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Cutting through
Still air
The hearts
Of a people

Fluttering through
The portals of endless minds
Through shared experience

Piping the marrow
Of deepest consciousness
Tapping a reservoir of
Human hope

While we live
We can be poets
In death
Our words and deeds
19th October 2019
Precious, hopeful,
Unique, fragile
Growing, uncertain,
Peculiar, shy

You are
Nothing short
Of universe
In single form

Embodied spirit
Of greatest energy
All things loaded
In your youthful shell

Limitless possibilities
For your happiness
Lie inside
A cause
18th October 2019
Mandela standing
Fist raised
Gandhi laughing
Malala smiling
Children playing
The buzz of nature
Growing unfettered
A roar of voices
Ripped free from constraint
A rush of wind against my body
Cheltenham launch I know I wish I will
It seems we have perfected the art
Of creating machines
That damage the planet
And destroy humanity

The companies that create the machines
Have put so much effort into being efficient producers
That they cannot dream of stopping
So they make and they make
And they make and they make
And they sell and they sell
And they sell and they sell

And we buy because we are sold a false vision
That the object is good for us
Good for our happiness
Good for our lives
Which must be good for the planet
Mustn’t it?  
Because it drives the economy
And that’s good for everyone
…isn’t it?

Eventually the truth seeps through the cracks in our consciousness
That what we have been sold
Is not good for us
Not good for the creatures that we share the planet with
Not good for our health
Not good for our neighbours
Not good for our families

But then, it feels like it’s almost too late
Because everyone else has bought one
And we need to buy another newer one
To keep up with the race
And not be left behind
Because if our economies fail, then what will happen to the people?

Meanwhile the creatures are dying
And our desire to be ever more satisfied are growing
And the great catastrophe of profit driven capitalism
Marches on
UK arms sales to Turkey
If you do the things you love
It is hard to go wrong

If you return to the things you love
That makes you feel...good

It makes you feel
15th Oct 2019
It is hard to cling to the belief
That I can be absolutely happy
When the reality of being partly happy
Is much more familiar
And attainable

Experiencing a partial life
A mix of frustrations
Groans and sighs
Half baked 'if onlys'
Is easier to achieve
Than a life of absolute happiness
14th October 2019
‘…If you are feeling unwell during your journey
Please seek help at the next station…’

But what if you don’t know when the next station is?

What if you don’t believe that there even is a station up ahead?

What if you don’t know what help you need?

Sometimes I feel like I am hurtling down the wrong track
Towards the wrong destination
And I don’t know how to get off

Perhaps I need to pull the emergency brake
And sit still and think

13th Oct 2019
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