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Erian Apr 9
If I could
I wouldn't have to deal
With feeling hurt
If I could
I wouldn't have to
Hide myself
In their dismay
But all I do
Run, run, run
from the things I fear
Will come my way
Whenever I
Mallory Day Mar 11
when did we stop trying
to fight for what's right
we became
a nation
under turmoil
with no love and respect
for the cultured
we wash our sheets
bleach white
cleaning evidence
of our past conflicts
we chanted the words
of hatred
to those who showed love
and we drenched our nation
in dismay
Bohemian Feb 2
If my love is to be perverted
I would rather ****** you utmost to the brim
To seek your ***** emotions .
Inducing the tears
You held back for long .
Seldom is how you feel
Salvation be my love/ salvation goes unsure
You lend me it once .
LPpoetry Dec 2018
The most wonderful time of the year,
The holidays are here,
But wonderful for who?
For I have no cheer,
I always hear people say,
How they love Christmas Day,
But I do not belong,
So this day brings dismay,
For on this day I always feel blue,
And I always wish for something new,
For all I ever truly want,
Is just one person to come home to,
Others celebrate on this day with cheers,
But there are no such celebrations here,
For all I ever have on Christmas,
Are two blue eyes that are filled with tears.
sushii Dec 2018
when my eyelids close
you flit away
again today

when the sky darkens
the devil unburdens
giving all his sorrow to me behind the curtains

when the night is deep
the angels sleep
and with their consciousness goes the secrets they keep

when it begins to rain
it marks the return of the pain
eating away at my brain

when you hear the start of the etude
on comes the solitude
and you find it awfully rude

and when i'm done writing this poem
the colors will fade away
all of the hope sinking into the gray
for when it's typed and i can lock the box and put it away
i will have to return to a day of dismay
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Another hour
Another day
Another year
What’s my delay?

I waste my youth
To my dismay
Searching for sunlight in the heavy rain
Sketcher Oct 2018
It was only a couple months ago,
Nothing could be better,
I met a young lady that you may know,
By the name of Heather.

Was broken before by another man,
Still seemed rather clever,
Instantly, there was no way I could stand,
The beauty of Heather.

I fell for her hard and she drew me in,
My attentions center,
My first time loving the touch of ones skin,
Only thought of Heather.

Over dreadful times she pushed me away,
Less time spent together,
She's soon to be gone and to my dismay,
That's the loss of Heather.

I also have a friend that's quite pervy,
Needs a punch or shake-up,
Easily gets lost amidst a bevy,
Goes by the name of Jacob.

I have another friend that knows my pain,
He knows how she ******* me,
Together we will slowly go insane,
Me and my friend Tui.

I only have one colleague of color,
Might feel my agony,
Go as far as to say he's my brother,
Goes by DeAnthony.

I have another friend that's very strange,
Would've been a farmer,
Back in the day because he's very plain,
My dear old friend Carter.

Another crazy friend that thinks like me,
Life force leaking resin,
Very nice but absolutely crazy,
Hawaiian friend Aeson.

Another friend that is nice and quiet,
She is quite the fella,
On the inside, she seems to be crying,
My good-souled friend, Ella.

I had talked about the one I love more,
Cause love is not friendship,
Even though she is considered a *****,
Love forever endless.

Friendship is selfish, cure your own boredom,
Therefore, it's not like love,
Love wants to make you solve other's problems,
Any problems thereof.
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's, "Annabel Lee"
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
We shared the apple in the garden of eden.
But I’ll never regret that bite
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
There is a light following behind me.
Making a angry shadow in front of me.
Should I turn to the safety of the light;
Or investigate my curiosity in a parallel universal fight.
The light beckons for me to come home where everything will be fine.
The shadow represents my future self within my new design.
For me to accept this new variation of myself I must slow down time.
I must accept and inspect from my past design.
The influence of the light has brought to this confrontation.
The maddening thought is how can I change without positive reconciliation.
As the light fades on another day.
Will I change in some other way.
The decision is to try to make a change on myself.
By putting all life’s tragedy’s on the shelf.
Forget them and stash them far beyond the comprehension of oneself.
Deep into my memories I will dwell.
With the rising of another day.
I see my shadow and look on it with dismay.
Have I changed?
Maybe I have just rearranged.
Whatever is done is done.
Next time I meet my shadow I might turn and run.
Although change might be good for me.
I most of time I do not see.
The light carry’s us away.
No longer will we be crowded in dismay.
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