As you sing,
I hear
I love to do that,
O my dear!
Have heard songs
Of this world
For so long
Some plagued
My ears
While some did
Enchant them
I loved their
For if you can
Get amrita(liquid of immortality)
Not by mouth
But by ears
Won't you
O my dear?
So my ears
Were blessed
Serving as the passage
Of some thing so dear!
But more than
Anything else
Your song is dear
I knew you'd
For this
Is song no mere
It is the expression
Of one so near
Looked upon
With such discrimination
He cannot
As you and I do
But this doesn't mean
The end of creativity
In his mind
God has gifted him
A great vocal chord
To produce tunes
Parts of a
Mellifluous song!
Why won't he?
His mind grows slowly
He becomes hyperactive at times
But this is his life
He's not disabled
Born to carry the glory
Of being specially abled
So as the unknown boatman
Of the boat called life
Moves ahead in its journey
Let me listen
To his songs
Let his melodies enchant me
Oh he's nothing
Just one of
God's creations
With autism!

I stand by such souls
Who face sorrow
Being lost at times
Due to unnecessary
Furies and tides of the world
Plaguing and worsening
Their lives

Freedom of speech
Is the key
The key of life
And every bee,

The words of speech is a mighty power
The power of birth
The Birth of Enlightenment,

It shines gold,
Gold as fire
The burning and firing
Of a speech wire,

The freedom to speak
Is worth a billion years
Imagine our lives
With alarming peers.

Maxx Oct 2017

White whispers represent chains
Preventing change.
The action of
Perpetuating that which we
The sun of sin shining
Dimly through
The smog of society
By the few,
Not nearly enough.
“All lives matter”
Fictitious feelings for a ‘flag’
Feigning support for
Social inequalities.
Politically correct where it
Counts –
Beyond the front door,
Not behind.
News headlines turn
Silent dissenting into
Violent lamenting.
Willful ignorance is
Deliberate destruction.
The true tragedy,

My experience with racism as a white male living in a gentrifying North Philadelphia neighborhood
Steve Page Oct 2017

Step up to the mic and strike first with a smile of one liners, with observations or tales that begile them.
For a smile will disable them while your lines slide in behind them, almost whispering, selecting the sharp-soft phrases that will best penetrate those guarded places. Looking with innocence into their faces, turning minds stage by stages, persuading with insights, with stories of real life, with familiar tales of familiar strife. Then when you follow through and strike with the punch line they have no defence and have no time to decline the good sense found in this food for thought, laughing to a sudden realised stop, looking again at their lives, with a fertive smile of dawning delight at the shed light on shared lives found in your soft amplified lines.
- Do it right when you step up to the mic and you will change lives.

With thanks to Poetical Word, Hounslow London for open mic nights.
Gregory Monroe Jul 2017

Held inside
just out of reach,
no key to free...
arrested speech.
A simple word
could make things right,
a wounded wing...
prevents its flight.
Born unto
a hidden world
gripped in darkness
sits a pearl.
sad indeed...
this imprisoned thought
shall not be freed.
Two lips seal
its woeful fate,
the tongue, its keeper...
guards the gate.
Soon it fades..
and quietly dies,
swept away
on ebbing tide

© gmw '17

Some of the best things are left unsaid.
Brie Pizzi Jun 2017

You tell me that the next time you see me you want me to be full of life and happy. I wanted to reply, "You idiot, you're the only one that can do that" but instead I say "Okay."

Maybe not speaking up is what got me here in the first place.

Delta Swingline Mar 2017

I haven’t slept in 2 years. I haven’t eaten in 5, I’m not lying.

People lie everyday. “Little white lies” we call them. They mean nothing at all. It won’t hurt anybody. What could possibly happen if I told a lie?

Some people are bad liars, and some lies are just bad.

I’m not a bad liar. But people just don’t believe me when I say anything. Everything I say becomes a lie in another person’s ears, they won’t listen.

So if I tell bad lies on purpose will anybody notice? I’ll mix up the truth with bad lies and see if people can tell the difference.

I’ve never broken a bone, I’ve never been drunk, I’ve never forgotten a birthday. Do you know which statement is true? And which one was the lie?

I’ve been sick for 10 years, my IV is made of tears, my cereal tastes like regret, I’m not lying.

I’ve forgotten my own name, I forgot where I came from, I left my consciousness on the bus. I’m not lying.

It’s very easy to ignore an obvious lie, when you know the truth. But I’m not lying…

My heart is broken, my dignity stolen, and my future is no more. I’m not lying.

My friends are gone, along with my dad and mom, my sibling disappeared. I’m not lying.

My chest hurts, my ribs are shattered, and as for me. Well, there’s not a lot of me left. I’m not lying.

I can’t stop myself from constantly running away from the truth, lies are just so much easier to tell.

They say the truth sets you free…
Ok… Let’s try again.

The poem is filled with lies, some of them easier to say than others. But I want to start telling the truth now.

I want to start this poem over. I want to be better than this. I know I’m better than this… And maybe you can hear it in my voice. But I promise. I’m not lying…

Right now, I am the most honest I've ever been.
Em Dec 2016

Wake up!
Open your eyes
draw back the curtains

In the darkness
no one can hear you dream.

Reg Dec 2016

Here's an ode to the
Oh- that feeling in my stomach
when you turn it
upside down
inside out
through my mouth came words
and now suffer under your sea of humility

I know it's hard to see me,
It's getting harder to speak
when they don't have the time to
hear my cries,
to wait for my mistakes-
I take it back.
I never said a thing.

Poem about speech impediments...
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2016

Keep speaking up without fear
Someday someone'll beyond hear
Keep championing for change
Albeit it does you estrange

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