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Kashish Sep 2020
I feel ecstatic when I dance in the dark
Not around anyone, just alone in the night
Forgetting all the sorrows, abandoning all the miseries
Under the stars and the bright moonlight
As I look up in the sky, my eyes glisten with tears
Though being ensnared, I feel I can be saved from my loneliness
For the stars are my best friends and the moon is my love
And I know that they’ll stay forever, knowing I am a complete mess
Even if we are miles away, I believe the moon loves me too
For in the shadow of darkness, he’s the one who lights up my life
When I close my eyes and spread my arms, I feel his body caressing mine
His warmth helps me fight my inner demons as I hold him tight. He helps me thrive.
Amy Perry Jun 2020
Caressing the void
With honeyed fingertips
So that when it
Swallows me whole
It does so gently.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
This Dog
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Each morning this dog,
who has become quite attached to me,
sits silently at my feet
until, gently caressing his head,
I acknowledge his company.

This simple recognition gives my companion such joy
he shudders with sheer delight.

Among all languageless creatures
he alone has seen through man entire—
has seen beyond what is good or bad in him
to such a depth he can lay down his life
for the sake of love alone.

Now it is he who shows me the way
through this unfathomable world throbbing with life.

When I see his deep devotion,
his offer of his whole being,
I fail to comprehend ...

How, through sheer instinct,
has he discovered whatever it is that he knows?

With his anxious piteous looks
he cannot communicate his understanding
and yet somehow has succeeded in conveying to me
out of the entire creation
the true loveworthiness of man.

“This Dog” appeared in the poetry collection Arogya by Rabindranath Tagore. Keywords: Tagore, translation, dog, feet, head, caress, caressing, joy, delight, devotion, friendship, companion, companionship, whole, being, entire, instinct, loveworthiness, mrburdu
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Withered through these relinquished lips,
softly lays an embellished, embroidered, carcass.
Torn across flesh-like soil
caressing gently into this impermeable being,
you're only human.

So allowing in the presence of indigenous, oblique thoughts
slanting into the belly
never feeling so bare
the hunger deprives.
The nails of your eyes piercing into the forefront of mush you call a brain,
feeling the earth distinctively tremble with each step you chase closer to the ledge

Clutching onto the white knuckle breast
your hands pounding at your fingertips
its electric running through your veins
feeling it at the core
so helplessly, lost.

Your throat knots into one-thousand splinters
splicing relentlessly between your core
the wedge of your mortal body becomes noticeable to your soul

Slithering one step closer,
pull the rope
you leap
you rot

one more inch closer,
you can feel it
separating your surroundings from comfort ability
picking up between each breath
shaking at your own wake.

there you have it
at the brim of the edge
you've push yourself this close
whats one last jump out of this skin?
Payton Jul 2018
There is so much power
in the delicate touch
of your hands caressing
my own.

Yet, this power, a force
even stronger than gravity,
and softer than a feather
binds me
to you.
smriti Feb 2018
Caressing your breath
through mine
lingering through
the heart beats
your presence enlightens
my soul to eternity…

Though we were strangers
in the whole wide world
but as we came together
it created a new world
where love flutters through the air
and spirits are set free…

I wonder how come
i had been living alone
& lament for the moments
i lived on my own
as you reflect through my eyes
i smile to the word of the mighty…

Your embrace hugs my essence
at its core
your smile
let my heart dance
to the carols of swirling waves
brushing the sands on a cliff of the sea…

Cool salty breeze
agilely cuddling around
letting my flick
touch your cheek
to let us both twirl together
now, whatever the song it be…
Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
I'd Dance for you
As the Moon dances
To the melody of your Breaths
Dropped from the Sky
For Caressing your hair
It dances for you all Night,
So would I.
Enola Cabrera May 2016
Jagged is what I became after hearing the way you talked about her
Envisioning you caressing her peachy skin
Applying my visions to thoughts made my stomach churn
Lust became my weakness
Obsessed with the sight of your eyes looking into my soul, I was
Unsatisfied with our situation, I began to scream, as a
Savage rage started to build, growing higher and higher

Joyce Feb 2016
A fragile mind.
Your soul so kind.
You hold my hand.
As we walk through
rough sand.
being the star
that is always shining.
Helping me through
my darkest day.
caressing my soul
on mysterious way.
You always know
how I feel.
Even when my
heart bleeds.
Your love will
slowly heal.
A slightest touch
of your hand.
A whisper in my ear.
Leaving footprints
in the sand.
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