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Raphael Uzor Dec 2018
From that first moment
Tired of repeatedly failing
As I looked up instinctively
And beheld a cute petit figure
Gliding gracefully, oblivious of me!

Captivated by her laughter
Charmed by her brown eyes
Enchanted by her sheer beauty
Mesmerized by her angelic aura
I heard my heart whisper, “she’s the one”!

With divine reassurance
I embarked on the ultimate task
With a red account and a blue heart
It seemed an obvious Mission Impossible
But our love story had been authored in heaven!

In the last 365 days
We’ve argued, we’ve fought
We’ve kissed and we’ve made up
In one year, many things have changed
But one thing is constant - we’re still in love!
To my lovely wife - Ifunanya’m.
Raphael Uzor Sep 2015
From sweet talking for hours
Their friendship slowly turned sour
And with each passing night
Their talks gave way to fights

Her voice was once music to him
And when she spoke, he heard la, la, la
But arguments defiled her hymn
Now all he hears is bla, bla, bla...

She had nothing but good intentions
And dreamed of a life of bliss
But he dwelled on her imperfections
All because he'd lost his peace

Spontaneous, wild and free
She was everything he was not
He stood firm, rigid as a tree
And all she dreamed came to naught!

© Raphael Uzor
  Aug 2015 Raphael Uzor
Don Bouchard
Just when there was nothing more to say,
Just when I figured we were ending,
And rose to put the dishes all away...

You stuck your head inside my door,
Grinned that dumb old grin you've grinned before,
Said, "There's reasons why I've been so long;
Been working on a brand new song,
But skip all that and let's go out to play!"

Just when I was sure that you'd forgotten,
Just when I was making other plans,
Just when I'd called you something rotten...

You dropped a dozen roses In my hands,
Expecting me to forgive you all your crap,
Said, "Come on, Honey, I'm a sap;
Come on baby, please don't slap;
Let's go take another lap!"
And jitterbugged us out without my cap.

Just when I knew you were a *******,
Just when I knew that I'd been played,
Just when I bought an airplane ticket
To take me up and carry me away....

You proffered me a diamond ring;
You took my breath and made me sing,
You promised me another fling;
You set a date and were not late,
And then you heard me say,

"You made me wait, you made me pine,
I can't say now that we'll be fine,
But Lover, make it right this time!
You listen now and listen fine,
Can't stop my pout with vintage wine....
So think a while, and then start humming,
"If my lady's waiting, I'll start running!"
And if you're late from time to time,
You're never gonna hear me whine,
If you let me know just why and when,
And don't leave me wondering again!"
Thoughts from my wife's perspective, I think.... Thirty-five years have come and gone.... I am a slow learner...can't be puttin' my ******* no back burner!
Raphael Uzor Aug 2015
Her barefoot feels it again
For the third night in a row…
Something cold and fluid
On an even colder floor
As she raced to the kitchen
Prepping for the day ahead
She almost slips, she’s furious
But it’s not in her to curse.

Her mind is wrapped in issues
As she stares up at the ceiling
No signs of rain, no leakage
But how does the floor get wet?
She sips and smells her coffee
And steps into her slippers
She grabs a mop and bucket
And points ******* in blame.

“Did Tom, my love, spill water?”
Not a chance, he’s too careful
Fastidious and disciplined,
He’d mop it before it spilled!
She’d lay the blame on Tracy
And presume that Tracy peed
But cats are not that messy
As Tracy’s three years had proved.

She starts to get too worried
But decides its not worth it
Once again, she lets it slide
For the third night in a row…

But less than an hour ago
He wakes up from a nightmare
Same nightmare that has plagued him
For the third night in a row…
He slides out of bed slowly
He watches her for a while
She sleeps in peace like a baby
Why can’t he sleep like her?

He sneaks out of their bedroom
To his newfound grieving spot
Three steps to the kitchen door
He falls apart in gloom
He’s in pain, pain unbearable!
Unlike anything he’s seen
After many years in the army
He’s been through thick and thin.

He relives the angst of confession
As he said those dreaded words
“Honey, I cheated on you.”
And shut his eyes for the BANG!
He’d hoped for fire and brimstone
And expected nothing less
But her reply was calm and casual
“I’ve known, and I forgive you.”

Shocked at her eerie response
He died a million times!
He watched for signs of withdrawal
And a possible divorce suit
But after years of waiting
He unforgives himself, and
For the third night in a row…
He cries himself to death!

© Raphael Uzor
Raphael Uzor Apr 2015
Tossed in the shores of time
His teary eyes founder
He finds himself in part
Only to be lost in full...*

© Raphael Uzor
  Feb 2015 Raphael Uzor

I used to think men
should be more like books
Both you cannot
judge by looks...

If I didn't want to finish reading
I put it down... no heart was bleeding

A book will never fuss or fight
It will stay with you
through the night...

It doesn't smoke. It doesn't drink.
It won't leave toothpaste
in the sink!

It doesn't binge... it don't eat...
It won't leave up the toilet seat!

It don't forget. It doesn't mope.
It won't hog the TV remote!

It doesn't have to have
The last say...
It doesn't have legs

to walk away.

But it's not soft. It isn't warm.
It doesn't keep you
safe from harm.

Even though it makes no fuss
It can't think. It can't discuss.

Even though it has its charms
it can't hold you in its arms.

It doesn't pine. It doesn't miss.
It can't hug and it can't kiss.

So now I think on it again...
... I think BOOKS should be
             more like MEN!!!

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