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That little kiss you stole?
It broke my heart and soul.
a ****** assault poem... think about it.
Val Graz Jan 3
Stop, please stop, I've cried out three times,
And all I can hear is the slapping of flesh as I die,
Slowly oh, so slowly until it penetrates your brain,
That you've increased my insanity and made me more insane,
We talked about this before, that you weren't supposed to,
But you pushed your luck, and now I'm scared to open up to,
New people and new experiences with partners,
Because you're dumber than rocks, ******* Gerald,

Guys think they have the right to do what pleases,
They're tiny *****, doesn't matter if it hurts us girls,
Brand us for life with ****** up memories,
And give us some ******* ****** assault PTSD,

Now boys don't really think of consequences,
All they think about is ******* and *****,
Well mine was off limits,
But you still put your **** in it,
And now I'm trying not to cry,
In my living room alone at night,
Because there's another guy that I had to explain,
Why they can't do **** with me, and let me tell you it's a pain,

Guys think they have the right to do what pleases,
They're tiny *****, doesn't matter if it hurts us girls,
Brand us for life with ****** up memories,
And give us some ******* ****** assault PTSD.
indigochild Dec 2018
Am I a crumpled sheet of paper in the hands of my predators?
We are told a crumble sheet of paper can never be the same again.

My own thoughts strangled my voice as my body refused to listen to my brain
“No” did not come out. Apparently my kicking was not enough.

To touch my skin felt like fire burning through my veins, fire that ignited my predator
I never knew a sensual touch could feel so haunting.

Hopelessly sinking into the bed that became an ocean, water drowning me and continuously pulling me further down
Maybe if I surrender my body it will go faster.

Words disintegrating from my lips with the ashes of consent and destroying my trust for any human to touch my skin
How can I let another be this close when all I feel is you again?

Circling the drain of intimacy
I remember what your hands felt like. What if theirs feel the same?

I wear the damage like an extra layer of skin
This is deeper than just ***. How can I love again? How can I trust again?

My body used against me more than the number of fingers on my hand
Do I tell them? What if their afraid to touch me? What if I’m afraid to touch them?

They have to go.
Emma Rose Dec 2018
An independent woman is viewed as a disease
How dare I not need a man to depend on.
How dare I speak my opinion loud and proud.
Where did I gain so much confidence
Considering this society sends ads to attack my opinion of myself
And make me understand my place is to be small

As an independent woman
I understand my power when it comes to other woman
I can be a hand to help lift them up
Show them that we do exist
And to help them out when the men talk over her or mansplain her

However heed my warning
Men are ****** when we show our dominance
They call us *****
They laugh when we make simple mistakes
Because they’ve been taught
Boys will be boys
But women, must hold their tongues

~Emma Rose
anon Nov 2018
when the man that sexually assaulted me
because i said i was going to talk about ****** assault
i felt weaker than i
had ever felt
because suddenly
even though i knew what i wanted to say
and i knew i had a voice
i felt so little
and inconsequential
it was almost as though
he had stolen my voice
Aaron Nov 2018
I reference to her as someone else
So that I can't say
"I was *****"
So that I can say
"She was *****"
Aaron Nov 2018
There is no elephant in this room for everyone to see
It usually stays in my head just for me
It feels heavy as a reminder that it is there
Sometimes it hides under my bed
It stays waiting for me at night
Sometimes I think that it has left and that I'm free
But it crawls out quietly and stomps on me
It crushes my ribs and stops me from breathing
The memories come back
And I'm stuck there again
His hands all over me
Not being let go, not being able to leave
And then I'm back in my room
The elephant has left for now
My makeup is a mess and I'm bleeding
But it's normal by now
And this once, I wish elephants were extinct.
If you have an elephant too, I'm sorry.
Muted Nov 2018
I won’t take showers anymore.
I won’t take them because
sometimes, when I set my Spotify on shuffle,
your favorite song still plays
because sometimes, when the water trickles down the small of my back, it feels a lot like your fingers
sometimes, soap is not enough
sometimes, I want to peel my skin up, layer by layer, until I am certain there is nothing left that you have touched
sometimes, I wonder if you still sleep on the mattress you buried me in,
wonder if there are others who share that same coffin
I wonder who I will be when I wake up tomorrow,
study my reflection in the cold, shiny shower head
with hope that one day it will change,
that i will no longer see
tongue biting *****,
key- laced, clenched fists *****,
flinching at the sight of chin stubble and strong jaws,
locked knees *****,
mace and matchstick *****,
feverishly avoiding eye contact,
temperature adjusting *****,
skin scrubbing *****,
birdcage mouth,
mascara tears,
weak *****.

I won’t take showers
because sometimes
I come out feeling dirtier
than I went in
because the condensation is enough
to fog up my mirror
but isn’t enough
to fog up my memory
because sometimes
an adams apple resembles
a fist to me
because I count the tiles and remember
that I am just a
paradoxical number,
the only number greater than zero
that still has no value

I wont take showers because
I know that is what
you would want me to do
you would want me
to cover the tracks for you

and if I
set myself on fire instead,
in order to destroy
any evidence
that you once lived here,
that would be
too obvious
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i have seen too many women in my life
broken, bruised,
and wounded
by men who could not calm
their dck.
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