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Gods1son Mar 11
The waters that were to drown me,
I walked on them
The fire that were to burn me,
they made me shine better
The stumblingblocks that were to trip me,
they took me higher
The naysayers that were to discourage me,
they motivated the achiever in me
The rough roads that were to weaken me,
they made me stronger
Attempting to stop a winner,
makes them go even farther.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Abundant Blessings Continue,
Descending Endlessly From God.
Happy Is Jesus, King Like Melchizedek,
Nary Other Potentate, Qualified Ransom,
Savior Triumphant, Universal Victor.
Wholeheartedly Express Your Zeal!
5/18/2018 - Poetry Form: ABC Poem - In this example, a poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. The first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. ("Express" phonetically represents the "X") - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Nolan Willett Oct 2019
In their beauty, an unparalleled race
From a higher, supernatural place,
Driven to hidden, underground refuge
When mans’ cynical wars the earth deluged-
Leaving only the slightest, unclear trace.

They knew no pain, nor any suffering
And the world is darker from their leaving
And we are left to pick up the pieces,
While our own ambivalence increases,
Seeking to find a singular meaning.

You may call it naive wish fulfillment,
But I will search for reconcilement.
I will upturn the soil and the roots,
Until I may procure some lasting truce
Make amends for Ill-judged revilement

And then mankind again will have a guide
Some holy beings to gift us back our pride
What a dream, to again have dignity
To direct our kind to benignity
So we may be pulled back from the wayside

Manannan will clean the waste of our shores
And The Morrígan will fight all our wars
So injustice will never go unseen
Thanks to a just and venerable Queen
What has been taken will again be yours

It’s all very romantic, isn’t it?
That some saviors will see us fit.
It takes the blame off us,
Makes our apathy superfluous,
Proves we are not hypocrites.

But maybe we should fix our own mistakes,
Go outside and clean our own ******* lakes,
Stop hiding behind flowery language and care
Waiting for a savior when they are rare,
Before our zeal irreversibly breaks.
Mr Trismegistus Aug 2019
"If your wounds you'll let me heal,"

Says the Spirit,

"I'll give you zeal."
Vass Apr 2019
Finite is the abyss I am in,
in my iris still burns a zeal,
my psyche is a shark without a fin,
and I refuse to be its meal.
Dani Oct 2018
Absolutely beautiful carcinogenic
Debating, echoing, fetching
Gathering handfuls, intoxicating
Jigsaw kindness lacking memory
Nothing operating properly!
Questioning reasons sincerely
Testing universal visions
Why x-ray yesterday's zeal?
26 letters, 26 words...
Stephanie Frank Oct 2018
Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud
He trudges forward feet soaked in mud
Eats your brains, lips glossed with your blood
Sorry, that's not how this poem goes

He no longer heard the chirping of birds
The smell of the sea meant nothing to him
The colors of the sunset were black and white
He stared dead in the eye if someone tried to fight

She no longer tasted the richness of chocolate
She couldn't care less for beliefs or fate
Emotions were foreign and love was alien
Suicidal thoughts were a daily companion

Motivational quotes and speeches made him scoff
Rosy smells and scented candles made him cough
Fancy razors replaced money in her purse
The stick and light now made her feel worse

One foot in front of the other, their subconscious said
Their organs were sentient and worked at will
Consciousness, however, was a different story
For though parts moved, their minds lay still

They spoke without zest, like programmed robots
They made love without passion, out of habit
There was nothing to live for, no raison d'etre
They were sleeper cells, zombies on a clock
The untold existence of a situation welcomes in the fact of a happening.

It creates a movement of waves that direct you towards the right place.

The story of you is told in the midst of the forgotten love that you have for you or someone else.

I created you out of something, No, an Ideology that was mine.

The silence you experience is born out of the zeal that was born either out of your experience or just how you were made.

I love the story of you because it is an opening to

the story of me.

Although the story of me is not meant to be told


I tell it in relation to the story of you.
County seat, of Mason County, Washington,
United States Westernmost city on Puget Sound
above ground sans tectonic plates Population 9,834
per 2010 census end result from biological mates
maintains commission form of government
drafted by mandates.

Shelton served by small steamboats
comprising Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet
Old Settler, Irene, Willie, City of Shelton,
Marian, Clara Brown, & S.G. Simpson
logging, farming, dairying, ranching

& oyster cultivation for populace to eat
Simpson Timber Company mill on
Puget Sound's Oakland Bay over yon
dominates landscape of the downtown area
as essential heart beat Shelton identifies
the "Christmas Tree Capital" sold by the ton.

47°12′49″N 123°6′22″W (47.213702, -123.106088)
coordinate bench mark
total area of 5.9 square miles (15 km2),
of which 5.6 square miles (15 km2) land
0.3 square miles (0.78 km2) (5.60%)

water laps with an occasional errant shark
in a pinch captured, processed and canned
a delicacy that fin de siecle bony illegal
***** fined by the oceanic arc.

well nigh two decades in the past
this poet trekked across America
beginning in a place called Gap
Pennsylvania  - where stockpile
of Amish goodies barely did last

and vanished in a gingerly snap
of fingers, which necessitated
sustenance when van fueled i.e. gassed
up while myself or other driver stole short nap

seduced to sleep by syncopated tires
as highway miles passed inching closer
to youngest sister via this linear transcontinental lap
destination Seattle Washington indigenous
iconic statue cast.

Ronald Strickland a fine companion
Boone storyteller to boot about my age then
(five decades plus two), him trying to rake
in loot by writing about his travels, yet
unpretentious and no square at root

perhaps one day, I will surprise him
with a call and give him a toot
though on might deign to bellow
while atop the snow capped Mount Rainier

Taking in the august magic crystalline beauty
all year round:
whereat snowfall etches silhouette once dusk shed daylight
sketching in natural bas relief ascension from horizon
to heavenly height albedo effect from glistening snow light
luminescence transforming night into blinding sight
from pure flakes of incandescent white.
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
the zeal is upside down
i chase the dark sides
not of the moon
not of the story
but of you
and me.

-- Eleanor
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