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Four days I wrote you

No response

Here I am

Day five

Slapping my hand away from trying again

I don't know why I keep going

Something about you

Seems worth reaching for.
I think I've realized the more poems I write about someone the more toxic they are to me

Here's number 25 for you

I suppose that pales in comparison to the thousands I wrote for my first love but I've known you a lot less time

And you've never even been mine

And that's okay

Because at this rate

You never will be.
I don't know what's worse anymore

Missing someone you once had

Or missing someone who was never even yours.
The best thing you ever did for me

Was break my heart...

It taught me how to be strong alone
And even stronger together.
Too much sleep

Too many R.E.M cycles

Too many dreams

Of course your face had to show up at least once.
I don't know if I can go home

I don't know if I can sleep beside you and pretend you haven't broken my heart.
How can you disappoint me in so many ways?

Why am I not good enough to celebrate Valentine's?

Fine if I'm not

But why am I not good enough for surprise dinners?

Surprise flowers?

Surprise anything?

Why don't you seem to go out of your way to make me happy but I have to sacrifice to make you happy?

Tell me

I hate you right now

And you tell me you love me

Tell me I'm your whole world

And all I can think is

That's because I gave you mine

I've given you everything.
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