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sahra Apr 26
strip your layers back carefully
like old paintings
your gold is revealed
simpler times
Oh my…
My love, I saw the moon, and she revealed the truth
Of me, and you, and dreams so true
The lust, the lie, the loss!

When first I saw your handsome face
The sparkle in your eye
I loved you then
I love you now
But truth, it never lies!

You promised me the sun and stars
The sea, the tide, the sky
You took my soul
My heart
My life
But, in the end, love died!
26th April 2021
Pink Moon in Scorpio
Ken Pepiton Apr 25
wait a minute, nullify a doubt  shade
shine on
now from when shine on was thought to mean
in the olden days, shine it on, meant, ignore whatever
was urging
eee merge merge merge as I was going
dive kplunkthunked heavy heart, heavyhead, heavy hand

heave, **
its off to work we go,
lift the spirits of this old man, put laughing children
in his ya'd, yah we say jah, we say no aitch
and we say glory all the same, next
is ever after now is full of life.

So give it y'best. That's what coach angels say.
So we can categorize angels, if we wish,

or if the spirit that comforts us, soothes our trepidity,
calms our fear of stupidity exposure,
or academe memeself infection,
we  may take Gebser's five stage program for a ride,
click eh eee ha  I
cliché has the e automaticall em-pha-s-ized, hypenatewait

a minute once too often and you gin gain ing alt alte alter a
aaa alter native be
ing ding… gnoshit UFO?
No, Jesus, it is an act, a show, we put it on the internet
and some guy used it to start a religion,

and some body, some institortured tonsured reality,
has to die a bloodless death.

So, that is a brief as to where this course change has
put, yest out is the word for our state,
put out, however, earlier in
us, the we who hold certain truth self evidently
shhhh  life is too interesting to ignor at the moment
listen magic stage minds in my grand children
laughing in my hall
go quiet.
Then reappear, in the kitchen, far away.
a piece of this sunday in april
and sometimes it feels like
i have been living the same life
for a while now

but however unremarkable
a single blade of grass
pushing through the sticky april mud

and however unextraordinary
the murky river meandering
through modest midwestern hills

however bleak
the cloudy midwinter sky
shadowing frozen earth

the grass still sprouts
a thousand shades
of enduring green

the river still rushes
purposefully toward
greater estuaries

and every single cloud decorating
the daytime sky will never paint this picture
quite the same way ever again
Sal AK Apr 12
Today is April 2nd
The love is there no more
Truth all that is left,
Was I the fool to love
Or you to believe it,
Was it a moment's bliss
Or an eternity of pain...
Akta Agarwal Apr 3
Life itself makes jokes of us
And we became prat in the hands of life
We make someone fool on the day of April fool day
But life always makes us prat as for life everyday is a April fool day
For April fool day
Diesel Apr 3
More puddle steps that everyday
Fall back again with water rain
More tiny drops of water snow
And concrete grasses wet the stone:
More morning blue that fills the trees
And vapid air that sets the breeze:
In spring, and yet with winters loud,
The sultry days the world bestows:
Of mid sunshine in evening days,
Sour grass set the mellow rays;
A brother-friend to summer's life;
The April springs of Toronto life.
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