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Lieke Sep 2020
one day I will be oh-
so tall and with my gathered tears
i will build a water wall
nor paddle nor wind for I
will be flying
with a cast of all those with prisoner tongues marching behind me.
The Young Poet Jun 2020
Help me understand because I don't understand, it's got me questioning' like, "Why?

Just tell me why, tell me am I really different to you or are you the difference that keeps this void between us.

Are we not derived from the same beginning? Are we not derived to the same ending?

Did our ethnicities come with a guide book where complicated combinations are simply too exotic to comprehend?

I stand on a land where all these cultures and religions clash and meet daily and now do you still want to tell me that I’m really different to you.

I’m here in front of you all articulating through the silence. Where’s your devotion? Where’s your devotion, to fracture this never-ending chain of unfair equality?

As Martin Luther King once mentioned, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Well, I have a dream, a dream where this plague will soon have a cure for the state of being equal, in status rights and opportunities.

Before I rage and rant out of passion and before I lay down the historical traumatic facts don’t act like listening is a crime don’t be so blind, don’t be so blind to what tears up our social lives.

So, let me say sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry for the fact that our history is built on mass genocide against our native indigenous people I’m sorry we’ve alienated you stripped your form your rights and treated you differently due to the colour of your skin.

I’m sorry I’m only beginning with general history. Look I know I’m not much of a historian, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the fact that we were built based upon unfair equality

My mother always told me to give back to my community, but how am I meant to give back to a community which is so divided? I don't understand, it's got me questioning' like, "Why? Just tell me why"

I wrote this as I’m trying to pull my head through in hopes that you understand I’m no different to you …

This was originally a speech that I perfomed two-years ago in a public speaking competition.
J Ray May 2020
Music books and old guitars lay scattered on the floor
The whiskey bottles empty, you won’t need it anymore
Posters on the wall of rockstars, playing to an empty room
No one lives here anymore in this dark and lonely tomb

Tortured soul, you sold your soul but you felt you had to quit
Why’d you have to ***** the fire of a torch that was barely lit
You know you meant the world to those you left behind
If only you could've talked to them or gave some kind of sign

Your fingers were still calloused cause you practiced every day
You tried to learn all the chords so that you could sing and play
Now silence fills this empty room where the music played before
It’s such a shame you took your life with a rope over the door

Tortured soul, you sold your soul but you felt you to quit
Why’d you have to ***** the fire of a torch that was barely lit
You know you meant the world to those that you left behind
If only you could've talked to them or gave some kind of sign

Your fans will never know how good you could've been
Since you took your life, and put that rope over your chin
You had to see what was on the other side of death
I wonder if you found peace as you took your last breath
There was only one way to end the pain and strife
Now you play to an audience in the eternal afterlife
I will not venture to add my reason for coming up with this poem, except that it is true to life, and in this case...Death, the Eternal Timekeeper. If you know or suspect anyone is contemplating suicide...PLEASE get them help!! Sometimes, just a word or two can mean a difference....or simply listening.
Thank you for reading this poem/song...Any comments or critique are appreciated!
MSunspoken Jan 2020
"Actions speak louder than words", they'd say to me
But, assuming homicide is out of the question,
I like to remind myself,-
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
From poem #27 of THHT3

...We all know what’s going on,
The Young & The Restless could be a list that’s forever long,
of confessions composed as a set list but not sung,
we all know They are attracted to the Innocent & Young,
because in the twisted logic, of their perverted minds’ tongue,
they think by being with children, they’ll stay Forever Young,
it’s disgusting, & I’m so ashamed of the city I’m from,
that I’m not even having kids, nope not even one,
because I already feel bad enough for those already born,  
wish I could warn every daughter & ever son,

& don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to single out Hollywood,
the problems are much more widespread just ask The Vatican,
or the over 800 Boy Scouts that say they were abused,
by the hands of those that were chose to lead as captains,

yeah man not much is mentioned but lots has sure happened,

lots of names go undisclosed in the drawers of the ****-Files,
Roman Polanski, R. Kelly, Brian Singer, Jeffery Epstein,
& those are just the ones that have been exposed,
we all know most crimes go untold,

& no please don’t take this the wrong way,
I’m not trying to say every celeb likes kids underage,
in fact most of those that act are kind, protect & fight back,
nor am I saying I always mean attraction in a ****** way,
I’m just saying I feel confused & it seems like everyone’s gay,
or at least strange & most don’t know how to behave,
& I want to care but these days who cares anyways,
I guess I don’t anymore, I just want to get away,

just want to escape, so I’m running away,

I’m leaving Neverland, never to return again,
I’m leaving Neverland, for real & forever man...

from The Hollywood Hills Trilogy vol. 3

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∆ LaLux ∆
Selena Jul 2019
It was in that moment when I couldn’t walk outside wearing shorts that I  knew society was ****** up
It was in the moment that my shirt that hung off my shoulders meant that I wanted to have *** that I knew society was ****** up
Because we’re built on grounds that say if you’re still a ****** you’re dull and boring and if you’re not, you’re a ***** in waiting
We’re built on grounds that call girls ****** and ***** if they don’t give it up we’re built on grounds where we make girls feels worthless because they say no
It was in the moment that your hands trailed my skin in a sin that I knew society was ****** up and when I told someone how your evil hands played me like a toy that it was automatically my fault because my shirt was too low and all my makeup basically said I was asking for it. But the difference between you and I was that I saw my body as a temple and you turned my temple into a sinful pool so the second time your hands wanted to play tag with my body I didn’t say anything my unresponsive language was enough to make you think I said yes because I was petrified by your greasy grimy hands that I froze and when I tried telling my mom she said guys will be guys and that I needed to move on so when you came back for the third time I didn’t scream or shout I didn’t try to fight back I thought guys will be guys and I need to move on.
The rain wasnt just a metaphor for the tears streaming down my cheeks today, it was reality.

Although, It was literally down pouring rain all day long.

While thunder and lightning were crashing and flashing in the sky,

Thunder and lightning were building up of me on the inside.

I don't wanna talk about it no, I'm fine I'm all right.

Then I close my door and just let myself cry.

They don't know what it feels like.

To be all alone and have no one to confide.

I can't seem to shake off the things that are said anymore.

But if it doesn't change soon I won't want to get out of bed anymore.

Baby, toddler, child, teen, adult

It doesnt matter, any of us can be victims of this type of assault.

Bullying doesnt just happen when you are young.

You just hope by the time you've grown up, that course has been run.

One more time and I will really lose it.

I was given a mouth to speak, I think it's about time I use it.
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