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‘I’m almost back to normal’
I told a friend today
He said …’if you’re almost normal
don’t go all the way…

…Stay a bit abnormal
It’ll be a clever touch
Normal and abnormal...
We’ll love you just as much!’
3rd Dec 2020
Every moment
Is more precious
Than a shining jewel

The play of afternoon sunlight
On high tide water

The gathering of birds
Perched atop a weather vane

The embrace of a loved one
After a shared struggle

The multi-coloured setting of the sun
Over silhouettes of winter trees

Steam rising
From a freshly made cup of tea

The swelling of hearts and dropping of tears
In recognition of a shared emotional experience

This world is full of more beauty
Than I could ever put into words

All that is required
Is surrender to one’s senses

A willingness to see all things
With wonder

The courage to open one’s heart
To the workings of the universe
2nd December 2020
I need to be here
I need to be there
I have to do this
And mustn’t waste time

I rush from this
And jump to that
A hot tin roof
A sore paw cat

With this and that
My day bundles up
With parcels of time
That are no longer mine
1st Dec 2020
Let today
Be a day
Where everything
Goes smoothly
Where all our hopes
And dreams
Come true

Let today
Be a day
For triumph
And victory
The happiest day
For me and you
30th Nov 2020
I don’t want to go on
But it’s all I can talk about
It’s the same old song
That my brain just won't clear out

I should be strong
But being weak is appealing
I shouldn’t go on
But it’s just how I'm feeling

How long will they listen?
If I go on complaining
Will they whisper ‘how boring’
And stop enquiring?

It’s a drag being ill
Much better, being 'better'
To have good health
Is something to treasure

So ***** to you Covid
And off with my head
Its laptop and Netflix
That I take to my bed
Feeling tired out and irritable 29th Nov 2020
What does
One person
Amount to?

It is through
Our interactions
With others
That we become
Something more
Than we are
28th Nov 2020
I approach
The end of this day
And abandon it
To sleep

The end of
This Friday
Never to come again

And I want to see
The back of it

Rather than cling to it
As a precious tranche of eternity

How human it is
To have good days
And bad days
27th Nov 2020
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