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Squeeze gently like lemons and fruits
Sweet nectar juices produced

**** tongue close to core
Butterscotch like tapped sycamore

Perspiration seeps from peel
Porous citrus aromates near

Grown in sun among the wildflowers
Oh how I love her, even when she sours
i sink my teeth into the flesh of life's neck.

it tastes like nectar.
Calliope Dec 2018
Do the lillies bleed down there?
Do the butterflies drink their nectar?
Or do they save their sweetness for themselves,
The glucose glowing in their veins.
I’m becoming obsessed with lilies
Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Three orange lights
waiting in a cue.
Warm, pudgy and sweating.
Squeezing the last drop
of pure sweetener
down your throat.

Delicious syrup
growing and spreading
on the finger tips.
Feeding the eager.
Melting bright nectar
dropping down the thighs.

Saliva sprinkels
on the piano lips.
Playing chants
of **** and thirst.
Lavish liberation
buzzing for more bees.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Come lay with me and let me
Feast upon the ambrosia
And **** the sweet nectar
Of your slender body
Until we both feel immortal
And push fear aside
For one night
Then let’s do it
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