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They search for atonement and find it not.
They dig into the esoteric texts,
memorize them,
but do not see the garden.

They miss
where the lovers are making love
in a great union of ecstasy.

They borrow ladders to put up
against the wall,
to peep into another world
to have a glance of such nakedness,
such passion.

The ladder breaks down,
the wall crumbles
under the heavy moans of lovers.
From the top of her long, silky hairs
To her beautiful, sun-licked, shining face
To the tip of her soft, curved *******
To midway between her sweet, warm thighs
To the bottom of her long, strong feet
She is one great puzzle
A great treasure to be hunted
A mystery to be admired
A land to be explored
A journey to be undertaken
Clasping hands
Lifting her chin
Lost in each other’s eyes
Midnight silence
A long kiss
Dawn breaks
Us apart
wanna feel her ,she is all mine
When my friends ask
about you
I tell them
that I met you today
My friends marvel at this
But to me
You are a new
every day

There is no end in such love
Nothing is old here
We age
but our spirit remains the same
and we become
the part of eternal sky
#friends #ask #about #today #marvel #me #new #beginning #everyday #end #old #age #spirit #remains #same #part #sky
Night comes slowly
I am anxious to meet you
Your lights are still on
I wander outside in the moonlight

You walk out
In a flowing gown
Just perfect for this night

The moon gives enough sight
For me to watch your eyes
I hand you a wrapped surprise
You kiss me in return

Touching and yearning for
each other in a loving way
Kissing when people aren’t looking
We walk away
from your home
#night #anxious #lights #wander #turquoise #perfect #wrapped #return #yearning #home
I walked hurriedly to her home
On a wild moonlit night
She is in her inner chamber
Painting a picture of us
Naked brush, naked canvas, naked mind
On a moonlit gusty night

There she stands
At the corner of the wooden window
Holding hands with her shadow
I approached gently toward her
Only to discover
That the shadow is mine
Let the king come to the bride’s chamber
And charm all her friends and chambermaids.
Let the princess walk to the knight’s castle
And mesmerize all the guards and pickets.
O where such beauty, lo, where such fate,
When our will is feeble and our love so faint
Having trust
in intimacy
is tremendously
As a morning rainbow
the fountain
So is the beauty
of true love
#trust #intimacy #romantic #morning #rainbow #fountain #true #love
Your soft lips to all my lips
blow hot
breath everywhere
Your tongue to my tongue
taste me
Your fiery desires to fulfill all my desires
cry out loud
love fountains everywhere
She comes and looks deep
into my eyes
Her beautiful, majestic eyes
mesmerizing me
There she stands on the doorpost
waiting for my move
I take her hand into my hand
pressing softly

She takes off her clothes gently
to the last piece
There she stands in all skin
in all her glory
She offers me a rope and
stretches her arm
She is bound for me
there she waits for me

lifting each other
Blindfolded warriors in a field
soft lips
Our weapons of love
and our bodies
our shields
She satisfies me in ways
my words fail; I love her
I wanted you so long
I always sang this song

You came along in autumn
I bloomed like a cherry blossom

Your presence put me in awe
I was out of all my senses

Your magnetic force
pulled me close
to your gravity of love

You smiled and came closer
I could not stop
myself to be yours

You teased me everywhere
with your fingers
we had some sweet giggles

Your lips so soft
your body so attractive
We made love
I felt that even if I die
I am still alive
In this river of wine
I love my love with love
Never known before

Don’t walk into this river of hope
wearing a robe
You don’t take a good bath
wearing your gown
Come naked
In this garden
Without clothes, without figs

I am glad
that you found me
How pure a flame now burns
This thirst
with which I burn
#river #wine #known #before #hope #robe #good #bath #wearing #gown #come # naked #garden #clothes #figs #glad #pure #flame #burns #thirst
Come when it’s quiet
I like your way of moving
Slip into my
silence me

She emerges
from her falling robe
I move closer and

let’s stay inside
lock the door
come to me naked
no one is here

It’s time for us
to become one
between the sheets
time to show just us..JUST US
In you I find my childhood friend
Leaving you is thirsting without water
Kissing the locks of your hair
I am bewildered
by your magnificent beauty

Your heart, your juicy lips
are my consoling towers
The depth and tranquility in your eyes
are pools
from which I dare not escape

My heart longs for you, searches for you
The shining sun is not bright enough
The moon moans at my pitiful provisions
My angel,
please don’t leave me breathless

O wild, willowy, naughty, nimble
Don’t tease me anymore
Tantalized and mesmerized I am
Come to me now and make love
Few are those who
are the mad lovers
Praising their love
in front of others
I love to kiss her leg
While placing her feet in my lap
Gently massaging them
While we wait for our food

Even before the food arrives
She whispers, I am so wet,
My beloved prince
I want just the two of us alone
Unleash your inner fire
and burn me in your passion
You know what I want
for food
To eat
We cuddle naked
On a lonely island, in the sea,

Where our bodies press each other
On the sand, under the tree.

With sound of splashing waves,
Your arms tangle me, legs ready to heave.

Where we make love to each other,
My body under yours, we are so free.
#press #sand #tree #splashing #waves #arms #tangle #heave #free #cuddle #naked #lonely #island #sea
Dear love, to you, what love can I bring?
A fountain to fill your cup
A flute to let pass your breath
A bed sheet to comfort you
A bird to fly and sing with you
But suffer not my eyes and my lips
To hunger for your face
And in thirst for your well
My heart cries in joy to you
I love you, O my beloved

Let countless years pass by and end
I can be a wave and you an endless ocean
A searching bee and you the flower garden
A lowly blade of grass and you the green valley
A faint shade and you the shining lamp
A sweet memory and you the soul possessing it
I don’t know my love’s own depth
Just that this foolish, silly love
Has no beginning and no end
I love you, O my beloved
#dear #bring #fountain #cup #flute #pass #breath #bed sheet #comfort #bird #sing #suffer #lips #hunger #face #thirst #well #cries #joy #beloved #countless #years #pass #end #wave #endless #searching #bee #blade #valley #shade #shining #memory #own #foolish #silly #beloved
Oh what a beautiful
moment it is,
Eyes overwhelmed
by the serene, exquisite
beauty of nature.

Mind full of thought of love,
How lovely it is,
the luscious rainforest
like your existence, always evergreen.

Oh how lovely is the
clear blue sky,
endless horizon miles across;
How deep it is,
the clear blue sea,
like the depth of my love.
#beautiful #moment
I want you
to make love
to me
Kiss me, ****** me
Make love to me
I just fall on my knees

And let me worship
your each part
to viciously devour
your frilly pink pie
Your face now has
That look
So divinely ****
Or call it
devilishly seductive
This is the time I want to make love with you,this point of time wanna hold you you are all mine..
Freshly ******
lying on the green

In the garden
you took the feather
out from your hair
and handed it to me

To play it on your soft skin
as I moved it over your body
with your back arched
and eyes closed

goose bumps

We both knew we weren’t finished

Make love to me again
once more
**** me
#freshly #****** #lying #green #garden #feather #hair #handed #play #soft #skin #moved #body #back #arched #closed #goose #bumps #finished #more #****
In this ecstatic love
All my actions
have become
My body moves to help
And my hands grasp, stretch, and cling
own desires
Tonight our love is exposed
Starry nights, dancing trees
Seducing silence
How do I paint a love poem on you?

Every night I walked miles
Longing to catch my one delight
Every morning to leave you
A thank-you note

My darling dearest
My love to you is an eternal tale
Inexplicable, mystifying, delicious
Let us write each page together
I secretly loved you for so long
My love
You gave me new life

Your deep, dark eyes
Made me drunk on our first trip to the wilderness
I wandered everywhere to seek solace
All I found was your sweet love
Echoing from the mountains
The valleys, the rivers, the trees

Our love was not of this world
Yes, it was sent from the stars
In the remote corners of our memories
Don’t we still remember
being with one another
in a previous thousand lives?

I am not new to you
You are not new to me
I am here once again for you
Just as you came once again
calling my name
looking for that face
That heart that only beats for you

Do not ever leave me
We are two bodies but one soul
One cannot survive alone

How can we live without each other?
Love precedes all
We have come to this earth perhaps
after thousands of years
Languishing, waiting for our return
In my shadow, your shadow dances
We live to uplift one another
We live to just love

There is no ending in such love
Only new beginnings
Tears flow boundlessly
Such is the beauty of this passion
The moments that we have shared
Our glory, our taste, our smell
Your skin and mine
Our love is like a new spring
A colorful fall
Like warm summer nights
Beauty of winter snow and ice
love is forever and ever and ever..
Embracing your body close,
Holding you tight with my warm hug,

The warmth of your body
heat in the air all around as fog,

The burning fire in our senses
All ready to consume us.

Our bodies dancing and rubbing,
Tossing each other zig and zag—

It feels magical; it feels mystical;
all of it,
all of us,
under the love rug,
Fiery creatures in the dark.
#embracing #tight #warmth #heat #heat #air #fog #burning #consume #dancing #rubbing #tossing #zig #zag #mystical #fiery #creatures #dark
You pull me closer
with your magical love
like a magician
doing his brilliant magic

I give up,  disappear,
lose my mind
as if I am yours, for
finale in your room
#pull #magical #magician #brilliant #magic #disappear #lose #finale #room
The first smooch kiss
A spring night
Moonlit pastoral lake
Dancing elm, oak, and pear
Mild breeze
Courting song of crickets and katydid
Secrecy and silence
Standing close, smiling, and stirring
Our necks tilted on the right
One hand behind and one front
Thumbs caressing the face
And fingers
releasing the locks of your hair

Our hands massaging behind and front
The adorable landscape of love
Bump and *******
Belly and waist
Crossed legs
Delirious smell of the skin
Taste of your rosy lips and sweet saliva
The taste of one another
Outer eyes closed, inner open
My upper lip between your lips
Your lower lip between mine

Rubbing, pressing, *******, kissing
Small and big, short and long
Goose bumps and blushing
Breathtaking, timelessness, breathless
Uncaptured, indefinable moment!
#first #smooch #kiss #spring #night #moonlight #pastoral #lake #elm #oak #pear #mild breeze #courting #song #crickets #katydid #secrecy #silence #standing #stirring #necks #tilted #right #behind #front #thumbs #caressing #releasing #locks #adorable #bump #saliva #skin #smell #landscape #******* #goosebumps #blushing #breathtaking #indefinable
An explosion of soul
Flowering of inner self
Unleashing all that is within

Anxious to merge with the infinite
the movements, motions, symbols
To merge in the silence
the actions turning into joy

Love? How do I see it?
Let go of the self
and you’ll meet
a madman
coming out of you
Lovey, I am flying far away with your love,
Floating miles away with your picture in my heart.

It is a bit cold without the warmth of your hug;
I am starving for your delicious lips
and the sweet, honeyed kiss.

The sun is setting and the moon is rising;
The clouds are gliding and the wind playing.

I am flying away, far away from the sun and the moon,
Across the ocean, over the deep, blue sea.

I have left my heart filled with love for you,
My presence as the sun, moon, and wind to kiss you.
I am in love with you and flying up to the seventh sky.
He who watches the beauty,
He who believes in love
is never aloof,
never detached.

Our logic ridicules this love,
and my heart smiles knowingly
at the foolishness
of thoughts.
We think of prayer
while making love,
Meditating on the celestial.
Our house is a temple,
a sacred place
where I burn incense,
chant, sing, and dance
With my beloved,
Our souls offering our best,

mad priests.
we are the temple
The night is long
but the hours
We take turns

The friction from our
Causes us to

This frozen moment
in time
Two bodies
love dreams
Go kiss her from her forehead to her feet
Let this poor heart
in you
become courageous
Look how lovely, how lovely she is

Now you are ready, my friend
now you know
You bring love with love
You make love with love
Love knows no desperation
Love knows no boundaries
no limitation

You have charted the earth well
on the surface of her skin
with your beloved by your side
hand in hand
lips to lips
to the glorious birth
of a new love
The whole night
I take turns in sleep
Right and left
On my back and sides again

A gentle breeze passes
over my face and body
It is my beloved’s song,
Her flying kiss
I pleaded to her
Please don’t judge my heart, my darling
I am the same yesterday and today
and will be forever
The changes you’ll see in me are not me
They are my body wearing different robes
But within, I am eternally yours

In my soul, in my heart
I am the same, unchanging
I am awakened by your flower-like lips
touched by your mysterious love
What remains of me now is only a garden
of sweet kisses
In this renewal, the veils have been torn
My heart is burning and my love warm
My contemplative mind has vanished
The nectar of this love is bewildering me
All opposites are united
When I kiss the honey-soaked tongue of my lover
Her body perfumed, arousing me with just a touch
I’ll hold your fire forever
In this serenity of love
#serenity #forever #perfumed #touch #honey #soaked #united #nectar #vanished #warm #renewal #torn #mysterious #unchanging #robes #yesterday #today #pleaded
I wander no longer
I prefer to wait at my master’s chamber
To eat
To drink
To talk of love
He flames my heart
With desire
Never felt before
Enthralled and awestruck
I lose my senses
His love
All night long
I am consumed
In a hot passion

Don’t ask!
I don’t
We ever sleep or endlessly frig
Can I even count?
Touch me softly
And run a feather
From over my neck to my belly

Up and down
round and round
Move your hands gently
Over my boomerang

And when you can’t hold it
Move fast and slow
Eye to eye
Until our faces glow red
and our hair is wet with sweat

Crisscross, our
legs like scissors
#feather #belly #gently #boomerang #glow #red #wet #sweat #crisscross #scissors
If you were an eagle
Soaring high
And I were the valley,
Would you come down to feast?

If you were a blooming flower,
Purple, red, and yellow,
And I the earth beneath,
Would you ever touch me?

If you were the sun
Shining brightly
And I a tree in the forest,
Would you rise to give me warmth?

If you were the waters
In the rivers and in the clouds
And I was just a barren desert,
Would you ever rain on me?

If you were a mighty ocean
With all the turbulent waves
And I a lonely boat amid them,
Would you ever sink me down?
I love it
When you hold me
From behind

With your hands caressing
my back, holding
Where it is tiniest

I am thrilled
As you throw me on the bed
And press on me

On the wall
I see your dark shadow
Riding a horse

You move your fingers
Up and down
Rubbing my pear-shaped ***

When you kiss me
On my neck
Your hands squeezing my *******

I love it
I absolutely love it
Scream my exaltations
#love it #hold #behind #hands #caressing #back #tiniest #thrilled #throw #bed #press #wall #dark #shadow #riding #horse #fingers #up #down #rubbing #pear #shaped #*** #kiss #neck #squeezing #******* #absolutely #scream #exaltation
Singing, dancing, musing
Love, Love, Love
Unimaginable joy
Annihilated in this sacred play
I explode in ecstasy
I love you
Like no other lover
#singing #dancing #music #love #love #joy
Bathe me
in the sunshine
Let the wild air
touch my skin
Swim in my
naked and free
Love me
I lean to kiss you
with the excitement
of first attempt
My heart burning
with passion and lust

In the exchange of kisses
I’m already aroused
My eyes are closed
But I see you
in my mind
You are so beautiful!
I wait
by an empty garden
for you
To walk together
hand in hand
The beauty of our bond
far beyond
the flowers around us
Our companionship
fruits of the night

I will be waiting
My sweet love
my hero, my soul mate
To give
my love
in abundance
every moment
every day
I wish you were with me
tonight, here, right now
Wish you came to eat with me
while there was still some food left

Everywhere, everyplace
I miss you
Ever since I first saw you smile
at me
I have lost my own laughter
Now I just look for you
Even though I know
You live in my heart

I still wish
You came out tonight
Your food is getting cold
As lovers in my dreams we meet
With every breath I feel you
My heart yearns to see you again
No other treasure I seek

My heart breaks
at the memory of your smile
The endless pools of your dark eyes
your touch, your taste
your sensuality
I yearn to consume you
#lovers #dreams #meet #breath #feel #you #heart #yearns #see #treasure #heart #breaks #memory #smile #endless #dark #touch #taste #sensuality #consume
To all those who are love-sick:
Some cry, I want love; I need love!
I am loveless; pity on me;
Love me, love me, love me
Oh dear, why don’t you see!
Your eyes are closed to it.
Love is a breeze:
It moves the trees, sometimes just the leaves.
It can create waves in the ocean.
Love is whimsical and deep.

What will you give to your lover?
Do you possess a moonstone or stardust?
Have you planted a thousand roses?
Have you mapped the earth
To take your lover
On a journey full of mirth?

I don’t have a moonstone,
nor do I have stardust.
I am poor but have roses and flowers
in all colors.

I will be kind to her limbs.
I can fill her life with passion.
Her organs will thank mine.
Her eyes will peck at mine.
Her hairs I will brush,
Igniting the passion in her soul,
Her vale merging with my knoll,
A hummock
just for her pleasures,
ever waiting, ever desiring.

Your lover is there—
look, look, O young lover!
She is standing right behind you.

When will he make her an offer?
When will he be
on the horse
with a ring?
#sick #cry #want #need #loveless #pity #please #dear #closed #breeze #trees #leaves #waves #ocean #whimsical #deep #lover #moonstone #stardust #planted #roses #mapped #journey #mirth #flowers #limbs #organs #mine #thank #peck #hairs #brush #ignitting #passion #vale #knoll #hummock #pleasures #desiring #young #standing #behind #offer #horse #ring
Slowly and soft
Playing, laughing, experimenting
Relaxed and happy
Then passionately and long
Cheeks, lips, jaw, neck, and lips again
Deep and *******
Forehead to the belly button
Behind the neck to bump down

Rubbing nose and cheeks
Pressing lips
Fondling ******* and ****
Cuddling with ears
Embracing eyes, looking shy
Spices of variety
Bare skin
A touch of sensation
Against a wall, on the ground
Or in my hands, over me, into each other
Tightly locked, so soothing
A spider web
Searching hands, unexplored regions
Wet and moist
Taking a break
Doing it all over again
and again
and again
the morning rushes upon us
#soft #experimenting #relaxed #passionately #cheeks #jaw #******* #forehead #belly #bump #pressing #fondling #******* #**** #cuddling #embracing #spices #variety #skin #sensation #locked #soothing #unexplored #moist #break #morning #rushes
Kissing you:
Feelings immense,
Crazy, warm, cozy,
Soft, sensual, passionate,
Willfully sinking,
An instance of being intimate.
Tasty and juicy, our sensations progress,
Salacious arousal,
That moment of touch of feelings,
Intense sense of the lesser-known organs.
Our hands roam and get caught up in the search,
An instance of being intimate,
Unexplainable, savorinesses indescribable,
Something that has to be known by oneself.
Such are you my beloved,
Such is your love.
Fingers or feathers
Burning fire
Quenching water
Whither, O whither!
None would suffice but me
This is the time when I can feel you by touching you finger by finger..
We met and saw each other
We hugged and rubbed our nose
Cheek to cheek

We talked for hours
Her lips got dried and mine pale
We approached closer

face to face
lips to lips
breath to breath

She was satisfied
And I filled
Our lips wet, moist, and red
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