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ok okay 20h
There are spiders in the corners of my room
They hide in comfort from their impending doom
They have as much right as me
To stay here too
For I hide here when I cant see the moon
I don't think they will be here long
They seem to come and go
They leave their webs
They leave their homes
We are not that different
Maybe that they know
In time I will be gone too
Lying in my room
   wondering what's missing,

   those brown eyes that matches the color of my coffee,
  my soft blanket that felt like your embrace
  or the alarm clock where I'm pretty sure it was your voice that
         woke me up 30 minutes ago

Sometimes "I miss you"
     every item in my room
remembers a piece of you
   waiting for you
to come back
Jae May 18
I like the door open in my room
I don't know why but I don't like it closed
Maybe because there's no escape
All this open space but the walls insist

That I am alone.

Or maybe it's these feelings I can't fathom
The ones that I hide
The ones that I imprison behind my eyes
When the door is closed there's a creaking and cracking
And then there's a flood

The unknown swallows me whole.
Moe May 15
the wind is always cold
you look over the edge
drop slowly
your mouth chews out vowels the resemble minutes
end-over-end crowds lost among your breaths
you dissolve and ask me to think of a place
with no points in the sky
Brandon Diaz May 7
I have one window in my room
It’s the worst window you could ask for.
When you look out, all you see is ,my neighbor's house,
No green, No sun, No rain.

Oh but let me tell you, my bed is at a perfect angle where car lights passing by at midnight hit my face.
The window is right in front of where I practice.
Hours a day in front of a missed opportunity, lack of beauty, and a failure of potential.

I can't blame my window for ******* at its one job though
I’ve never noticed, but my room is boring in itself
White walls, white door, messy floor, messy mind

On my walls are scraps of paper lightly pushing me to be “better than yesterday” and to  “have fun when we practice”
The floor having a dozen books half read that I will eventually get to.
A desk with everything to do work with, like pencils, pens, rulers, and a giant framed picture that takes 80% of my work space.

I blame my window for having a horrible view
but my window is having the same issue looking back at me.
Spooks Apr 11
i want to feel the warmth of that room again
where i used to never be scared to lay my head
until the night everything changed
and it changed us
the room was no longer warm
i couldn't bare to even close my eyes
they took the warmth from me
and they took it from you
as the food burned
along did a piece of us both
they say as time goes by it gets easier
but they forgot to mention a part of you will hold onto that night forever
Luna Maria Apr 26
It is silent
but I feel like a thousand words are spoken
we don’t look each other in the eyes anymore  
we don’t touch
we only wave
from across the room

goodbye ¿
is this the last goodbye
This carpet,
This red and brown
worn out
Never vacuumed

Is part of my room
Of my home
And I love it.
Elijah Aaron Apr 15
A room without a blanket is cold

A room without a bed is uncomfortable 

A room without clothes is revealing

A room without walls is exposing 

A room without painted walls is flat

A room without a pillow brings a headache

A room without a lamp is dark

A room without windows makes you blind

All these things are terrible my darling

But I would take it all, because a room without you is nothing
ok okay Apr 10
I know its been while
The leaves are beginning to fall
Death is getting closer
I don't know who to call
I think it was sunny yesterday
But  my blinds were closed too tightly

Maybe its me who is falling
I haven't seen the trees in days
This room never changes
Will I go insane?
Depression is endless slumber
Pain makes you number
Life is part heaven
Part hell
I kinda isolated myself, even when these restrictions weren't here.
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