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Connor Apr 5
You may have never heard of this acronym before,
Or maybe you associate it with liberals, or Obama,
Or hippies.
LGBT stands for:
I was approached by a straight man
At a *** bar, who asked me if
I wanted to 'have a good time'.
I told him no.
I could see something in his eyes
Flicker, and he asked me why
I told him I only liked women
In that regard
He stood up angrily,
And told me that I was an
**** dke anyway.

LGBT stands for
I was holding hands with
My boyfriend while
We were walking in the park.
We watched an older woman
Walk up to us and say,
"You're going to hell."
I said, "I'll see you there,"
She glared at me before
Storming off in a rage,
mumbling, "Disgusting f
On her way.

LGBT stands for
I came out to my family today.
My cousin said,
"You're just confused."
My father said,
"Don't you dare walk in
My house with a f*ggot."
My mother said,
"Pick a side."
My supposed "friends" said,
"You're just desperate and greedy."
I've been dating an amazing person
That I can never share if I want to
Stay on good terms with "family".

LGBT stands for
I binded my chest today
With Ace bandages even though
I know it's extremely unsafe
Because I didn't want to be
Seen as a girl again.
I finally cut my own hair
And when I told my mom why
She told me,
"Leave before your father gets home."
I am sleeping on my friend's couch tonight
Because my parents couldn't accept me
As their son.

You might associate the acronym LGBT
With liberals.
Liberals that don't use their religion as an
Excuse when they're really just scared.
Or Obama who said, "No one in America
Should be scared to walk down the street
Holding the hand of the person they love."
Or hippies who refuse to conform to
Heteronormativity, because it only matters
That you love, the who or when or where or why or
Doesn't matter nearly as much.
People are more than their secondary ***
"Love thy neighbor as thyself", right?
My second slam poem for a local contest that's coming up, about to write the second one, I'm auditioning tomorrow and I'm excited!
Sally S Ali Jan 25
Like a bra
She held my heart
in the right place
Covering my soul from the firey eyes

Bitter than *****
Sweeter than wine
With a kiss
she heals
And heals and heals

I had something like a house
But it was just a place to live in
I had a language
But it didn't express my urges
I had a lot of poeple
But not truly humans
Now; Now i have you
And you are the home
To scream by our words
over the top of my chest

World of moustaches no more exists
Underneath her smile i hid my joys
To release the madness
Control the clouds
and let the rain flow
Splitting the reality of us
Away from
Their horrible happeiness

Sally S. Ali / England
Dr. Sally S. Ali MD
Sally S Ali Jan 21
Under the bluish yellow marble sky
I introduce my soul;
to the demon & the angels

By the lemons tree, I've unleashed my hair and unbutton my blouse
Then cried
as if my teacher called me the black girl

I will call to the 1st passing girl:
"Slow down, please wait for me;
Rise me up by my arms
like a little girl.

I wanted her to Plait 2 branches;
of hair for me
To walk over the world's cold grass
And lie down in front of the sea
Forget the stars - she said
Forget the sea - I said

We left the world coughing its smoke;
of poisoned kids' toys,
cast the residuals of cosmetics and tore bras
Into this sacred sea

So come with me my friend
Delete all of my contacts
smash my mobile phone by your shoe's heel
And let's vanish
from this world
Toward shiny white space
Toward inky smell books
Toward white skies and pink kisses
infinite daylight
For you and for me.

-  Sally S. Ali
Edna Sweetlove Dec 2014
My sister never had any boyfriends
which was quite surprising really you know
because she had a nice pair of knockers
and a very cute little **** on her
but never once a gentleman caller
came knock knock knock on her friendless portal.

So I asked her what was the ******* score
that no butch lads wanted to part her bush
and whyfore was she not barking for it
in a vague manner of ******* speaking
and she told me to glue my keen peepers
on her keyhole the next night to find out.

Thus I knelt down before her bedroom door
my eye glued to the appropriate hole
with a full view of her "sleepezee" bed
on which she casually lay spread out
legs opened like a major T-junction
and then her friend appeared to my rapt joy.

I gasped in wonder as her lesby love
straddled my **** sis and gave her tongue
a good chance to lick out her womb entrance
causing me to indulge in self-abuse
as their eager mutual *******
gave way to some red hot ***** action.

(I hope they didn't hear the noisy splats
as I squirted my lovejuice onto the doorpost)
Good taste, eh?

— The End —