

a new hurt
to contend with

suddenly ghosted
back in the dark

like all dark
eating away at light

till only the stars remain
maybe signalling

to one another
I see you, I see

you, I
Lieke Sep 30
one day I will be oh-
so tall and with my gathered tears
i will build a water wall
nor paddle nor wind for I
will be flying
with a cast of all those with prisoner tongues marching behind me.
Lieke Sep 30
He told me we were hanging out with a group
but he came up to my door alone
said the others couldn’t make it.

I said okay and we went to the moonlight playground
as he poured ***** down my throat.
my body was urging the poison back out
as I cried. I ran and I sprinted
but the fence seemed enclosing
I was stuck in a nightmare all I had were the stars.

after that night I didn’t like stars as much.
alone I lay there in the wet brown grass
rain joining my teardrops I couldn’t see
I couldn’t scream. When I thought it was over
people started looking at me. they thought
I was the ***** and he just hit it and quit it.

Haunted by a vampire
draining truth down my throat
I lost all pieces of myself
offering my roaring willpower to him

the sweat of his touch infiltrates
my defenceless skin
but I didn’t scream
his ****** hands dragging as if I were *** on wheels.

and one day I will be oh-
so tall and with my gathered tears
i will build a water wall
nor paddle nor wind for I
will be flying
with a cast of all those with prisoner tongues marching behind me.
1 Oct, 2020
Snizzlefish Sep 8
There is fear behind your whispers,
But understanding in my ears.
Empathy is turning off the “do not disturb.”

Tonight I turn it off for you

Call me.
Any time❤️
cleobug Oct 2019
Why did i think you could do no wrong?
I was utterly convinced you’d always protect me.
Little did i know you were secretly the monster i feared.
Living with this constant question of
Is it abuse if they love you? if you love them?
Am i ever going to heal from this?
Maybe one day i’ll have my answer(s).


People like to ask a lot of questions, their
Invasive prying has me feeling violated all over again.
Eager to learn the details of one of the most painful nights of my life.
Tell me again what you’d have done differently, when you should be
Reveling in the fact that you can’t relate.
Only one person is to blame for what happened and that’s him.
as long as I don't talk about it , then
it never happened.
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