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It was morning
when my time set to yours,
a little loud but I got the vibe.
I remember the party dust
when you rushed to go home,
did they remind you of seeing me?
behind the lights somewhere that night.
There's a string that tangles us
as their bewildered eyes won't catch us up.
Andrea Nov 2019
I get tangled in the brooding nets of my mind
And drown
kiran goswami Dec 2018
I'm like your earphones,
because I'm an entangled mess.
But darling,
I want you to untangle me,
Poetic T Apr 2018
The waves were like vipers,
picking of weary sailors from
                                           the deck.

Plucking them with fangs of stinging
waves, taking those unsuspecting
                                            from the deck.

Drowning them in the sorrows
                   that suffocated them beneath the
        planks they were washed upon.

So many swords were never lifted
                             but fell submerged silently.
Falling beneath the honour that sank before them.

But like creeping ivy, they were woven upon.
                    Seaweed forests clasping upon those
weary travellers that sang into slumbering bereavement.

Still the forests that fed on the rainfall of what
             decayed falling statically from above,
                              nourishment in silent surrendering's.
prompt: pirate
mjad Apr 2018
Shut the door behind you
Lock it twice just in case
Pull out the futon mattress
Let your hands find their place
Stare at my green passion
Slide your hands up my thighs
Smile as your mouth finds mine
Flick your hair out of your eyes
Press your lips against my own
Tangle your tongue with my breathe
Take your time with me tonight
Enjoy it like you invite death
Dead Lock Feb 2017
My head is a tangled mass of string and wire

They don't connect

They don't lead into something greater

I am full of yarn and old embroidery thread
webs were spun
in a tangle
each spider adding
more to the ravel
gossamer threads
all confused*
quite interesting
was this muse
others were invited
into the spinning hub
after a time
took place
which resulted in
a fractious stir
the once happy
web builders
couldn't get along
their community
on the intertwisting
*being over done
Steph Dionisio Aug 2016
She was undeniably warm.
The spirit in her is as balmy as summer.
A soul brimful of hopes and desires.
Until a sudden day came,
when everything feels bleak and inexplicable.
Fear created a room in her.
The tangled mind she has is devouring her spirit
and she started losing spark.
Things are slowly becoming halfhearted in her eyes;
even prayer becomes a tough battle.
Her mornings are frigid.
Her smile turned into misery.
The cold vibe she's facing,
made a winter in her heart.

-Steph Dionisio, August 19, 2016
Scarlet Niamh May 2016
Like forgotten cables
on the floor,
we intertwine ourselves
and can't seem to be undone.
~~ Strangle me in affection. ~~
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