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I need to save you from writer's block
before you're outlined with chalk
so I outline a prompt
to lift you off
but I don't know what to suggest
your next project a must
my advice you trust
I hand you dust
which isn't much to work with
won't make any short lists
after your ignored fists
abort this
failed attempt to help with ideation
your writing equals my elation
so talk about migration
or my nation
just don't let that shining sun set
I'm sure you'll become unvexed
once you're creating subtext
after finding a subject.
Early to bed late to rise
was the man behind in times.
He always slept but he always woke
he was rested well and woken slow.
Early to bed late to rise with heavy eyes heavy like lead.
Early to bed and late to rise, his life was led and then he died.
using writers promt early to bed late to rise
xandra Dec 2020
there is a supernova
that resides in your eyes;
on the cusp of exploding,
waiting to shower everything with the light
you hold within;
the galaxies and all the stars
will be aflame with the
spark of your soul.
xandra Dec 2020
as the trees go through their annual metamorphosis,
I form another internal skin,
purging my existence of every trace of you that i can
and just like the skin of the trees,
i will make sure he
xandra Dec 2020
you've never truly cried until
it becomes difficult for you to breathe,
and crying becomes so
it's now part of your daily routine
that is, if you can drag yourself out of the prison that is your bed,
to even form a "normal routine"
your body is empty and never seems to be filled
you are emptiness, a neverending pit,
and you wish that
it could just be
this is choppy, but aren't our emotions, too?
xandra Dec 2020
imagine the day you
find someone and,
enthralled with them,
you cater to their every wish.
slowly, they demand you change the core
of your very own heart
and soul.
and after you have
so radically,
that your reflection is
unjustifiably unrecognizable,
they get up and they just
you are left
in a foreign expanse
of a space that you once knew
like the back of your hand.
~imagine that day, and promise yourself it will never come~
xandra Dec 2020
you have so much light
radiating off you
if i got close,
you would destroy me
without even a second thought
~you remind me of the stars,
in more ways than one~
xandra Nov 2020
in the beginning you gloated, for i was but a puppet on your string;
but little did you know the pain that it caused me
i broke loose from your grasp, and because controlling me
was your everything, once i was gone,
you were left with absolutely nothing
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