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xandra 1d
in the beginning you gloated, for i was but a puppet on your string;
but little did you know the pain that it caused me
i broke loose from your grasp, and because controlling me
was your everything, once i was gone,
you were left with absolutely nothing
xandra 1d
each time i gaze into the windows of your soul,
i see the empty void you are,
and while you never wanted me,
i became enthralled, and
because i wished to be the one thing your soul consumed
Bard Oct 23
Soft flesh an brittle bones or solid steel with copper wire
Failing gristle, mushy brain or slick oil with combustion fire
Walkin legs overtaken when tarmac gets hit by tires
Eisenstein surpassed by a TI-84's processing power
Humans expire, a robots life can be forever
Mortal morals never bother a mechanical processor
The worlds owner could be either which would you rather
more prompts from the homies
Bard Oct 23
Like police hound dogs diggin up dirt
Breakin ground, pigs investigatin perps
****** hands communicatin my flirtin
Death my mistress her fat *** flauntin
Backseat body of a rat with no brain
Plastic blanky keep out a ****** stain

No stressin cuz this is an insoluble coppers caper
The evidence insubstantial cause improbable no paper
Trails lead nowhere 21st century jack wheres the ripper
Case put to bed, outta here, Marth hit em with the tipper
Cold lead, cold case, acid laced body lie in lye face melter

Shadowy alleys Sirius Black disappear in dark smoke
In the valley all serious never laughs like a bad joke
Anotha body add to the tally dead how they woke
Harry with the kedavra another cadaver in my ice box
Somebody actin funny call me make a runny neck +

Crimes stackin Jack Sparrow with the dirt
Moses with the staff I make rivers part
Stiletto in hand now your kidney hurt
Cop car chasin in circles never closer, roundabout
Tooth fairy molar pullin to messy burned my shirt
Villain of the story big bad wolf eatin your heart
Bard Oct 22
Through a portal, indigo swirls outta volcano
Erupts in Eyjafjallajökull lava flows to the core go
Down below rests angry god Quetzalcoatl
Rhymes on tap no bottle off they rattle
Like those southerner rattler snakes
Sheddin words better than dandruff flakes
Weddin phrases better than catholic Primates
Ancient titles dustier the desert around Euphrates
Files in piles get higher down comes a wire no waits
Paypal cash transfer launder from feds to white sheets
White washers in backwaters sponsored by red cysts
****** wishes in defeat losers too justice
Equal rights, they weep never wanted this
Protests against it in streets in the winds they ****
In Texas first in race to govern to oppress colors
Heaters out to greet ya like 'ello guv'nor
Deport you like a foreigner sent over Charons border
Memoir of the late lead hoarder aka bullet holster
Noir black and white gore at the scene of the ******
A disaster all over white plaster red drips faster
Turn brown oxidize on the alabaster
Dante Rocío Oct 12
The inclination
Towards domestic superiority
Does not refund
Ideals lost at discarded gambles.
Stygian kin browser,
Rest abode,
No lark made your path.
Leave the tie bloodshed
At the desk
(Once) home
A short cordial yet coolish prompt on a business noir photo as white collars break and have no foundance anymore inside the sight
So tell me friend, oh where should I now go
To waste my days within this endless fight?
On to the right where nothing is left, or
There to the left where nothing else is right?

This war grows cold inside my growing bones:
I hide my fears within a house of glass.
But joining them means throwing sticks and stones,
For none of us have yet learned from our past.

My questions to the wise are called naive
And arguments with fools lend no insight.
But in the end I long to just believe
In something that can hold me through the night.

Though life and death will steal my breath away
I will not bow to fear, strain, or dismay.
kaehaniya Aug 29
this is a song
it’s about math
it’s not too long
i’m sure of that.

math has always
been quite fun
and you’ll never faze
the endless puns.

math can be easy
math can be hard
but it’s never cheesy
it’s never charred

well, that’s all for this poem today
but math? it’ll always be there, in a way.
this was for a challenge - write a shakespearean sonnet about math
kaehaniya Aug 28
I don’t belong in the background.
I don’t want to live in the background.
But I do.
I don’t belong where I live.
I realize that now.
Maybe if I belonged in the background, I wouldn’t be like them.
They belong in the background.
But I don’t.
I am not like them.
But I don’t have to be like them.
I don’t have to belong in their lives.
Not in the spaces, the margins.
Not in the background.
I just have to be me.
You might think you know me.
You might think you know me as a woman.
As an Asian.
But you don’t.
You don’t know me.
Yes, I am a woman.
Yes, I am an Asian.
But I am not only those things.
You don’t know me for who I am.
I am not just a woman.
I am not just an Asian.
You don’t know who I am.
I am me.
I am not a hero. I am not a savior.
But I don’t belong in the background.
And I am just getting started.
words taken from Kelly Marie Tran’s article “I won't be Marginalized by Online Harassment.”
kaehaniya Aug 26
unmarked graves
have nothing to say.
were they the hunters?
or were they the prey?
“are we the hunters, or are we the prey?”
- ruelle // game of survival
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