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else Jan 8
No more aces up my sleeve

I've ran out magic tricks to play with you

I'm tired.

So watch me disappear

No smoke and mirrors here
Symphorien Dec 2019
If the mending walls
will stop trapping you in
from the hunger and from the beast,
then I'll offer you my entire sea
to set you free from the shattered
pieces of 'it' so you won't bleed.
Strolling around the deepest shack
in the challenger deep,
pelting all the flowers
Let the magician form them into rabbits.

Magician, Magician, Magician who?
Magician, Magician, Magician of the Challenger Deep.
Magician, Magician, Magician who?
Him who can heal through his fingertips.
Identical Twins
Share A Bond
Though has yet
To be proven

A fascinating subset
Of the population
We study them like mice

So much to learn!
Especially when special

They did to me...

They never spent
A single night in
A straight

Not one single night
They tried

To exorcise me
In a hospital
In SLC, Utah at


Twins can be
But I

Think there was
An unfair
You are It!
Ha ha funny poem
Do you believe in magic?
LightShade Jun 2019
He was a magician
  but he saw the magic in her eyes

A trick only cupid knows
  and once he was convinced

He got fooled again
  It wasn't real

It was all slight of Happiness
  with nights of Tears

Roll up his sleeves
  show your hands clean

Once eyes are on you
  your magic sets in
Love or Trickery
shamamama Jun 2019
I see it in your eyes
    In ways like you are the otter
I see it in your positive flow
    In ways you are the magician
I see it in your smile
    In your flight
I see the bird in your heart
    I see the spirit moving through you
This is a birthday poem for my dear friend who swims like an otter, flies like a bird, and smiles like a magician
S Bharat Apr 2019
The Magician

Listen to my song
That I sing, O folk!
I play these tricks,
And feelings invoke.
I make you believe,
You take a pause;
Astonished you all
Give me applause.
I make you fool,
Have a demonic smile.
It gives pleasure
That makes me vile.
Lo, l laugh at you;
I feign happy or wise;
But it is short-lived
As I tell you all lies.

S. Bharat
Yuki Mar 2019
I fell for you
but you were
already gone
as soon as
I got up again,
like a magician
through a trapdoor.
That was the time
I began to believe
in magic.
Andrew Rueter Mar 2019
There is dark magic
Here in my attic
A magician’s tactics
Cause pain emphatic

This magician gives me all I can handle
Until one day I’m dismantled
Like a once lit candle
Extinguished by the ice near Ymir
Birthing the Titans I fear
Bringing death here
Morphing me into a rigid wreck
Here in the frigid depths
I wish I left

The violence of violins
Lamenting the vile sin
Conjured by riled kin
Like they’re wild djinn
Can’t be muted
Only diluted
By becoming rooted
In thinking stupid
Avoiding Cupid
To join the putrid

The magician concocts potions
That excuse my emotions
As I forget devotion
For a temporary motion

The magician gives us difficult obstacles
And easily medicated excuses
So people won’t make things optimal
While purpose eludes them

Like Jekyll and Hyde
My hackles I hide
With shackles of pride
Covered in mystic thorns
So my wrists are torn
From the pain adorned
It’s my brain I mourn

The magician erects walls so thick
They separate healers from the sick
With magic bricks
Imbued by the magician’s enchantment
He builds a wall and then expands it
Until those inside become tantric
From the prison wall’s antics

Every time I turn the page
I am given rage
On the magician’s stage
Of the wars we wage
Under a curse of anger
Dehumanizing strangers
To deploy the Army Rangers
Perpetuating harming danger

The magician lies
The magician steals
The magician hides
What is real
Until I feel
The cold steel
The magician wields
Piercing through my electrified body
I guess the magician finally caught me
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
We all are unique magicians

From a painter to a nurse
To a poet that writes a verse
We create it in our own way
To brighten up somebody's day

We may all not have mind blowing tricks
Though our goodness still sticks
Our efforts never go unnoticed
And we don't make use of hypnosis

We all are created for a specific use
Each with our own personal muse
We all are unique magicians
And we will fulfill our missions
We all have a little magic
Eldon Wangdee Feb 2019
They say
I’m crazy,
To talk about illusions
Compared to be better than the reality.
Morning clouds and the peeking sun is more magnificent inside my illusion,
How it makes me feel
Is undefinable ,
I am unable,
I am broken to get my vote
On illusion,
I’m illusionist
I can feel it’s beautiful feeling,
I can picture the sceneries so well painted.
Reality is harsh,
It won’t mind breaking
Trashing our hopes,
Kills the very nature of our minds,
It’s like a sad movie,
You pay to cry.
I am an artist,
The main actor inside my own illusions,
I am the  proud illusionist.
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