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Do you ever have that feeling

Where something is lurking in the shadows

And it's not a person

But an event

Like some time soon

Everything around you is just going to


And there's nothing you can do to stop it

Just wait and watch.
And I hate you

Not because of all the ways you broke my heart

But because the way it still flutters over you.



It's all I keep telling myself to think

But really what I'm thinking is

Do it

Say it

Do anything

Break me again

I dare you.
The last few months I could feel you in my veins

And I pushed aside every thought and dream I had

And here you are

And my heart has that pressure it use to

And I have to be strong

Because I cannot let myself love you again.
I wonder sometimes about those lost words

Written on stray pages that just seemed to vanish

Floating away into nothingness

With more heart and memory than I can contain in just this keyboard

The pen is mightier

The pen is more honest

And now maybe those words

Written in sloppy haste

Can bring someone else peace.
There you are

As always

Trying to light a fire

With nothing but a single match.
Why and how

Are so many of our young innocent bodies stolen from us?
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