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Parfois je fonds en larmes
quand tu me dit que
je ne sais pas que je suis.

Je suis suivi mon ombre en les rues
quand j'ai souhaité pour voir l'homme je veux etre,
et je suis suivi mon ombre sur les murs
quand j'ai souhaité pour la me couvrir.
09/20/2018 2126
He wished to be one,
but stronger than he, the laws
governing his body.
09/19/2018 2238
Adrian 4d
Stitched into this sac of skin at birth.
That fused to your bones
Fabricating a narcotic seamless facade

We pluck at the seams, with crude claws.
Laboring to unravel the lace seams
In vain

Whirling, flickering, suffocating nausea aimed at
Misuse of our pronouns of
Our echoing repulsive abnormal figure.

Funding a doctor to shed our skin.
Mutilating skin and bone to perfection.
For self-acceptance.
Being ME by Warissara

I live in an environment
where I have had to keep up my self awareness everyday and every night
And because of this I have stopped getting drunk
And Because of this I have stopped getting high
Because I know this sounds sad in this day and age
But I always fear for my life

I’ve been called pretty much everything under the sun and moon,
but I’d rather be out there than stay in my room,
because I’m living and following my dreams,
Hoping that peace and love still means what it means,
and for some reason, I still have to keep on fighting
transgender woman individual life people Uk prejudice
Ray Ross Sep 11
Mixing vodka and juices,
On Tuesday morning, Monday night,
The parents are asleep.
The stars are so bright.

My body is a temple,
You're damn right.
If it feels good enough,
I'll respect it tonight.

Bandage my chest,
Hurts my ribcage,
Shoving a sock in my pants,
Shouldn't have to be brave.

You should've been a brother,
Should've got the name right,
Should've been her son,
Instead I'm drinking tonight.
I asked my mother once,
What would you have done if I was born a girl?

She offered a name she considered,
but not the blessing—-
not the consideration that maybe,
just maybe,

I wasn’t supposed to be
quite like this.
cleo Apr 17
the day i was cast out into the world
through spread legs
they looked between mine
and declared, simply:
“it’s a girl”

we’re taught to be ashamed
of who we are
that people like me, like us,
are freaks of nature

told me the body i was given
this body, is sacred
that i should never tamper with it
that it’s blasphemous to trespass
on divine territory

(who knew i could be a trespasser in my own home?)

you point to the sky
tell me
god doesn’t make mistakes
turn that finger back on me, on us
spew ridicule for the ones we’re supposedly making
for merely having the courage to be

what is it that makes doctors and parents alike
so reluctant to believe that
there are other colors out there
besides pink and blue

the lines are blurring ––
fuck robin thicke
this is not a phase
this choice was not mine to make
(unlike the one you made for me)
don’t tell me who or what i am

i didn’t climb out of one box
just to be shoved into another
matthew Sep 2
for all of my life,
i've been told that i would be going to hell,
that i'm destroying god's creation,
that god hates me.

the same god that is supposed to be all-loving.

then you have the audacity to ask,
'why aren't you a christian?'

it's not that i hate religion,
i just can't support one that has dehumanized queer people
for hundreds of years.
Syv Elena Aug 30
I've never worn dresses
until I was 21
It counts as one of my successes
That now I own a ton

Back in elementary
I only had one friend
I remember on thing he said to me

"If you were a girly girl this wouldnt have happened"

All this time
I always felt like a boy
All this time
I was one of the "bros"

I've never worn makeup
until I was 23
But honestly I just never brought up
That I thought I was too ugly

I always thought I couldnt be a girl
Because I didnt have the body
I always thought I couldnt be a girl
Because I had no femininity

I always felt lost
Because I was always in between
But then the fog cleared up
When I found out about gender fluidity

It was the answer to my troubles
I never thought the moment came
I could finally put away my struggles
I could finally give it a name

Now everyday I wear a dress
I use makeup in excess
I finally have my feminine side
Which I had lost for a long time

I started to own myself
I started to let people know
That you can always find yourself
And learn as you grow
Sam Kelly Aug 28
The leaves are changing
The air is heavy
I know you've been here before
Months pass
Seasons change
And all you want is to not feel the same
Each morning offers hope
That today you'll receive the key to your cage.
But still you're trapped
And I can see you start to suffocate
And I can't lift this weight off your chest.
But I would offer you my last breath
To relieve just a second of this stress.
I don't know if you'll hear the leaves
Crunching beneath your feet
Or if they'll be green or brown or just not around,
When your heart stops racing
And you can breathe deep again.
But I know your strength will be rewarded
And your pain will ease.
I know one day soon, you will be free.
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