Delta Swingline Mar 18

I haven’t slept in 2 years. I haven’t eaten in 5, I’m not lying.

People lie everyday. “Little white lies” we call them. They mean nothing at all. It won’t hurt anybody. What could possibly happen if I told a lie?

Some people are bad liars, and some lies are just bad.

I’m not a bad liar. But people just don’t believe me when I say anything. Everything I say becomes a lie in another person’s ears, they won’t listen.

So if I tell bad lies on purpose will anybody notice? I’ll mix up the truth with bad lies and see if people can tell the difference.

I’ve never broken a bone, I’ve never been drunk, I’ve never forgotten a birthday. Do you know which statement is true? And which one was the lie?

I’ve been sick for 10 years, my IV is made of tears, my cereal tastes like regret, I’m not lying.

I’ve forgotten my own name, I forgot where I came from, I left my consciousness on the bus. I’m not lying.

It’s very easy to ignore an obvious lie, when you know the truth. But I’m not lying…

My heart is broken, my dignity stolen, and my future is no more. I’m not lying.

My friends are gone, along with my dad and mom, my sibling disappeared. I’m not lying.

My chest hurts, my ribs are shattered, and as for me. Well, there’s not a lot of me left. I’m not lying.

I can’t stop myself from constantly running away from the truth, lies are just so much easier to tell.

They say the truth sets you free…
Ok… Let’s try again.

The poem is filled with lies, some of them easier to say than others. But I want to start telling the truth now.

I want to start this poem over. I want to be better than this. I know I’m better than this… And maybe you can hear it in my voice. But I promise. I’m not lying…

Right now, I am the most honest I've ever been.
Em Dec 2016

Wake up!
Open your eyes
draw back the curtains

In the darkness
no one can hear you dream.

Reg Dec 2016

Here's an ode to the
Oh- that feeling in my stomach
when you turn it
upside down
inside out
through my mouth came words
and now suffer under your sea of humility

I know it's hard to see me,
It's getting harder to speak
when they don't have the time to
hear my cries,
to wait for my mistakes-
I take it back.
I never said a thing.

Poem about speech impediments...
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016

Keep speaking up without fear
Someday someone'll beyond hear
Keep championing for change
Albeit it does you estrange

Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016

When they saw her sliced up arms and thighs
Because they couldn't believe
Someone with such a childish
Angelic face could really do that to herself
And no one thought to say anything
When she silently screamed out for help
So off she went with some rope
And no hope left
To the bathroom
In the shower
Where she hanged herself
By kicking a stool out from under her feet
After all she was short and tiny
Which leads us to today
An entire year later
Where she could've been an entire year older
An entire year happier
If someone had said something
Thankfully she found her God
But that doesn't justify an 11 year old girl's

Unfortunately, this is a true story about my younger sister's best friend last year. A few of the girls in their "squad" noticed the girl in the poem was cutting herself and said nothing to anyone, not even the girl. I strongly believe with all of my heart that had somebody spoke up my sister's friend could still be here. I say this because I could have been that girl a few times but I've always been talked back to life.
So please, if you notice things like that, SPEAK UP , it could save a life
Light House Jul 2016


    if only through word,
      if only a lamb,
    I beg myself,                                       ((((((((((((((((((((((((      ((((((((( (((
      ("Please,”)                         ((((  ((((      ((((((((((((  ((((((((( ((((((((  ((((( (((
                        to roar ((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((    ((((( ((((
                                                     (((((((((     (((((((((  (((((((   (((((((((   ((((( ((((
                                                               ((((((((((( (((( (((   (((((((((((  (((((((((((

inez Jul 2016

it's just as bad
as being the cause
of oppression

that when injustice occurs
and you stay
regardless of your initial thoughts
it is just as bad
as being the oppressor

I'm damn tired. #BlackLivesMatter
banshee May 2016

They said
Don’t wear leggings
Or a shirt that shows your cleavage
Because you need to be covered up
You’re a distraction

They said
Don’t use your period as an excuse
For male teachers to let you go to the bathroom
Because you’re not fooling anybody

They said
Don’t shave your head
Boys can…
You can’t and don’t
And won’t because we’ll suspend you

They said
Watch the length of your skirt
The colour of your hair
The shoes and makeup
The piercings
And they call that fair

They said
Come to us if something is wrong
Come to us if you’re feeling bullied
Come to us if you feel unsafe
I guess they don’t remember pulling me and my friend over
Asking if we heard of someone in our year hurting themselves
They asked us because we,
We were the sensible once
The bright once
We’d never do such thing.
I guess they didn’t see my panicked
Eyes and my hand squeezing my other wrist

Because school
Is not a place
Where you can express who you are
Where you can be yourself
School is not the place where you feel safe
It’s a battle ground filled with glares

School isn’t about education anymore
It just became a challenge
You find you place and you fit in
You survive

But when you don’t?
You’re called out for not being good enough
In things you don’t enjoy

You get looked down on
And you don’t get your

As if a degree explains who you are
What you’ve been through
How much you’re worth

As if a degree
Measures the capacity
Of your heart
And your knowledge

And a teacher can share your grade
Make a joke and smirk
Cause she thinks you’re not worth it

And she can laugh and yell and call your parents
Who don’t think you’re any better.

Because year after year they’ve been told on
Parent teacher meetings that you’re easily distracted
That you don’t do what you’re told
That you’re rebellious

Because even if you showed respect to the hypocrisy
That you noticed years ago
They still won’t understand why you’d want to
Fight for what you believe is wrong and right

Because that’s not what you were thought.
You were thought to raise your hand when you want to speak
And even if you said the most amazing thought that came into your mind
And it was priceless
They would still point out that you didn’t have your hand up.

And that. Is the definition of school

Murredith Feb 2016

Rape isn't okay & no government or any authority figure should ever be the one to decide if someone was sexually assaulted, or not. In addition, a human's rights, safety, & mental health, should not be taken away or reduced simply because another human or a group of humans have decided so. Kesha Rose Sebert, better known as Ke$ha, is a celebrity who called attention to a situation where she was drugged & raped & isn't finding justice even after speaking up about it.
Though she was denied release of her contract with Sony Music, meaning she now must continue to work with the man who drugged & raped her, she has the support & help of millions. This is because she's a celebrity & attention was called to it. But what about those who aren't known? What about those too afraid to speak up because it's a hopeless attempt for justice. What about those who did speak up but the case died in a court room or even before it ever made it to a court room, simply because the abuser has higher authority, more power, or is in some way guaranteed to be found excused by the law?
What about them?
Thank fuck she spoke up. But what about everyone else? Justice needs to be served to Ke$ha & also to the many other victims in this world.

We shall not fall under those above us from fear or from the indignity of others.

Go to & sign the petition to boycott Sony. Speak your thoughts, share this message, share other messages about it. Sign, speak, share & don't let them win. We will find justice. Together.
Flo Oct 2015

How hard can be a way
Of peace and tolerance
How come I see every day
People, who take every chance
To find a reason to discriminate
Colour, religion or gender
Why does it have to be so much hate
Why can't we treat each other tender
People so narrow-minded
Continuing to stir up trouble
Throughout their hatred they've been blinded
Here we stand in front of rubble
Let's pick up the pieces and built up a society based on equality

This poem is meant to be a plea. A plea to everyone to try contributing to a society, where people can be equal. To go out and start making a difference. Everyone can contribute. I really hope that one day we can look over the boundaries such as religion, coulour, sex or sexual orientation and treat each other the way everyone deserves to be treated.
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