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Arden Sep 18
I don't have an eating disorder
I eat one meal a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I cant eat more than 700 calories a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I have to skateboard at least 5 hours a day

I don't have an eating disorder
If I don't know how many calories is in something I can't eat it
Have some more scones with jam and cream,
And a mound of spuds for tea,
Then you'll find your obesity,
With them carbs will be your mortality,
It is your responsibility,
To limit your own gluttony,
There are, indeed, bad calories,
Carboholics eat too much, you see!
Feedback welcome, note pun!
Ray Dunn Mar 31
Today, I had more calories
in my beer,
than in my meals...

But who’s counting, right?
I actually was sober and drove like five people home from prtties but TEA
When calories become evil,
When diets become starvation,
When 90 pounds becomes fat,
When the scale becomes a shrine,
When life doesn’t feel worth living,
When 3 hours of exercise becomes normal,
Someone starts dying
Stay as empty as you can be,
Empty as your emotions,
Empty as your stomach,
Empty as all those processed calories
You family eats.
Kendall Jun 2018
Food is the enemy and it always has been.
The binge wasn't worth it.
It set you back,now look what you've done.
You've created more work for yourself.
Good luck you fat ****.
Greg Jones May 2018
Her life was magazines
And reality tv.
Selling a far fetched dream.
Her carbs and calories,
She watches so serene
To make the silver screen.

The price tag so obscene,
Weighs heavy on her mind.
And it dug out all of her insides
Til she was a ghost in a shell.

Since she was just fourteen.
She had nothing but dreams
To reach the hollywood scene.
From fame and limousines,
A man boasting a ring,
And everything in between.

The future can't be seen
Weighs heavy on her mind
And it dug out all of her insides
Created her hell.

We hear her crying late at night
Because nothing is going right.

She still hopes and she prays
For the life of a celebrity.
Under the smog of L.A.
The story always replays
Of finding her fantasy.
It slowly drifts away.

There's nothing left to say
It weighed her down
And it dug out everything she was
Now she is just a hollow shell.

A perfect tragedy.
Hanna Kelley Feb 2018
I am obsessed with my health. Not just simply my health, but my weight, and my eating habits, and my view on life and myself. I am so obsessed that it has now gotten to the point where it is all I think about, and it has become obvious to everyone around me.

I can tell you which lunch ladies at my school won't question your lunch choices, which teachers will let you sit in their classrooms during lunch because you don't want to be around anyone or food; I have memorized restaurant menus, and I can tell you the meals with the lowest amounts of calories. My photo gallery is full of screenshots of healthy, low calorie, low fat, no-sugar recipes that I intend to make when I choose. I follow 177 eating disorders blogs on Tumblr. One of them being my girlfriend, and I get notifications when all of them post anything new. I weigh myself everyday, I know what I am eating two days from now, I overexercise, and I can tell you how many calories are in the 6 200mg ibuprofen I take everyday before facing the world.

I have lost 20 lbs. That doesn't seem like something worth keeping to myself, but it is when you are a high school girl; it is when all girls think the same, and suddenly when they hear numbers, they want to be number 1; they want to be the lowest, to be the winner, to be the most miserable person.

I can tell you exactly what it feels like to be embarrassed of being in your own skin.

I love giving other people food because I want them to remember that food is good for them. I want them to feel as though being given food is a kind gesture, not a last resort.
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