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Rafael Melendez Jan 2018
Life is inconceivable, an impossibility within itself. Indescribable.
Therefore, every moment we live is an impossibility.
We are the impossible that we so passionately wish to attain.
David P Carroll Dec 2016
As we sit
Silently together
We hold hands
Together smiling
Together feeling loved
Together our hearts
Beating together
In passionate harmony
We embrace in a magical
Moment of a pure
Kiss our lips touch
Gently our hands
Locked together
As we kiss
Our hearts skip a beat
Knowing that we
Could never
Find a better moment
Than been together
In each other's hearts
David P Carroll
Together Passionately
JayceeJellies Nov 2015
I'd rather fight with him than laugh with someone else.
Slowly and soft
Playing, laughing, experimenting
Relaxed and happy
Then passionately and long
Cheeks, lips, jaw, neck, and lips again
Deep and *******
Forehead to the belly button
Behind the neck to bump down

Rubbing nose and cheeks
Pressing lips
Fondling ******* and ****
Cuddling with ears
Embracing eyes, looking shy
Spices of variety
Bare skin
A touch of sensation
Against a wall, on the ground
Or in my hands, over me, into each other
Tightly locked, so soothing
A spider web
Searching hands, unexplored regions
Wet and moist
Taking a break
Doing it all over again
and again
and again
the morning rushes upon us
#soft #experimenting #relaxed #passionately #cheeks #jaw #******* #forehead #belly #bump #pressing #fondling #******* #**** #cuddling #embracing #spices #variety #skin #sensation #locked #soothing #unexplored #moist #break #morning #rushes
unstable Dec 2014
if you kissed my lips as passionately as you did my thighs maybe i would have believed you when you told me that you loved every inch of my tired body

— The End —