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Before today, I’d never bite the cigarette
You dangled in front of my lips;
But the smoke is the scent of ‘regret’
All over you and our relationship.
The smoke is dense, greying with each puff;
It is poisonous and carcinogenic.
I’ll accept your tease today
Because perhaps our memories with each other will fade away
As the smoke does once it is inhaled and released,
Lifted with the winds.
Swallow is a goof.
Why do you fly like that, bird?
You will harm yourself...
I miss, and only miss...
My thin chapped lips shall never kiss.
Two years have passed;
Depression swallowed my bliss.
It ate my love to you,
And the good old past I reminisced.

I miss, and only miss...
Empty heart shattered in night’s hiss.
Two years, internally harassed;
Demons work my soul at last!
Darling—save me from the absence of your kiss.
Bruh, I’m so committed to this collection.
What’s so good about the stars?
Like humans, they live and die.

But at least the burnt-out stars
Look better than the bones of our dead;

The dead who claim to ‘die for us’,
And rise again just like the sun.

Galaxies expand all the time,
And so I hope our minds.

Call the black holes in our space,
The sockets in our eyes.
Not even a poem, ngl.
Hi, I haven’t been on here in a while...
Observe the darkness;
Yet the star and moon shed light;
Yet my head has no
Lit path in itself or a
Way to waltz throughout its night.
I’ve been trying to post, but this thing keeps crashing on me.
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