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cheryl love May 2019
They talk
we hear
they walk
then reappear
where did they go?
its all too queer
should thy know?
they would say
a world sat on the ledgr
a sarp one at that
it saif in anuncertain tone
im going  to die
\the Lord called  my name
I came in, dropped by
to say goodbye
neer a true word said in jest......CHERYL
cheryl love Feb 2019
My heart
I gave away
it was red
on display
for all to see
on my head
were my brain should be
It drained
through an old vein
it rained
never again
my heart now beats
to a happier tune
and it meets
very soon.
cheryl love Feb 2019
Give them five
They would run for it
and I am alive
and I am fit.
cheryl love Feb 2019
Far away from home
from anywhere
just need my phone
and need to be there
where is everybody?
why am I the only one?
I need somebody
where have you all gone?
Talk to me
please wall, please speak
I know what you see
someone who is weak
Im just alone and afraid
no one that I can call
the difficulties I made
are the worst of all
I hear footsteps in the hall
I hear a cold silent breath
Am I imagining it all
have I faced death?
The ghost of a silent shadow
beams down on my soul
I am buried in a meadow
that was my goal.
cheryl love Jan 2019
Stand up straight
and eyes to the front
Where else would they be?
Im looking ahead
I thought I could see
Shoulders back
to where?
the past?
without me?
Bottom in
stomach in
after that curry?
come on
feet apart
Unless I am mistaken
they usually are
stand up
I am not glued to a  chair
although I wish I was
cheryl love Jan 2019
It was a walk in the park
so they say
It was a breeze
There were no children at play
and there were no leaves on any trees
No swings, no peacocks screaming
No papers littering the lawn
No naughty little boys scheming
No white doves at dawn
There were no ice cream vans
parked at the entrance to the fair
there were no fizzy drink cans
slumped and dumped just everywhere
No ducks hungry for their share of your bread
no swans ready to take whatever you have got
no geese angry but still they were fed
just enough to fill them not a lot.
no babies having tantrums all day
no frilly pink girls tearing out their hair
in fact no children were at play
no one here seems to care;
cheryl love Dec 2018
In the days gone by
many , many moons ago
i used to question why
instead of just letting it go
things said in anger led to a sigh
and life came to a blow
then I used to cry
instead of just letting it go
that was then this is now
now that i have turned the big six o
instead of if it is now how
and I just simply let it go
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