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The biggest compliment a woman can pay a man, is to release this sweet nectar before, during, and after the art that is love making..
You're welcome guys....

(C) [email protected]  2019
What a beautiful compliment a woman can give a guy
******* flowers with petals bare,
Call to the bees,
To come drink the nectar,
From hung ovaries.
Bryce Jun 8
When the flower blooms
She smiles her pleasent hues
Her juices ooze
Advancing petal and raising shoots

A blubous tower in her youth
She curtsies, twirls in my view.
Dennis Ayzin May 19
Flower gentle, colors flowing,
Purple bleeds from velvet red,
White is pure, it barely holding
Sinless dew, confused and wet.

Petals curvy, gently squeezing
Swollen flesh of yellow stigma,
Scent arousing, tremors pleasing
Form lascivious enigma.

Overwhelmed with sheer indulgence
Being touched by summer night
Sweet nectar pours in abundance
Builds temptation and excite

Scarcely seen behind the clouds
Moonlight daringly with grace
Weaves itself in darkness shrouds
Trimming blossom with a lace.
Alice Wilde May 30
Honeydew nectar pulls me into her bussom.
Thick blankets of soil pregnant with rain
And rain boots.
Damp earth and
Silk moss beds cushion toes and rolling laughter
As I fall into spring.
Squeeze gently like lemons and fruits
Sweet nectar juices produced

**** tongue close to core
Butterscotch like tapped sycamore

Perspiration seeps from peel
Porous citrus aromates near

Grown in sun among the wildflowers
Oh how I love her, even when she sours
annh Jan 8
I taste sweet nectar
each night I sleep without you
clawing at the fabric of my dreams
seeding my subconscious with self-doubt

Mr Resentment and Mrs Regret
my erstwhile lovers
one, cajoling and seductive
the other, spooning and insistent
together, sleep-deprived and unsated
we made for a corrupt ménage à trois

I taste sweet nectar
every night I spend with you
my new bedfellow
Ms Forgiveness
Yes - this is a rewrite of 'The Flavour of Forgiveness' and shares some identical lines. The message is similar but less about 'sharing' forgiveness with another and more about the addictive nature of negative self-/talk and spirals of discontent.
annh Jan 3
I taste sweet nectar
each night I sleep without you

Without your resentment
clawing at the fabric of my dreams

Without my regret
seeding your subconscious with self-doubt

I taste sweet nectar
every night I spend with you
forgiven and forgiving
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