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...cuz I won't tell you IF you ask directly, my mind goes blank.  You hafta come at it sideways.


Quoth I, "while golden hours--" to find in pale
Excuse what?! Milton's sonnet answring thence:
"...lead on propitious May--" as blue skies hencxe
Yield not sae much kind warmth as on that scale
Urge 'non the soul to think of April's trail
Of violets through the budding woods leaves fence
With softest whispers, wherefore do I sense
Lo, summer ere that Febry's old, t'avail?
Yea further, why does my heart tremble fer
Favon'ous' merry hours' return as blue
Skies set that thought on fire as if it were
But weeks away?  I struggle now as't woo,
'Gain yearning to stroll through the pines in tour
And listen to their voices like t'would do.

*L3--see Milton's Sonnet to the Nightingale: "....while JOLLY hours lead on--"
KKM Jan 23
something about checkered ties & purple hearts clenches a part of my hand that keeps me from writing to you and i cant even blame the snow for falling on a saturday bc God knows something needs to come down on us and it cant be our blue realizations or late movie night plans 76 days post April fools where once again the scar on your right hand will remind me of vicious wolves who only know fear and full moons, something we never talk about bc Halloween comes in a different month than Christmas & apparently that's an issue about advent calendars, not mood swings so constant you'll burn your pinky on a tray of bruschetta toast 4 times & react differently each time the heat wants to darken your skin unkindly
Ian Robinson Jan 16
March winds
And April showers
Make way for sweet may flowers
Then comes June
A moon and you,

March winds and April showers
Romance will soon be ours
And outdoor paradise
For two
Seanathon Jan 11
You are snowflakes dancing in the draft of winter
Upwards and yet with all the warmth and kindness of the hands behind the window

You are springtime in December
Let me climb my way through you into the coolness of an April day for just a moment or two
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
You're not smooth.
I saw every glance that night.
It was so hard to watch the show
When I could see your glistening steel blue eyes
Searching through my presence.
I was being oblivious.
When you wrapped yourself
Around my left arm
And rested your head
On my shoulder.
I saw your cheeky grin
When my friends looked me
Up and down
In surprise

"Who's your friend?"

I should have kissed you that night.

But I also should have left
Everything in that moment.
Never returning

I should have left



Daniel Long Dec 2018
A blanket of dust
now covers our picture.
Soft earth that was once your skin,
is now dusted with snow.

This sheet had layered
over months without warmth.
But we are soon
to hold each other again.

Then Spring bed will be dawned upon,
and rains of April;
shower mud off of your
brilliant reflection.

Summer may bore
our new year,
to melt mountain’s
ice covers.
A love poem.
My poetry/short story website:
Amare Leslie Oct 2018
your silent absence
is a ***** tree trapped in an april drought
Sueño Oct 2018
Why does inspiration hit you at night
Is it because you’re alone and feelin no light
Or are you sad and not reelin’ it in
Is she the pull,
The  trigger that’s clean and driven .
A string to a heart
Will it hurt as bad
Will this one fade
Can you show me a safe side to this blade .
(Can you show me the safe side of a blade)
That’s the ignorance asking
Blind fold chatting

Two sides to every story .
You only get one taste of glory
Opposite pole
A different attraction .

Fatal compassion
Tasteless crash
Too much
Too light
Blacked out night
April 282018
Marisol Quiroz Jun 2018
i awoke
to the piercing sound
of an alert,
a change of weather
in the sky.
severe thunderstorms,
warnings scattered,
rain throughout the night.
it's 3am
and the rain has not yet
begun to pour,
but i think i'll stay up
just a little bit longer,
just to hear the thunderstorm.

— april showers
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