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Jane Jul 21
Confess, I have to confess.

Who's on the other side of my confessional?

I've thought wrong, I could've thought another, why can't I control what I think?

Confess it, lay your sin.

If I confess my thought, I fear it'll make it real. It's harmless in my head, it's abstract.

But is it?

Look at who you've hurt, the person you love. But never you, why would you care about you?

You should be perfect. Be your best self.

When my best self is deconstructed, all I am is fear.

So confess it, lay your burdens on another.

Be selfish, lay your irrationality for someone else to detangle.

Your strength is fragile, trust me.

I know you,

I know all of you, your deepest fear, your subconscious.

Trust me, you're all that I am.

So confess, give in.

I'm your religion, I'm your truth.

The truth is,
you're not worth love.
the tip of the iceberg
Jane Jul 21
I look, yet I'm blind,

I hear, but I'm deafened.

The radio static in my head is ever so lasting, unfailing.

I can rely on my instability,
my inquisitiveness turned to doubt.

I'm in love, but I can't love.
Have I ever learned to love?

I've always been loved, adored.
When did love become uncomfortable?

I'm the happiest I could've been,
but I'm blind to everything.

My strength is fragile,
I can't live like this.

I can't live when it's me who turns every drop of golden sunshine,
into tar.

Why can't I be happy?
Where are my screws loose?

Have I always been like this?
It can't be love that brought this out.

Something so pure, could not bring this out.

What is it like?
To not lead life with fear, paranoia and panic.

What is it like?
To wake up without sweat, a pounding heart, with a crowded head.

What is it like?
To love another, and oneself at the same time.

What is it like?
To not be me, to not live in constant torment.
Anxiety is the toxic friend you have.
Jane Feb 13
Forest green, with the hazel sun, I analyse your eyes

"What are you thinking?"

Just how exactly have you changed my norm?

Is it how you make me feel at home, belonging?

Is it how you make me feel in love, yearning?

Is it how you make feel at ease, calming?

The existence of you is perplexing

How can you be so caring?
How can you be so tender?
How can you be so forgiving?
How can you be so thoughtful?

How can you know me so well?

I've built walls, you re-constructed them.
I've been silent, you've read my mind.

Sleeping, is something I’ve preferred alone,
you overcame the comfort of my solitude

You and I are a perfect balance
the pragmatic and the intuitive
the diligent and the ardent

The weight of what I feel for you has it's gravity,
There are times when I say
I love you
I tear up

I'm afraid to think anything bad of you,
Because you bring out everything good in me.

You don't change me, you evolve me
I was so worried I'd make a mistake,
I was blinded to the greatest choice I made.

Thank you,
For You.

My love, My home, My Best Friend

I love you
Jane Mar 2019
The dusty line between my reality and my dreams.

Deep dark blue abyss

Tranquil and terrifying.

Soulful wish of draining my feelings.

Muddy waters filled with confusion, holding hands with shame.

Floating in the grey zone where,
The idea of death makes me long for life,
and the thought of life makes me find comfort in death.

I desire to become a wave.
Part of a whole in the ocean,
curling to the shore and disappearing.

I scare myself with a thought,
the sleep from which I know I can't wake up from,
will be my best one yet.

I fantasise of the day where I can close my eyes,
and let them remain so.
The comfort of knowing I don't have to experience life as, I.

The bright yellow of the sun no longer makes me joyful,

Selfish, I'm selfish.

The sun should not be showing it self to someone like me.

The shine should not be upon my room.
Someone out there is better suited for the sun.
To live every moment, without imagining another one, to damage it.

I wish to exist, only not as me.

I draw my curtains, reject it's warmth.
I don't deserve it.
Jane Jan 2019
I looked outside, the sun is shining where it hasn't for days.
I looked inside, it's been caliginous for months.

The smoke over my tea seems foreign,
My gazes are empty,
My flesh feels hardened.

My thoughts don't haunt me anymore,
we live together, a familiar routine.

It's an odd place to be in,
when you're acquiescent for Departure,
but wary of the destination.

Death will grace us all in a given day,
how to act as a catalyst,
I wondered,
simply, keep your door inviting.

As I sat with a blizzard inside,
a deep sunken calm emerged within.

I asked, "who is it?"
"your solace", it answered.

I asked again, confused, "who is it?"
"your tranquil", it answered.

I asked once again, unsure, "who is it?"
"your Departure", it answered. I smiled.

"What kept you so long?", I asked,
"you have. May I stay?", it asked me.

"You've never left. A perpetual guest is always welcome." I answered.

The sound of violins overcame me,
an odd, fitting melody.
only dreaming
Jane Dec 2018
Dust, in the air
unseen impurity.

The spectrum of humanity, good and bad.
Black and white.

Being submerged in the black feels unnatural, unlike me.

I'm calling on my star for something unattainable,
pushed under the carpet.

It's presence sparkled when I saw a child laughing at the sky.  


To wear blue, and feel serene,
To wear yellow, and feel joy,
To wear pink, and feel love,
To wear purple, and feel life.

I used to wear Innocence.

I dress differently now,

I wear emerald green, and feel anxious,
I wear a cloudy grey, and feel impersonal.
I wear stained white, and feel everything
I wear only black, and feel nothing.

I wear sin now.

I'm all the things I once wished upon a star not to be.
Jane Apr 2018
I'm not your light,
I'm not your sunshine.

I am art.
Imperfect, rash, sentimental.

You will see all of me at once,
I can't be your light, I consist of all the colors.

I won't always make you happy, but I will always make you feel.

I will love just a little too much,
I will expand your horizons,
I will challenge your spectrum,
I will push your boundaries,

Don't look at me for too long, I'll become abstract.

Stay further, I look best that way.
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