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Yuki 5d
I fell for you
but you were
already gone
as soon as
I got up again,
like a magician
through a trapdoor.
That was the time
I began to believe
in magic.
Sumairu 6d
Oh love! what a beautiful sight; our bodies creating its own language with moan, scream, thuds and rhythmic heartbeats each stronger than it's inception.

We left passionate etches, the only interpreter is our fingers;

Lo, a sudden warm breeze unbound the sheets unearthing my skin covered in hieroglyphics conveying words such as this:

I shivered when you called me yours, I got goosebumps when you kissed my skin, the thought of you close made wet.

I melted when you uttered "I want you". The way your mouth made me ****** was magic and the magician was your tongue so incredibly gifted.

I had no choice but to dig my nails into your beautifully well-worked flesh; you loved my body and spellbound my essence to ineffable ecstasy. My dam broke releasing my abundance, blessing the sheets like rain quenching earth.

Now I lie here breathless and weak my unable to comprehend your voodoo that left me paralyzed and unable to speak.

So I left this unorthodox message on your beautiful brown skin, that only our bodies can interpret of the night where your magic left me in a vulnerable state of love and content.

I can't wait to see what other magic your body presents.
Andrew Mar 14
There is dark magic
Here in my attic
A magician’s tactics
Cause pain emphatic

This magician gives me all I can handle
Until one day I’m dismantled
Like a once lit candle
Extinguished by the ice near Ymir
Birthing the Titans I fear
Bringing death here
Morphing me into a rigid wreck
Here in the frigid depths
I wish I left

The violence of violins
Lamenting the vile sin
Conjured by riled kin
Like they’re wild djinn
Can’t be muted
Only diluted
By becoming rooted
In thinking ******
Avoiding Cupid
To join the putrid

The magician concocts potions
That excuse my emotions
As I forget devotion
For a temporary motion

The magician gives us difficult obstacles
And easily medicated excuses
So people won’t make things optimal
While purpose eludes them

Like Jekyll and Hyde
My hackles I hide
With shackles of pride
Covered in mystic thorns
So my wrists are torn
From the pain adorned
It’s my brain I mourn

The magician erects walls so thick
They separate healers from the sick
With magic bricks
Imbued by the magician’s enchantment
He builds a wall and then expands it
Until those inside become tantric
From the prison wall’s antics

Every time I turn the page
I am given rage
On the magician’s stage
Of the wars we wage
Under a curse of anger
Dehumanizing strangers
To deploy the Army Rangers
Perpetuating harming danger

The magician lies
The magician steals
The magician hides
What is real
Until I feel
The cold steel
The magician wields
Piercing through my electrified body
I guess the magician finally caught me
Akshi Hargoon Feb 15
We all are unique magicians

From a painter to a nurse
To a poet that writes a verse
We create it in our own way
To brighten up somebody's day

We may all not have mind blowing tricks
Though our goodness still sticks
Our efforts never go unnoticed
And we don't make use of hypnosis

We all are created for a specific use
Each with our own personal muse
We all are unique magicians
And we will fulfill our missions
We all have a little magic
Eldon Wangdee Feb 11
They say
I’m crazy,
To talk about illusions
Compared to be better than the reality.
Morning clouds and the peeking sun is more magnificent inside my illusion,
How it makes me feel
Is undefinable ,
I am unable,
I am broken to get my vote
On illusion,
I’m illusionist
I can feel it’s beautiful feeling,
I can picture the sceneries so well painted.
Reality is harsh,
It won’t mind breaking
Trashing our hopes,
Kills the very nature of our minds,
It’s like a sad movie,
You pay to cry.
I am an artist,
The main actor inside my own illusions,
I am the  proud illusionist.
a magician never reveals their
tricks to the joker is what you’d
told you that sunday night last
september as you had sloppily
crashed into a river and made
both of our cold bones shiver.
we both knew this was not a
typical drive down the road
because you had broken the
moral code and would soon
be toad while i lay with still
bones and a frantic call home
on a stretcher in the back of
an ambulance with hands
holding my body together
as you asked the police to
give you a moment so you
could have a breather and
a smoke or two because
you knew you were through.
they asked if you wanted to
leave me alone and head
down to the police station
and you just shrugged like
this was not your creation
because your court costs
were more expensive than
the knowledge of my pain
and i wished I had caught
that last sunday night train
instead of drinking with you
in the rain and making fog
against the window pane.
i was told not to move as
i waited for the helicopter
and you were pushed up
against the side of a cop
car and cuffed with angry
resistant will and the tears
spilled down hard and fast
from your pretty little face
because for once i would
not save your ****** ***
and get you out of this gory
mess that had turned your
sunday best into a disgrace
and made my bones buckle
and cry out for some rest
for they had been pressed
and strained under the now
drowned window pane with
blood creating a vivid stain.
your head ducked down as
you were pushed into the back
of the car and you glanced up
to see my motionless mangled
body watching from afar.
how’s that for a date night?
you laughed as the tube
down my throat made me
cough and the police officer
gave you a stern look before
slamming the door on your
smirking face so hard that
the car shook like my body
did with hollow echoing sobs
that made my eyes run like the
river that had made both of us
shiver as you had claimed that
the joker would always deliver
even if the magician would not
reveal their spells for the joker
had his own secret way to ****.
Ankita Gupta Nov 2018
Let this one stay
Don't take it away
Maybe I got swayed
But it's part of the play
For to keep people astray
Your magical spells awaits
Showman walks another way
The audience is left to sit amazed
Go home, the show has to terminate
Take all with you, feelings and your case
When I sit spell bounded, thinking of the magician who just ran away.
Nathalie Nov 2018
Inside you,
Lives a box of magic
Every act you perform
comes from a place of
fear or love.

Your wand is as
powerful as the intent
and awareness you bring
to your words,
thoughts and deeds.

The alchemy occurs
when openness
and willful receptivity
enables the viewer
to suspend disbelief.

It is through
genuine invocation
that the essence of
true magic will resonate
within the heart of many.

Kiara Malig Oct 2018
One day, I decide I’m too broken to exist,
I’m more ‘cracks’ than ‘girl’,
I’m too much of nothing and severely lacking in everything.
I forget that my heart holds escape exits,
I forget that feet run for a reason,
I forget that hands burn if you touch fire.
It kills me that I forget things that could’ve saved me from reckless abandon.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I need help.
I ask an amateur magician to please piece me back into something more than this porcelain doll,
He says, ‘Sweetheart, I’ll try.’
I sit patiently as he cuts me all over, and brings out all his tricks,
But I end up even more broken than I already was.
I say I’m sorry for bothering him at all,
As if it was my fault,
As if it was my fault clay was meant to be played around with in unsteady hands.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I decide I need to fix myself.
That day, I steal all types of tools from the hospital ambulance,
And from there, I decided to write over my mistakes instead of erasing them.
I decide that my being is no longer up for argument,
I decide that the best way I know to fix myself is to reject hands that tremble,
Is to fight fire with hellfire,
Is to make what was into what should be and burn the rest of it.

One day, I learn to fix myself.
I learn that trees cannot be put down,
If they just stood tall enough.
the broken are the empowered
Glumbugged Oct 2018
He's a magician.

Oh, how beautiful his illusions are;
His dashing, mesmerizing smirk;
Those colorful eyes;
His way at making what I see bend;
Capable of manipulating reality.

Pulling me in, as he motions his seductive scope;
Flawlessly choosing the next set of actions;
An awe-inducing thing, he is.

But he's also glass.

Cracked by his past;
Pretending that he healed so fast;
So fragile, and yet so strong too;
He could break if the pressures too much;
But he could take a bullet for you.

He's a glass magician.

Playing tricks with the fragile;
Although, he isn't any more agile;
His exotic motions and beautiful projections worthwhile;
But he's still on the verge of breaking;
You can see his body shaking;
Molding him back solid won't be realistic;
I wouldn't believe that he was ever like it.

For every angle, there's a new scene;
Formed by his ways and only his means;
He's sculpted by a world that lives life insane;
That's why he has cracks, cause he's formed by the pain.
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