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There's a feeling in the air.
A smell.
The smell of death of
Innocent people and children.
Of killers.
The blood on your hands.
I can't get it off.
this is to the paris attacks and the resent shooting in cali
Hannah Nov 2015
Fueled with hate
Everyone thinking that this gate
Is the way to defeat
Or combat perpetrators
Negativity fills the air
As if no God is there
Selfishness will eat you
From inside out
You can't afford to
Live without a soul you,
Should prepare for the worst
But only hope for the best
Shannon Perry Nov 2015
I'm sorry this world became so unsafe,
that you are now in an indefinite sleep,
that by evil you were strafed,
that your family and friends will weep and weep.

You always put a smile on your family's face,
no matter how sad each one of them was,
You are someone they can never replace,
the laughter lines on their faces? You were the cause.

The day that you were shot and slipped away,
Your mum broke down completely and was in absolute shock.
Your parents wept and thought of you every minute of the day,
you didn't deserve this end - they wish they could turn back the clock.

You should have been getting married,
but now you are in Heaven above.
Now in a casket you shall be carried
and they will cry for you again and release a dove.

I promise now your spirit is free,
and I promise that you won't really be gone
as you will live on inside of your family,
and for your justice they will keep fighting on.

— The End —