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Turquoise you make my heart go blue
Not in a sad way
But in a deep way
You remind me of lengthy walks on a Spring afternoon
The turquoise gutters on a home
The turquoise eyes of a Siamese cat
You are the colour of wisdom
The voice of reason
The smell of a mother's scent
A glass vase displayed in a windowsill
The sun shines through
My favourite shade of blue
sean achilleos
Erin Jun 2020
When the light shimmers,
showing the turquoise hue of solace,
reflecting through your eyes of crystals,
I’d go astray, wondering every shades of you,
that’s worth to cherish, bound to love,
like the ocean I adore,
I wouldn't want anything more,
annh Jan 2019
Time threads her necklace patiently,
Choosing carefully the colour and shape of our experiences,
Here, a tumbled quartz - luminous and rosy,
There, shards of darkest onyx - tragic and uncompromising,
Every now and again, a perfect sphere of sacred turquoise to mark a special occasion.

Finally, satisfied with her handiwork Time ties off the strand,
And weaves the precious metal of our dreams - unrealised - into an intricate clasp,
As she places the memento around her bejewelled neck she sighs to herself and whispers:
‘Such promise, such pain, such beauty, such loss; I will treasure you always.’
Then reaching for her spool of silver thread, she begins again to thread her golden needle.
Clelia Albano Sep 2018
That turquoise light, my dear. Sparkling
on our faces when we ran across the
beach, raptured by a sudden craziness
as the waves embraced our flesh. Our
flesh. So fragile and yet strong under
the throw of the dice. I held your hand
while the waves slapped us with pleasure.
You held me tight while the flow of the sea
was taking me away, taking me away, under
the twist of fate. Keep my face on your mind
now and forever into the waves, into the waves…
Brandon Cotter May 2018
My galloping love
Untamed to these treacherous hills
Steady the unraveling nerves
That fall like petals
From these outstetched stems
You once relied on

Emotions culminate atop this crest
To the enjoyment of the howling wind
Brushing cascades to the north
I feel your presence crashing into me
Like the carless crescendo
My broken heart

Your smile dances around my head
As a sultry chasse
inviting memories abound

Of the prancing *******
Beneath our swimming souls
And our warm blooded bodies
Falling in love
Like a tender tompé into my arms

I can feel your touch
A subtle
Yet electric brush of comfort
As the pouring rain smears around me
Casting clouds into shadows
Like your hiding just out of sight

No matter the distance traveled
Or the places you call home
I will always be holding your hand
To mend a bond gone aloft
But not forgotten

Until the sun and moon
Forget how to play
I will cherish what we shared
With a key around my neck
To our locket of love
And everlasting friendship

For you
effie ebbtide May 2018
o how centuries pass with little
regard for the
stones that they
subtracted -- ! the dribbling
of water cannot
salivate over a rock
without a speck
mixing into
that droplet, being taken away,
carrying with it the dreams of the rock's atoms.
further do the rocks align with the sea than they could ever
the earth.
the way waves wobble holds a water
jug and pours out the turquoise stars, the stars
pour out water and into water the jug
(a tremble) sobs.
Pagan Paul Mar 2018
'Neath the waves a wonder grows
with delicate hues of blue and green,
the beauty of the turquoise rose
a secret flower still and serene.

Visited only by the Siren Ula,
with a song so crystal and clean,
and the graceful Mermaid of the sea,
whom the shells all call Nerine.

But away they went to follow a dream,
and now the rose is seldom seen,
its bloom failing and aching to die,
the petals floating away to the sky,
and 'neath the waves no longer grows
the delicate beauty of the turquoise rose.

© Pagan Paul (17/03/18)
Nerine and Ula are characters from a story poem
by Lora Lee and myself called Sacrifice.
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Turquoise eyes, wake up
Break this dawn with your vengeance
Swoon another soul
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