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MARGA Jun 2018
your precious smile,
that never failed to shine;
a heaven-sent beam,
that made my heart your realm.

2. your tenderness,
that gave me bliss;
how could someone be
like you, so dearly?

3. your good vibes,
that surpassed all tribes
in giving off the positivity
i need for my stubborn reality.

4. your talents,
that awakened everyone's hearts;
you are my significant inspiration,
you give life to my life's ambition.

5. your humility,
that's filled with sincerity.
while everyone else is toplofty,
you remained lowly.
not everyone as wonderful as you,
could show meekness too.

6. the happiness you shared,
at times when smiling is something
i never dared;
darling, it meant everything.

7. for your meaningful silence,
that gave me a better comprehension.
although your stillness was tense,
i knew in my heart it was never a rejection.

8. for your music,
that never halts to flourish.
music, your depiction of aesthetic;
through you, the melody will never tarnish.

9. for being your genuine self,
you gave me potency to do the same.
shamming is no longer something i'll play, for you taught me how to
end that witless game.

10. for bringing me daily sunshine,
for setting the moon & the stars aligned;
my everyday became better,
and i will treasure you forever.

there are way more reasons
on why i love you for real.
through the passing seasons
i could slowly & slowly reveal
and show you how i truly feel.
as time passes us by,
i would no longer hesitate
and keep my sentiments ensconced.
through the coming weeks, months and years,
as long as we have all the time
i would dauntlessly lay out to you
that the way i feel for you is true.
written with whole heart for my dearest .
let me tell you
that i am true
ㅡ and i always will be.
MARGA Jul 2018
ako ay nakatulala
sa lugar kung saan walang madla;
at ang isipan ko'y binabaha
ng mga hindi ko nasabing salita.

ako ay nasa dagat pa rin,
at ang bawat ihip ng hangin
ay simbolo ng aking dalangin
na sana siya ay mapasa akin.

ang mga puno ng niyog
ay gaya ng pagmamahal kong matayog.
mataas at hindi makasarili,
spaagka't sakanya ay nawiwili.

ang bawat butil ng buhangin
ay parang pag-ibig kong hindi kapusin;
bilyon-bilyong damdamin,
pag-ibig para sakanya na hindi ko inamin.

ang bawat alon na humahampas,
ay parang mga sandaling aking ipinalagpas;
mga bagay na matagal ko na dapat sinabi,
ngayon ako'y ginagambala ng pagsisisi.
pag-ibig para sa'yo na hindi ko kinayang aminin.
MARGA Nov 2018
hindi sa lahat ng panahon
ang mga bagay ay naaayon
sa kung paano natin gusto;
ㅡ at 'di lahat ay agad na natatamo.

ito ay ang aking napagtanto
nung nalaman kong may iba kang gusto,
at ayaw ko namang ipilit sa iyo
ang mga bagay na ayaw mo.

oo, mahal na mahal pa rin kita
puso ko'y walang sinisigaw na iba.
ngunit ikaw ba, aking sinta,
ay siya ring nadarama?
talagang hindi yata.

ako ma'y nahihirapan
na tanggapin at maunawaan
na tayo'y hanggang dito na lamang
pero aking hirang,
damdamin mo'y aking igagalang.
MARGA Jan 10
it's very much easy to say
that today is the day
wherein you no longer
have feelings that grows fonder
for him— who you loved freely
but indeed so genuinely.

but your challenge
is to look at his every edge
and the way he laughs and smile
without asking for a while
if you still love him for real;
you should then infer
that you are now happier
without him— to whom you gave your all,
though from him you only got a downfall.
daily poems! ♡
sophia Jun 2017
his words were the mellow sound of church bells on the sixth hour
of the holy day. they were gospels, an ardent call from the angels
that hushed down the depths of my ears. but mostly he had all power
but left them all unsaid.
do not expect me
to pay you back
a garden of sunflowers,
if you haven't
given me
a single seed
even just for once.
daily poems! ♡
Sarah Mulqueen Feb 2017
To some,
This life is a maze,
To some just a path,
To others a confusing,
Distant memory.
Never be afraid of what's not yet set,
Before you start to age.
Some may dither,
Others they stumble,
But you remain graceful & strong.
My Granddad,
My hero.
Your wit must have seen you some trouble,
But your charm surely helped you out of a  few pickles.
That heart warming smile fills a room.
My Granddad,
My hero.
No one can ever compare to you.
Hashim ZK Aug 2018
I want to lay bare the fire in me
before the spectators
I want to be the wisps of smoke
flying through their faces
liberating what lies entrapped
jul Jul 2018
i know you want to believe that i am perfect,
but i cannot guarantee it.
scars from scabs decorate my legs and even marred my back.
i'm afraid to wear skin-tight dresses for my body is not ideal.
i know you want to believe that i am perfect,
but i cannot guarantee it.
for while you are absent at the moment, i think of the possibilities of you finding a coefficient for an expression that equals a positive integer; a whole.
thinking of the time that has not been given to me, the possibility of it being given to another.
maybe i am too attached.
maybe i am too insane.
i am not an intellectual,
just someone rambling and scrambling their words to make it seem as if i am.
i am not perfect, by all means.

because on messy days, i cannot even look at myself.
because the knots in my hair resembles the knots in my chest and i cannot even untangle them.
because no matter how often you tell me im beautiful, i cannot find the truth there, and that is a real shame.
i am not perfect, so please, don't hold me to that expectation.
you no longer initiate
to ask if i was doing fine these days,
and you're much late
to know my dismays.

you and i have changed
— though i know it's inevitable,
but i still will believe
that we're always unbreakable.
maybe i have set my hopes high
for you and i.
and that's what hurted me the most.

daily poems! ♡
MARGA Jul 2018
ilang buwan na ang lumipas,
ngunit damdamin ko sayo'y di pa kumukupas.
ikaw pa rin pala talaga
ang gusto ng puso kong tanga.

kahit ano pang sukat ng sakit
na sa buhay ko ay sasapit,
ito ay aking titiisin;
kahit hindi mo pa mapansin.

alam kong hindi ko na ito mababago,
kaya ang damdamin ko nalang ay aking itatago;
kung sa iyo parin ay nahuhumaling,
tungkol diyan ay hindi na ako magsisinungaling.

kahit na ako'y iyong pinaasa
at sayo'y walang natamasa,
ㅡ kagustuhan ko sa iyo
ay kailanma'y hindi magbabago.
hindi ko madidiktahan ang puso. ikaw pa rin talaga.
MARGA May 19
i may be vulnerable
but know that i'll always be able
to help you carry the loads
from the never ending odds.

my sincerity may not be evident,
but do know that my love is fervent;
our time in this world may be limited,
but to you is where i'll always be leaded.
despite vulnerability,
against all odds—
i'll always be yours.

daily poems! ♡
MARGA Jun 2018
hindi ko makakalimutan
kung paano mo hinawakan,
ang aking mga kamay
noong ako'y nalulumbay.

binawasan mo ang aking pagdadalamhati,
at ibinalik mo ang ngiti saaking mga labi;
kasiyahan ko'y ikaw ang pinagmulan,
presensiya mo'y lagi kong inaabangan.

ngayon ako'y iyong iniwan,
at puso ko'y tunay na nasugatan.
sino bang mag-aakala
na ang dating dahilan ng aking saya,
ngayon ay sanhi na ng aking mga pasa.
paalam saating maliligayang araw.
MARGA May 30
if there will be days
that i'll be subdued,
please bear in mind that—
there are some things
that if talked over,
would open up my scars
and make them wounds again.

if i'm somehow still,
no, please don't get me wrong—
i'm not dodging you;
instead, please know that
i'm also trying to protect myself,
i'm trying to be strong on my own
the way you always do unto me. ♡
i'm telling you this, because i know how patient you have always been to me.

a prose from my raw thoughts!
voiDce Jul 2018
deep under the skin, theres bitterness

memories, missing
history, missing
a whole childhood, missing

from the mind, but not the body
not the soul

scars and blemishes
a special brand of pain
say "he was here."

and the disgust, not a memory
but a reminder

and still, the occasional
dreams of something
just on the wrong side of familiar

bruises deepen and learn to speak
they beg for sleep

but nothing good is found behind closed eyes

only the ghost of something
just on the wrong side of familiar
MARGA Jul 2018
i know we're already through,
but my heart is still blue.
i know we've had enough,
but darling, i am not that tough.

it's been a long time
since our hearts still rhymed
and everything's over now
but in my life ㅡthere's still no rainbow.

i am still deeply into you,
and i am still smitten with what you do.
you're still the one who gives me chills,
to you i am still  head over heels.

you're still the one my heart yearns,
& moving on is something i never learned.
you are still my reason for everything,
even if for you i am already nothing.
me who still can't move on ㅡ from you.
MARGA May 16
your smile is still the same
that wonder which gave me surety;
i am still frigid to hear your name,
the name i used to say so dearly.

i can't help but miss you
and all the things you sublimely do;
yours will always be the soul
that i'll never forget, after all.
Prabhu Iyer Aug 2018
Can daybreak ever
bring darkness home?
The dried kohl is witness:
Aeons old, such a story
has been left behind,
unsaid, unsaid;

Does spring ever bring notice
of the coming fall?
Oh the rains sometimes
bring rumblings
of miffed skies -

Shoots that drop off stalks,
have not all
fallen for nothing,

Was the little window of dreams
Laying my head down,
stealing my sleep?

Aeons old, is such a story
that has been left behind,
unsaid, unsaid;
Easily one of the best songs in a Hindi language film of the last decade, 'Ankahee' (Unsaid) is a masterpiece by lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya:

Notes: Kohl is a dark powder used as eye makeup in the East. Masterful use to describe the kohl-lined eye of a female protagonist viewing the pathos-laden dawn.
To know these thoughts
Pulling my mood to bleak
Each time my mind entertains
The notion and secret admiration
Unobtainable visions you are.

You might guess but I guard them
My pride and my aging acceptance
The denial and the hindsightedness
Bitterness so impotent and useless

Beautiful, You, and I  can't bring attention
I'm. Too old, too far past the moment
No. I must appreciate from afar
Stolen glances from forgettable interactions.

It's not a blameable situation
I am longful, going for eyes
that see inside and passed
The lines of time too clearly present
Hopef but for One whom tries for
Proximity and time by my side
and that is never yours to supply.

It ***** I am so far ahead of
My youthful desires
and the unsaid.
MARGA Mar 22
some poetries
are not yet
conveyed into words;

they're still
felt by the heart,
and the mind
is still fathoming
those sentiments,
before finally
converting them
into words.
ㅡ take time to feel .
Little Azaleah Mar 2016
Though she may be smiling,
do not be misled.
Alone she could be crying,
with words left unsaid.

Ashley Chapman Jun 2018
We fall,
and hard,
and in the shadows,
***** ourselves on snags,
that tear our clothes;
grazed and cut,
we stagger on -
Impressions, ideas, fancies!
Of these have we been disabused.

But is this spring,
come again?

in the bright sunlight,
to see you,
felt green hat in among the photo clouds,
apple suedes on the gallery's dank floor.

and I,
merrily circling with you the light cloud images,
my nostrils full of pollen spikes.
The pictures:
wisps of trailing dreams churning in ‘scapes of infinite blue;
dark clouds,
in amongst them,

Photographs in two time places
at once, all:
the other and t'other.

So excitement swells,
and everything besides us quells,
because the knowing of itself,
and dares beyond the frames;
to skirt knowingly the unsaid;
to want beyond the wounded past,
to pull things,
once again,
inside out.

In whimsy’s currents flow these thoughts,
these feelings,
these drives;
swirling in eddies,
so that as you sit,
on a summer’s day,
it moves,
a mirror to everything above.

The wavelets on the surface,
hammered into shape,
burn, bite and dazzle;
the sun’s flames leaping and dancing on ripples.

In the basement,
on the concrete,
your Y proneness shifts,
releasing knees on black-clad thighs;
two pendulums swinging,
yawing metronomes in the cool,
coolness of my desultory thoughts.

Oh, what am I saying?
Feelings like reveries walk along these silver lips straying languorously.
These myths are too soon made,
carried one to the next,
until contained no longer,
become new truths.
Visited an East End London picture gallery with a friend. Later, she texted me and said she had been called a *****, and I said, we're all that, too. Then I wanted to defend her by describing the intoxicting effect of her connection with me: her beauty.
I have felt your lips on mine
Kissing me ever so sweetly
And telling me you love me
And I ***** everything up
I never tend to
Oh, not by a long shot
But I would open my mouth
And spew masked words your way
You always felt the sting of what I said
And you would tell me that you never do that
Of course I never cared cause I am selfish
I always wanted things to go my way
How can a relationship be built on that?
It couldn't. I don't even know why I ever spoke
A lot of things are meant to be unsaid
And words are beautiful if spoken as such
But I open my mouth and you get hurt
Why did you stay with me as long as you did
I don't even understand it
If it was me getting verbally attacked
I would of been long gone from the first moment
And yet you stayed
Now we have a daughter and you are quiet
We are apart and that was bound to happen
But now you have cut ties with me
And use our daughter as a pawn
To hurt me over and over again
I can't even talk to her cause you're not
Saying a word. Not answering my calls
Or my text messages. You are staying quiet
So quiet like a mouse hunting for cheese
Is this all that is left for me
And it is painful
I hear no laughter from my daughter
Because you just won't let me talk to her
Is this the way it's going to be
What is left for me
I hear no calls from you
I hear no text messages from you
Just the endless darkness of quietness
Joanna Charis Jan 29
If only I have a nice voice,
I would sing my heart out;
My feelings into melodious words—-
I would sing for you, without a doubt.

If only my eyes could take pictures,
whenever I look in your way;
I would definitely take a lot——
Just seeing you makes my day.

If only you could hear my thoughts,
And the words that I left unsaid;
I think I’m gonna regret it for the rest of my life,
Until I am dead.
V Apr 2017
There you are again,
Standing under the rain.
Your mind filled with thoughts
That cannot be explained.

A wave of emotions flow through you,
Sadness, happiness, anger, regret.
In pain because you confessed
The things that should've remained unsaid.

Unsure how much time has passed,
As you stare blankly at the gloomy sky.
Recalling the memories you've had together,
Knowing they're precious and unlike any other.

You start to take a single step,
As you plan your next move.
Because now you have to accept the truth,
That things won't go back to the way they used to.
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