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B 6d
This country.
This city.
This neighborhood.
This house.
This room.
This bed.
I don’t feel like I belong here.
In my room
there is no time
Where I'm not scared
Of men outside
When I'm aware
of what goes by
Along the windowsill

I do not look
And amplify
Which I rely
Upon with scrambled eggy brains

I see a Miss
A girl across
The neighborhood
Myself from the equation
And exemplify
The insincerity
I long to execute

In my room
There is no try
To nullify
A deadly thought
A little lie
A numbing rot
To petrify
I re-forgot
To close my mind
To what I taught
Myself to blame
And others not

And you thought
That getting close
To humankind
Is hard to do
In my room you'll find
A grandiose adieu
The little lies
A loathsome dot.
A train of thought
Peter Balkus Oct 25
I collect dreams,
I've got loads of them
at my tiny place -
they are everywhere!

On my bedroom floor,
in the corridor,
in the kitchen, stacked
on the wash-machine,

next to plates and mugs.
And under the sink.
In the cellar, and
in the attic too.

They are - everywhere,
no place left, no room.

But I'd never wanted
to chuck them away -
I believe my dreams
will come true one day.
sky Oct 11
Day 1
it's raining in my room.
it drips from the ceiling
onto my bed
onto my floor

Day 2
it's beginning to flood, soon I'll have no air
the rain won't ever stop
it's like he never cared.
I must turn my desk into a raft,
just to survive.

Day 12
The water is everywhere
I'm close to the ceiling now
and soon I'll drown.
I'm hungry and cold
but the rain doesn't want to stop

Day 15
i know i won't make it through
the night
it's still raining
it's still pouring
there's a hole in my raft
and it's sinking
and i'm still thinking
about you.
quiet quiet in the night room now
quiet quiet it's time to close soon
close my eyes again today
and again and again go to miracles
and again and again feel some dreams
only dreams only dreams

the light and the light burns and says and
says his bright and bright greetings and
hello o light and light o light and light
soon and soon it's time for everyone to sleep
soon and soon only the moon will warm
she alone in the sky night and lonely

Shofi Ahmed Oct 7
Eye on the morning rose
shine and go touch it not!

Leave it for the day.
Make rooms to smell
flowers from the other planets.
Seanathon Oct 4
The gentle quiet of a hollow room appeals to me
Turn off the lights and let me think
Turn off the cost
It's not at all
To be an introvert is cheap
Wonderfully multidimensional.
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