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TIZZOP Feb 2020
he's a film character
from japan

within an hour
i tried to be him

would watch his death
a million times

couldn't stay strong
did a lot of **** wrong

the difference between a
family and me?

a family is ******* energy
me i am ******* the life
out of everybody
Today is a burned day.

Youtube: Sunshine Captain Kaneda's death [HD]
Somewhere down the line
You stole my pretty words
And ****** my soul dry
Thank you for that.
Wyatt Oct 2017
It's like there are leeches
attached all around me,
hugging and slowly *******
the life right out of me.
Draining me
of any will to fight.
This struggle
will last all night.
danny Aug 2017
You pull my hair as I slurp on your shaft,
I can feel you relax under my touch,
My mouth is watering now
It is usually rude to talk with your mouth full
But I cant help myself.

All fours on the bed,
you devour me with your eyes,
You tickle my feet and I bite my lip
I can feel your finger touching my moist ****
your thumb rubbing my rosebud.

I **** my fingers to help it along.
No one can stop us now.
You move behind me and you enter
No one could save me now
Second part of the one night stand trilogy, again still finding out if I am good at ****** poetry so any feedback is welcome
Àŧùl Mar 2017
So in the wee hours,
Up I am early on many days,
Chased by demons in nightmares,
Chalking out an escape plan,
Unto the depths of hell,
Bray she may in her realm,
Unto my stiffness she takes me,
S*ucking mine in the nightmare.
Memories bring the nightmares and the nightmares bring the succubus.
Nothing to do with anyone on Hello Poetry.
My HP Poem #1465
©Atul Kaushal
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
I taste blood
You are my demon
You are my angel
I taste your blood
I ******* blood
Partake and join
Please and enjoy
I taste our blood
I taste their blood
Sinning succulent
Surprising sweetness
I taste blood
And it is good to me
Smile often so that they don't know
Drink often so that you won't feel
Smoke often so that you can't think
Lie often so that they don't hear
Most importantly
Always remember the truth
*Life *****.... Then you die
This is my truth of life, and because of it I must wear a constant façade to keep myself guarded, and to keep people from prying into my thoughts, life, and mind.
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2015
The mouth
does mysterious things
tasting your skin
like wine
your fluid lost down
my throat
I kiss you in
deliberate licks
the musk in shadows
divine intervention
rises and falls like
soft petals
and wet as rain...
Slowly and soft
Playing, laughing, experimenting
Relaxed and happy
Then passionately and long
Cheeks, lips, jaw, neck, and lips again
Deep and *******
Forehead to the belly button
Behind the neck to bump down

Rubbing nose and cheeks
Pressing lips
Fondling ******* and ****
Cuddling with ears
Embracing eyes, looking shy
Spices of variety
Bare skin
A touch of sensation
Against a wall, on the ground
Or in my hands, over me, into each other
Tightly locked, so soothing
A spider web
Searching hands, unexplored regions
Wet and moist
Taking a break
Doing it all over again
and again
and again
the morning rushes upon us
#soft #experimenting #relaxed #passionately #cheeks #jaw #******* #forehead #belly #bump #pressing #fondling #******* #**** #cuddling #embracing #spices #variety #skin #sensation #locked #soothing #unexplored #moist #break #morning #rushes
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