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MB Lewis May 22
We sit, stare and judge,
Our opinions do not budge,
We are so right and they're so wrong,
The papers tell us they want us gone,
They tell us they're obsessed with terrorism,

Sitting safe in your car, or at home in a chair
Judging and complaining
about the beard and the hair,

"Why won't they be like us?"
Why can't they integrate?"
The only answer must be... it's because of their faith

Have you heard the news?
Tweet, hashtag repeat,
They've done it again!
They want us all dead!
prayers and thoughts for the women, children and men,

Blame that young man, with the gun in his hand, with the hate and intentions to do something bad,
We don't ask why.
Just run and go cry,
Mosques found with bacon outside.

Picture it now, you're young and your brown,
Growing up in a mostly white town,
Tough to fit in, grew up a Muslim,
Through no choice of your own,

Can't get a job,
Muhammad or John?
John gets the job every time.

Stressed and defeated,
your **** is depleting,
It's the only thing that helps you to cope.

Alone on your PC,
Receiving a tweet,
Somebody sells you a dream,

Come live with us, where the fun never stops,
We praise Allah in our own way,

Over here we're the same, no more loneliness or decay, come and live with us in the Islamic State.

That's just the start,
the hate causes a spark
and soon it's a fire of revenge.

You can see why it works,
Loneliness hurts
and someone has offered to take it away,

After a while,
you lose your smile,
You're told about the wrongs of the "enemy"
Then you wage war,
barely even twenty-four,
and you've become a **** in the game.

Religion just fuels it,
Twists and confuses it,
Gives you a REASON to hate,

If they don't look the same,
they must not be okay,
must be a danger to the ones I love,

A small minded view,
So it'll continue,
We'll keep fearing what we don't understand.

Religion isn't the problem,
in fact, I envy them,
The ones that believe they have found peace,

The problem is far deeper,
complex and confusing,
But religion is just the tip of the 'berg

Social structure,
money in the wrong hands,
All these issues, and more

But let's point at the religion,
Not analyse the decision,
Of why the boy detonated his vest,

Twisted by hate, manipulated by fear,
But all we see is a beard.
We were learning that the nucleus is the master plan of the cell.
Little did we know that a different sort of treacherous master plan was to be executed.

We'd come, most from the other classes, some from churches.
At first, when they told us there was a bomb, we were almost nonchalant.
A decade of peace had raised a generation ignorant to the meaning of death at home.
As if we somehow thought that a bomb, meant that things exploded, and maybe people got scratched a little, but surely no one is truly harmed?

We knew none of the pain, horror and terror of what it meant, to be bombed.
After all, all we've heard were faraway stories of once upon a time.

But then the voices grew louder.
Casualties came rolling in.
Our people had been killed?
The information almost didn't seem to be settling in.
Almost as if the people in churches in Batticaloa aren't possibly real live human beings?
Here? Now?

Class was dismissed asking us to call in parents who hadn't arrived to pick up their children yet.
A teary eyed classmate turned to me saying "A life lost is gone", as if trying to comprehend.
Some were talking about how bombs were illegal and that there must've been foreigners involved.

Reaching home, though, the news told us a whole new chapter.
Batticaloa wasn't alone.
5 others had been victimized.
A nation-wide attack.

The government swiftly flew into action.
Messaging apps and social media banned.
Curfew from 6.
A mixture of grief and terror strewn across the country.

We were unaffected till now.
Yet terror existed.
Nations across the world seem to be stranded in strife.
Sri Lanka seemed to have just been added to the list, and we hope and pray it doesn't stay that way.
SL attacked. My hometown included.
Ylzm Apr 21
Satan Rejoices:
On Day when Life Resurrects,
Lives sacrificed to despise Life,
that Death begets Death
and Death is stronger than Life.

Satan Rejoices:
For Lies are believed and Died for,
that the Desecration of Life's Sanctity
and Usurpation of God's Authority
are rewarded and glorifies God.

Satan Rejoices:
Brother turns against Brother,
Cain reigned supreme,
Circle of Revenge and Hatred turns,
Evil and Sword worshiped.

But Abel's blood still speaks
Blood-soaked Earth's cries are heard
Victory is assured but unseen
Patience is mercy not weakness
Evil shall judge Evil
Sri Lanka Terror Attacks, on Easter 2019
a jihadi terror blast
of course it was
to **** their christ
to burn the world

look at the blood
its splatter
but it doesn’t seep
because for them
faith is what matters

history changed his skin
to match their writers’ hue
pink, ****** and blue eyes
he looked more like me
than like you

yet when hell killed his friends
that look like me
all eyes dilate
all kids dead
all skin burned
all blood everywhere
all blood red

a plea for the common
that’s what i said
because man < men
Warren Apr 4
How can a faith forge a nation,
When it’s built on desolation,
shouldn’t it be a celebration of a people’s revelation,
The truth is it’s a lie,
It’s a handcuffed alibi to pacify and satisfy the lies they yearn to glorify,
It makes me sick to hear their claims,
It makes the blood boil in my veins,
The killings in the name of forged belief,
To curse the many that are true,
And create a hate that will pursue,
Then bathe yourself amidst the tears of all their grief.
The eye of the hurricane
Swept through a country side
Not batting an eye
All those in it's path perish
A mosque, a person, a Muslin
Another, another, another
Until 49 were gunned down
And many more injured
Scarred forever
A finger on a trigger
Held steady
Picking targets
To cries and screams
With no regard for life
Only for the shooter
To make a name for himself
His message board
His manifesto
His hate of immigrants
Leaving in it's path
A country's darkest day
His infamy
Who is this individual
The eye of the hurricane
Sitting in the middle
Teetering to the right
An extremist
Category of the worst kind
A patch of ******
Sitting in his landscape
Of his sunken mind
Laughing, laughing, laughing
Today, today, today
And this was his trigger
His devil
His dialogue
Today he spoke
Another, another, another
To cries
That echo
Long after the hurricane
Loses its tail
This makes me sick
I look up in the sky and ask why

Logan Robertson

My heart goes out to the victims, a group of Muslims, at a prayer service and to all those affected. It's worst than the darkest day when seeds of this disgrace keep replanting and soiling the good landscape, Earth and Mankind.
Sparrow Mar 2
They left to
defend your honor
They left to
defend your shrine
The false promise
of your heaven
In their juvenile minds
Armed with evil
heavier than
their own weight
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead

They left to
defend our mothers
They left to
defend our wives
The passion burns
in their blood
To protect the last child
Shouldered with
the burden that
the uniform dictates
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead

There is a strange
turbulence in the air
The wind reeks
of wanton violence
I feel the same rage,
I feel the same pain
I yearn for peace
and risk your hate
With your answer
my mind might change
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead
This is not a political position. This is a humanistic position. I have tried my best not to be misunderstood. So please try your best not to misunderstand me.
Manasvi Garg Feb 17
like the color of his hair
when he left home at twenty
like the darkest of nights
he spent counting the grey of the stars
as if stroking the grey
on his mother’s head
b l a c k
like the dress he bought for his daughter
for when he’ll get to see her again
like the gun that adorned his hand
while his body bled
b l a c k
like the lines on his sister’s face
when the kohl raced with her tears
that spilled out of her eyes
while life spilled out of him
like the son his grandmother got to see-
her flesh and blood
in flesh and in blood
burnt, buried, dead
just ash
b l a c k
like the broken bangles on his wife’s wrist
as she tried to piece his broken body back together
her heart crumbling with grief
while he crumbled away from life
b l a c k
like what once had been red
and colorful
is nothing but just plain dark
veiling the stars in the casket grey
the sky rests
like the tiny dancers of gold and honor
on his shoulders
confined within a coffin
cuffed in tricolor
but underneath it all
it’s all just plain
Here's to the soldiers who dangle between life and death, day after day, just to keep us civilians safe. Here's to our armies. Here's to their families. Here's to wanting peace, because retaliating with violence only brings more of it.
Daisy Feb 15
I am here now
Amidst the ashes;
Away from the world's mystification.

Do not weep for me now
Remember my sacrifices;
My love, my life for the nation.

They reckon they've won now
They laugh, they celebrate-
Sad! they do not grasp the ramification.

Mother have lost her child now
Holding a grave ache in her heart.
And me- a fallen father for my girl and son!

Will I be avenged now!
Or end up like a long lost memory
Of honor and love for my country?

Will I be avenged!
Or end up as a tool in the game of politics
Between vultures clutching on the opportunity?
kiran goswami Nov 2018
Pools of blood and streams of tears,
Unheard shrieks and unseen fears.
Prayers unsent and hopes never lost
Blazes of fire and burning frost.
He lost a daughter and she lost a son.
Too many went out that day but came back none.
The three-year-old lost his father,
The girl in the hospital lost her mother.
She did not know now who would protect her,
the dearest sister lost her brother.
The 'I love you too' never came back,
She waited and waited until the breaking news.
Loudest voices went inaudible
Lifeless faces muttered prayers
But maybe even God was not available that day,
No one could hear her, no one could see,
The little girl did not know who to pray.
He waited in the balcony for his blue toy plane,
But neither did dad arrive nor did his plane.
She did not know his "Darling, I'll be home soon" would never come.
Neither did the woman whose son's first day at job became his last.
He struggled till his last breath,
for his son was waiting,
The toy plane remained wrapped in his hands but soon he was no more breathing.
Although it's been a decade since then,
And maybe they're all in heaven
But can we take out a moment to remember them,
Since it's 26/11.
It's been a decade since the 26/11 terrorist attack took place in Mumbai, India.
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