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Left Foot Poet Feb 2018
what does the W stand for

my 2:00am friend?

left feet touching and yet I am clueless, unsure in what language I should compile the possibilities and

reread my poem and shotgun taken aback

you make my urgency feel so trifling

and I read your are back but you are more gone for,
love’s  misfortune has you, graced,
like a hole in the barbed wire fence,
had bled you dry and let the seeds for
the next planting go astray;
this is comprehended for my fences
are so busted in so many places that
all the animals escaped only to return
at feeding time, their curiosity of the outside world

and W has limited infinite answers

for there are no names that begin with W
for farmers in our native tongues

suspect if you are reading this it must be after 2:00,
indeed it’s 4:07am, and the puzzlement is face flushing,
annoying and curiously intriguing...

and i remain,
“sincerely” yours

L.F. Poet

p.s. thanks for reading my stuff
Lynnia Apr 19
Well hello again. Although we’ve clashed,
A new tune rises from the ash
Vermillion chords may paint this song
Ending it all; I hope I’m wrong
Sunshine Girl Feb 28
you've changed things- location is gone, all personality is gone.
no, we haven't talked in six months.
yes, i miss your company; does it have to be more complicated than that? i don't think so.
i'm worried.
are you overseas somewhere bound up after your last trip there for christmas?
are you at a completely different school and every time i walk past your classrooms i get anxious for no reason at all?
have you changed your hair, changed your major, changed the way you walk?
i can't find you, and i know deep down i don't need to.
but i wonder, and i worry.
where are you?
Matthew Feb 21
If I made a poem that sang to the seas
and whispered to the winds,

Would the winds remember what was whispered?
And when I sang to the seas, should they see the secrets sunk into my subconscious?

The winds won't ever wander where I once have.
The seas never will stare solemnly at the stormy sky.

Seems that it is worthless.
My whole life I've had a bar set just above my head,
and my only task was to grab it.
Written all over it was the rewards and success I would receive,
the admiration and honor, the love and recognition,
and all I would have to do was grab that bar.
So I tried.
I jump up and down,
reaching higher and higher,
I was inches away,
I was almost there,
I just had one more jump,
and then suddenly the bar got higher.
But I didn't give up,
each and everytime the bar got higher,
I learned to jump farther and farther.
But what I didn't realize is this that each time I jumped
I dug into the ground just a little more.
The bar wasn't rising,
I was just sinking,
I was digging my own hole of demise,
burying myself in this grave.
This wasn't my life,
this was a pit of self-hate,
a manipulative game that wrapped me around its finger with a disturbing ease.
I feel like I'm stuck in this hole,
trapped with no escape,
each attempt I make to grab this bar of expectation,
the worse all these thing get.
I look up at this bar with longing,
and then a question forms,
Who set this bar?
Why is it here?
Was it my parents?
My siblings?
My friends and family?
No. It came it to me suddenly,
like a punch to the face,
it is I who have set this bar upon myself,
it is I who is doing this.
No one else.
I put this expectation onto myself,
and I dug myself this cell.
Now I don't how to end this poem,
because it doesn't have an end really,
as long as I'm alive, I'll be fighting this battle,
and as long as I'm alive, I'll be writing.
So now I've written myself into a corner.
I'll believe this is what they call a conundrum. Huh.
Do you ever have those poems where you have exactly what you want inside your head, you have everything all perfectly laid out, and then it just all gets weird when you actually write it? that was basically this. I had an idea, the idea kinda went weird, and the end was just, I don't even know what I was doing there...
Sehar Aug 2018
always lonely
am I the only one?
Journey of Days Aug 2018
there are degrees of dark
twisted threads
aching through here

There's a tale that is told
In the night Yukon cold
Of the shooting of Dan Mc Grew

The truth as it's known
Is a legend that's grown
And the truth is known by very few

It's twenty years on
The Malamutes gone
There's nobody left from that night

But there's talk of some gold
That sometimes is told
Of what happened just after the fight

There is word of a bar
"The New Yukon Star"
And a fellow down there who can play

The place it is grand
The best in the land
And it's found down by Old Frisco Bay

Now, remember the poke
Of McGrew's the tale spoke
And what happened when Dan was now dead

From his neck it was freed
And the poke held the deed
To Dangerous Dan's claim it was said

When the Northern lights glow
Bringing life to the snow
They say that old Dan walks again

But twenty years past
Dan took that breath, yes, his last
And left the world of mortal men

Now, the saloon down in Frisco
With a barkeep named Cisco
Had a picture of Dan on the wall

They say that his ghost
Makes it smile when you toast
Dan McGrew when it is last call

A traveller came
And remembered Dan's name
One night as he sat with his drink

The piano was loud
And he saw through the crowd
A face, which made the man think

He once was a cop
And on occasion did stop
At the bar when Dan McGrew died

He looked at the face
But wasn't sure of the place
That he knew it, but **** boys he tried

There's a place saved in hell
For those under the spell
Of those who cheated out old Dan McGrew

In the stories it's told
how his poke with his gold
Was stolen by someone he knew

Think of the name
Of the one living with shame
From Dan's last night beneath the north star

Just who could build
A place always filled
A hotel and a popular bar

There on the stair
With long silvery hair
Through cigar smoke that made the air blue

Was the girl who once danced
And had Dan entranced
The girl known only as Lou
unsxfe Nov 2017
[Alright, I don’t know how else to say this, but...
You know Unsafe?
I only made 3 parts.
I keep getting wind that there’s a part 4.
I’m starting to think that SHE continued it somehow.
How she did is beyond me, considering she isn’t exactly real.

Oh yeah.

       You might want a little clarity as to whom i am referring to.

Alright. so, the series X is written about a mystery girl that is called (or rather represented as) X, no?

Well, the reason she’s called that is because nobody knows her name.

I never gave her one.

Getting back on topic, it’s supposed to be written by another fictional person, whom for the sake of continuity, we will call W. Now, W and X were in love, very much so. W is offed, X mourns, yadda yadda yadda, et cetera, et cetera. Well, I felt that in order to give X more clarity and depth, that i’d have to write a second series, One that is written in the perspective of X. This premise became what you now know as Unsafe.

But, for some reason...

As I continued writing Unsafe, it felt more and more like I wasn’t even writing.

It’s like she had extended into my subconsious, from the fictional world in which she dwells, and into my pen.

Luckily, she’s easy to identify. I write her in ‘a special way’ as opposed to my [normal] writing.


Alright, Don’t be alarmed, but She MIGHT (this is a big might) have escaped the domain I made for her,


And into my Notes.

I cannot tell if it’s true or not, as this notice is considered it’s own poem. I cannot interact with my Notes until I decide to leave any poem that I am currently in.

But more importantly, this also implies that she is SENTIENT, and no longer needs me to convey her thoughts and actions.
Hell, she might be fighting for control over my account as I write this!


I really ******* myself over, huh?

Anyways, if you see her, tell me IMMEDIATELY! Just whatever you do, DON’T interact with her! In her current state, she is most likely extremely hostile.
I do appreciate you reading X and Unsafe, but this is getting a liiiiitle serious here, so uh...

Please take caution! I couldn’t live with myself if one of my readers LITERALLY GOT KILLED OFF by one of my works.

I’ll update you guys if anything meaningful happens.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go somewhere...

‘finally, FINALLY! I’M SAFE!’          

‘this feeling is so wonderful’          

‘i can forget my past’
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