Bloom 7d
Dust, in the air
unseen impurity.

The spectrum of humanity, good and bad.
Black and white.

Being submerged in the black feels unnatural, unlike me.

I'm calling on my star for something unattainable,
pushed under the carpet.

It's presence sparkled when I saw a child laughing at the sky.  


To wear blue, and feel serene,
To wear yellow, and feel joy,
To wear pink, and feel love,
To wear purple, and feel life.

I used to wear Innocence.

I dress differently now,

I wear emerald green, and feel anxious,
I wear a cloudy grey, and feel impersonal.
I wear stained white, and feel everything
I wear only black, and feel nothing.

I wear sin now.

I'm all the things I once wished upon a star not to be.
Bloom Apr 27
Do not ever lose your fire.

This is an advice I gave myself.

I want to give up sometimes,
to rest.

Then I envision my ambition, my success.
I see myself working myself from the bottom to the top.
I imagine, sweat, tears and blood.

I would not want it any other way.

Setting myself on fire,
then building my empire.

Radiating my heat, my power.
Becoming my own light.
Bloom Apr 23
The sea set it's spell on me, and I willingly gave in.

If home is where the heart is,
my heart is at the sunken depths.

Indigo and serene,

Wind dancing with the waves,

The water surface is the mirror of the moon,

Underwater, is the only place I feel like I belong.
Tranquil, still and blue.

My greatest teacher is the sea,
it thought me not to fight the waves, but to swim with them,
it thought me even with a storm, I am still breathtaking.

You made me feel underwater, until you were no longer you,
I began to drown in your shallows.
Bloom Apr 23
I will not tame my fire, because you're afraid of being burnt.

I will not shallow my depths, because you're afraid to drown.

I will not calm my winds, because you're afraid to fly.

I will not soothe my earth, because you're afraid of dirt.

I refuse to cut away my thorns, because you can't see the beauty of the rose as a whole.
Bloom Apr 15
April 15, 2018. 11.11am - "Make a wish!"

"Did you make one?"

         I did, I wished for the impossible with all the might of my heart.

"Yep, I did."

         If only you knew, I wish for this with every beat of my heart on
         the daily.

"What is it?"

         I wished for everyday to be like this, I wished to wake up next to
         you, I wished to stay with you.

"I can't tell you, then it won't come true."

         We were meant to say goodbye from the beginning,
         The universe brought you to me, only to leave me attached
         and longing, knowing you'll have to be ripped out my life.
I ask myself sometimes, why did I let this happen?

Then I look at our hands, our present, intertwined, even if momentarily, I understand.

To be able to love, to be able to miss, to feel this kind of pain, to go through scrolls of memories with you, to understand depths of myself that were once shallows.

Our paths were always carved into two,

I can only wish,

our paths can come become one again.

Through all the kisses and tears, I'll be yours.

It feels that I've been in stages and phases of preparation. Preparing myself to say goodbye to you, the acceptance of that hurts. Maybe we weren't meant to say goodbye, maybe we were meant for a hello in the future, in a different time.
Bloom Dec 2017
I am both flames and snowflakes.

I'll explode into sparks then I'll calm down like the falling snow.  

I will challenge your comfort zone, but I'll fight to stay in mine.  

I will feel fire in my heart when I am passionate or angry,

I will feel a blizzard when I am curious or afraid.

I will always rise, even if I fall.

I will roar louder than the mighty lion or slither quieter than the sly snake.

I will forgive without thought, or I will wear revenge with grace.

I will become completely attached to you, or leave without thought.

I will tear my barriers apart or build garden gates.

I will be bold, or I will never speak.

I will authentically be myself, or what I need to become.

I am simple, I depend on you.
We're all constructed within a spectrum of opposites. Stay out of the extremes, explore the black and white, but do not remain in them. Know yourself and your limits, but learn them, you are your greatest teacher. Either build you up, or become your destruction.
Bloom Dec 2017
You made my nights bright,

You made the grays turn sunny,

You made the rain feel free,

You turned my nightmares into dreams,

You turned my tears into rosy cheeks,

You told me I was beautiful, when I felt I wasn't,

You loved me, when I couldn't .
for my love, my boyfriend.
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