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jackie May 2021
girls that laugh & dream & love
i've seen you whole, i've seen you broken
ripped right in half down the middle
listen to me, girl
stay strong, and don't be afraid to show the world your edges
jackie May 2021
oh, i don't think you know what you're doing
don't look at me like that, don't touch me
i've heard what you say about me
look boy,
you don't stand a chance

all those men on the street corners wish
uh, that ain't happening
to the boys who yell
on my heart,
never will you touch me
on my heart,
my body is not your plaything
you can wish and yell and dream all you want

- but you'll never have me.
jackie Mar 2021
pick a card,
any card
oh, dear me
you've picked bad luck,
well, you might get a bad parent and severe depression,
but nothing too harmful
at least your family doesn't have alcoholism run through it
it does?
well uh, at least you ended up with a guarantee
that your parents love you
he doesn't?
oh well, pick another card dear,
maybe this time you'll return victorious.
jackie Mar 2021
you allow yourself to want
to want to be whole again
to want to love again
to want to be happy again
you've always wanted
you haven't wanted in awhile
to allow yourself to want hurts
it hurts
but you allow yourself to want
because if it doesn't hurt
then how will you allow the pitcher to fill you up?
jackie Mar 2021
don't go, you said
don't go, you said again
i won't, he replied
not now, not then, not ever
it was a lie.
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