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Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
They aren't stupid
Stupid things don't bother them
Turn them inside out
Mutilated they're
They don't regret anything
It's their way to great fun
They aren't stupid
Stupid things don't bother them
They don't let anybody bring them down
When they can do it themself
They aren't stupid
Stupid things don't bother them
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
If you come in the Rain,
bring me the scent of a Beautiful Rose.
Add to it a few drops,
of your Poetry and Prose.
Bring Me your Wisdom,
Beauty and Passion.
So I can drape them around,
with Gowns that are in Fashion.
Bring in the Storm,
Lightning and Thunder.
Till Heaven cracks,
the Hell that's Under.
Bring Me all U have....My Dear,
So that I can get a bit Stronger.
Then Our Midnight Sessions,
can last a bit Longer.
John McCafferty May 2020
Why do we remember things
Found from the finer places
that regulate moments in time
An inkling where we dream again
another day a month of years before

Some seek space as stillness binds

Through therapeutic methodologies
To think this is with love from art
in the beauty of our hearts
What qualities can a memory bring
A way to rise above that flow of life
(@PoeticTetra - Instagram/twitter)
Artem Mars Feb 2020
Sparking fires of others' interests
Doing a puzzle with changing artists
Finding personalities of a falling forest
Knowing what stands above and before us
We don't know
We can only assume
A stigma surrounding
My heart is pounding
In fear of being judged for sounding
Crazy or irrational
I'm going to tell you all
No matter where or why you fall
I'll wait and help you crawl
Back to your success
This is my first poem published, so it's not very good. I write A LOT of poetry (like 60 pages on an online document) and I'm going to post a quite few.
Allie Dotson Jan 2020
devouring fires
the sky's made vast
ask eternity to heal
from those whom desire bleeds
the smiles decaying
the universe filled with the remains of stars
use days embrace to melt those with glass hearts
with a haunting mornings breath
time concretes over life's color
bring and give
While I lay here dead
Erian Rose Oct 2019
Your smile
It's something that no one else can compare

Your laughter
It brings out my worries and pains

If only you knew how much
You make my stomach flutter

I can't help it
Falling for your smile
Colm Sep 2019
So you think my storm is done at last?
Just watch and wait till summers end.
When, with a quiet rumble I return.
As a single jar of lightning left.
To speak the words of thankfulness.
And to spark one more glorious storm to pass.
Nothing lasts forever. But for one more year. I'm just a notherner bringing one final southern storm to pass. God give me the strength and focus to do my best.
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