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K D Kilker Apr 10
Today, 4/9, turned 29;
in '94, 9th hour born;
4 craves stability,
9 thrives on change;

if you believe in
that sort of thing.
But like the dogwood,
its burnt-edge blooms;
the same each spring,
abscission looms.
Roots in the past,
leaves up for the storm
in '94, 9th hour born.
Mixing numerology with birthday feelings
Ken Pepiton Apr 6
Useless at the moment that changes
you know, the comfort, fortified state set
solid, being not right is not possible,
in the comfort zone,
under the turban that marks the wedom
of the war fighting class, called of Wisdom
to comfort the feeble minded,
offering hope
in song and story told
to hold what you call precious,
use the price to measure contained
worth. Is the song the value, or the tune?
What is the use worth, if words change things?

Words worth thinking to the emergent first
blurted line,
left brain stored comparison of constancy,

April, not the cruelest month,
but a named child result,
from a moment
one July. Freckles on creamy skin
under wild ***** hair.

I saw her like, her spirit and image,
in the Welfare Office
on First Street,
in El Cajon.
Freckled creamy skin wrinkled
deep laugh lines,
under wild ***** hair, there she was
from another bubble, but there
she was.
Not April, but she was
so like such models
of wombed men seem,
potentially overpowering
royal we user, we became friends,

but the April I knew grew old elsewhere.
McLuhan muttered a misleading line from Elliot, but, one never knows.
Robert Ronnow May 2022
Late April and only
coltsfoot—Tussilago farfara—breaking leaf litter.
Our daffodils, peonies and crocuses
are also making signs.

April is the cruelest month, I forget why.
A sweet slow Spring
no sudden changes
each leg and leaf unfolds deliberately. You can't miss it.

New York City's spring rushes like a yellow cab
into summer. One day leaves are wet,
next they’re leather. I prefer this slow dance,
birds mating on the sky, peepers evolving into frogs.

Repairs take weeks or months. Septic,
garage door, cracked windshield, clean windows,
build bridge, buy land, rake leaves off erosion control,
cut wood, prune lilac, paint lawn chairs.

More carefully inspect, identify, the insect
of the week, a fly with an ant’s body
that skirts the grass and falls in drinks.
Look more closely! It will be gone in a few days!

Then it will be the time of moths or fireflies,
mosquitoes and wasps. Mud road,
red-winged blackbird. The slashing stream
topples old trees. My legs hurt.
Thomas W Case May 2022
I don't want to go a
gentle journey,
from convoluted to
I quit drinking again;
found love in
the psych ward.
She's my broken-winged
So much pain behind that
sweet smile.
She's drinking again,
and I can't fix her.
It hurts, like an arrow
through the stomach.

I have a rabbit that comes
to my yard.
She lies in the same
spot every day.
So much so, that
she has worn down a
place for herself--the surrounding
grass grows around her.
She feels safe.
I feed her spinach, and my
brother sings her
show tunes.
That's what we get
for having a drama
teacher for a father.
Thanks, Dad.

It's been an unseasonably
cold April.
I feel sorry for Harvey;
That's her name, thanks
again Dad.
I talk to her softly.
"Hi, baby--what are you doing?
Do you want to come in?"
She doesn't answer.  I'm sober.
I want to take care of her...
Both of them...
My two little bunnies.
It's cold, and the wind is
blowing hard,
beneath a mean grey sky.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2022
April is in my mistress' face
April is in my mistress' face
April is in my mistress' face
And July in her eyes hath place
And July in her eyes, her eyes hath place
Within her *****, within her *****
Is September
But in her heart, but in her heart, her heart
A cold December
But in her heart, her heart
But in her heart, her heart
A cold December
Thomas Morley (1557 – early October 1602) was an English composer, theorist, singer and organist of the Renaissance. He was one of the foremost members of the English Madrigal School. Referring to the strong Italian influence on the English madrigal, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians states that Morley was "chiefly responsible for grafting the Italian shoot on to the native stock and initiating the curiously brief but brilliant flowering of the madrigal that constitutes one of the most colourful episodes in the history
N Jan 2022
My beloved April moon,
when the poets write ghazal
they are writing about you

The goddess of love,
cried when I told her
that you may leave

Her tears shedding
for you to stay,
like drops of Venus

Come back
For the goddess
of love’s sake,
come back
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