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The soft pink tongue spits
Poison and nectar as per
The situation...
Was trying to write it as a four liner:
The soft pink tongue
Is always on the run.
It is as cool as an ice
And as fiery as the sun...

But it ended up as a haiku....
Was inspired by a very famous saying : don't be the slave of ur tongue but make the tongue ur slave...😅
Wyatt Mar 2020
You're dazzling and calm,
yet bursting with passion.
Yes, you carry fiery stares
that would cut through me.
So elegant and poised
in everything you do
and I can't help but feel
inadequate compared to you.
Bhill Jul 2019
Morning colors change
They change with the morning sun
The morning sun reigns

It's fiery beams
It's setting within the clouds
It's warmth coming through

Brian Hill - 2019 # 188
How was your morning?
Haueru Jul 2019
People fiddle with fire
And get mad when they sweat
Dose their bodies in oil
And play in the flame
Hell fire
But cries it burns
The fickle logic
I tell myself
I want to help
But can you help
Those who don't seek
Questions abound
Do I deserve
A fiery baptism
To build your
Throne on this pile of dirt
Anastasia Jun 2019
a poet's pen
with scarlet ink
paper thick
for blood to sink
roses fill
the empty space
while tears fill up
in the poet's place
these shadows offended
they tease and they taunt
petals fall
as the roses fought
their darling dear
their poet's fear
as the shadows were out for blood
a poet's own
to draw it from
skin pale like a rainy day
fiery hair
tangled in thorns
a poet's pen
in a poet's corpse
inspired from some outfits i saw. Enjoy ❤
rgz Mar 2019
This smoke in my throat
The fire in my teeth
The wires of my bones
Slowly tugging at me

Withered webs of my eyes
Covet all that I see
The light from your skin
Meets the fall in my knees

The warmth of my breath
A glass guarantee
Tattered wind of my faith
Cast off with the sea
EveOfWhat Oct 2018
They'd look at my broken face,
cracked with sorrow, torn with anger,
Look at it, and tell me to smile.
Someday, I'd be a star to many,
a shining light, beautiful, graceful,
In the dark, dark sky.

I'd smile, willing the cracks to disappear,
Turning them around, so they're in my heart,
Hidden from sight and sympathy.
One star in billions, in the dark, dark sky.
Twinkling forever, graceful, beautiful.
I, I will be furious and blinding,
Powerful and fiery.
Not a star,
But a sun.
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