Bloom Dec 2017
I am both flames and snowflakes.

I'll explode into sparks then I'll calm down like the falling snow.  

I will challenge your comfort zone, but I'll fight to stay in mine.  

I will feel fire in my heart when I am passionate or angry,

I will feel a blizzard when I am curious or afraid.

I will always rise, even if I fall.

I will roar louder than the mighty lion or slither quieter than the sly snake.

I will forgive without thought, or I will wear revenge with grace.

I will become completely attached to you, or leave without thought.

I will tear my barriers apart or build garden gates.

I will be bold, or I will never speak.

I will authentically be myself, or what I need to become.

I am simple, I depend on you.
We're all constructed within a spectrum of opposites. Stay out of the extremes, explore the black and white, but do not remain in them. Know yourself and your limits, but learn them, you are your greatest teacher. Either build you up, or become your destruction.
Bloom Dec 2017
You made my nights bright,

You made the grays turn sunny,

You made the rain feel free,

You turned my nightmares into dreams,

You turned my tears into rosy cheeks,

You told me I was beautiful, when I felt I wasn't,

You loved me, when I couldn't .
for my love, my boyfriend.
Bloom Dec 2017
My heart pumps fast, hard.
Yours remain the same beat, monotonous.

My eyes light up, fireworks and sparks.
Yours remain dimmed, aloof.

My soul craves your touch, comfort.
Yours remain afloat, untouched.

I love you, immeasurebly.
How do you remain?
Do I love more or am I simply blind?
Bloom Nov 2017
1.)   Confusion

Is he implying something?
What is that supposed to mean?

2.)  Anger

You're kidding right?
Do you want me to talk to you or not?

3.) Silence

I'll do both of us a favor,
how about not talking about anything I feel anymore.

4.)  Response

What do you want me to say to that?
Alright I'll never get angry again, in case you break up with me?

5.)  Calming

I hate fighting as much as you,
but I can get fired up.

6.) Apologies

I'm sorry about the way I handled it.
For a second I thought I was going to loose you.

7.)  Love

Let's put this to rest then, I love you.

8.)  Repeat steps 1-7.
Apparently, it comes in stages.
Bloom Nov 2017
13:13PM, now.

Mutually Assured Destruction.

17.53pm: Open up to me, I'm here for you

                 I did.

18.23pm: You know, you can't just project your stress on me right?

                  I didn't.

18.31pm: I do have my own life you know?

                  I know.

18.38pm: I do encourage you to tell me everything.

                  I do.

18.39pm: Okay let's talk tomorrow, this is not leading anywhere.

                  I won't.

Next time you ask me how I am,

                  I will lie.
is it supposed to be like this?
Bloom Nov 2017
Tell me,

How do you keep something slippery from sliding away?
How do you delay the future?
How do you extend the present?

A kiss will do,
but you're not here.

11.57PM_ the rose you bought looks at me, reminding me of the distance
I love you, but for how long?
Bloom Nov 2017
3AM- you answer me

14.00PM- you comfort me

9.00AM- you cuddle me

Seems we're together 24/7,
I'd rather have it be for eternity.

With your loyalty,
With your kindness,
With your selflessness,
With your honesty,

It seems like it will be.  

There are many things I feel our friendship symbolize,
reaching balance,
creating harmony,
opposites becoming the same,

unconditional love at it's purest.

There are many ways to say thank you,
this, I hope, will be one of them,
along with hundreds more to come.

You untangle me when I'm lost,
You hold me when I'm falling,
You tell me truth, when I believe in a lie.

Musa, you're the family I chose,
you're the sister I never had.
Dedicated to my best friend, Musa.
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