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S May 2021
This will be the last time that I ever write about you.
S May 2021
I am not afraid to live- for I have lived.
I am not afraid to die- for I have died.
All I can do- when faced with oblivion,
is stand with my arms outstretched-
and fall.
It's a cycle that doesn't seem to stop

You ache
You cry
You curse
You try

But trying gets tiring
So you rest and overthink
The love, the hate, the laughs, the pain.
There it is again.

That one word that pops up in your life again and again.

You forget it and be happy, smiling bright as the sun, then in comes the rain.
Ending the fun
Here comes a thought.
The rain turns to hail.
You're still as a statue embracing the pain.

Right then you're lonely.
Right then your numb,
You're body cold and dying
And starts to miss the warmth of the sun.

It's then you accept, to stop shutting out pain, since the more you do so, is the more u seem to gain.

So that leads you here, cold and dead inside, pain is all around you so there's no place to hide.
In which your thoughts suffocate you
Ileana Amara Jun 2020
I think it's beautiful to be constantly reminded
that orchestras are composed of diverse instruments
embracing individuality to create a harmony undead,
by the conductor's hands, a music lives, unfolding beautiful sentiments.

IA ☕
A gentle reminder that there is no need for racism to reign over our lives; our individuality as human beings makes us who we are, and if we could embrace this wholeheartedly, we too, most likely create a harmonized diversity.
Ally Sep 2019
In my loneliest hour
love, kissed my cold cheek
hope, held my trembling hand
peace, embraced my broken soul

hold me close
as I dream of our forever
I wish to feel love again
I dream of you
I wish for you to dream of me, my love
shamamama May 2019
At first we flew with timeless wings
Into the dreams and beyond.  
And when the truths came
and monstered us all,
we had to cope or fall

I WAS walking on eggshells,                  
Walking on the razor's edge,
         I fell  into life
onto the ground of truth
                                           He IS walking on eggshells
                                           He IS walking on the razor's edge
                                           Life on one side, Death on the other

We are not Born in the air with timeless wings,
           Gravity grants space and time
                       And yet still
            What is up must come down
May the landing  be gentle,
like a lion's roar when it
comes to the mountain peak to
announce itself,
May it be wakening,
like the first summer sunrise burning into the day,
May it be embracing
like the entwining vines
racing upwards towards the sun
to gather all the light
Facing the truth around addiction, codependency, and just understanding what really drives us to be alive, drives us towards our own truth, surrendering to the pain of confusion and not knowing.. I write this poem, because always, always , even when my heart is broken, I am in favor of choosing life and the light.
Joie Yin Oct 2018
When I was nine
I went to school
Enjoyed hurdle race
Laughed often
Yet to have goals
Love my family.

When I was nineteen
I stuggled in studies
Friendship dilemmas
Laughed lesser
Set to work on aims
Began to love life.

When I am twenty-nine
I have embraced life
And my own shortcomings
Smile more
Let life flow as it is
Love humanity.
Joie Yin
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