I have been shy with you
because I sin in secret
thinking of you
until I melt in your arms
like a candle all night
shy I will be
in secret I remain loving you
all of my life since we met
when I've been all alone
I made mad passionate love
to you all the night through
but mostly
I  missed you that much more
when I wasnt all alone
and that was my misfortune  
in secret I learned how to
be loving to you
after you left me Richie
just like Rhett
left Scarlett
I wasn't greedy in this life time
I've seen what malice jealousy and greed did to people hating me for my light

many a time they did hurt me
some bid to take my life
and I did weep
I did CRY for your love
for many other reasons
too painful to mention
my lover of life you
how I miss you
knowing me was loving me
had you given me a chance
it got harder not to miss you
as each desolate year flew by
cruel Mr time added penance
to my treacherous path
another one  took your heart

reading your scripted love lines
my heart resigned in a void
when despair plunged  
your daggar on me
many times I promised myself  
to show you love if you ever
I planed to blindfold me  
or meet you in the dark
that you may see my secret
stars sparkling in full array
to earn your love
I planed to blindfold too
just to break the
nefarious ice and gap
so you could feel how identical
from every angle we were
interchangeable twin flames
what a rare occurance

the sun light of God
in you face blinded me
the look in your grassy eyes
burned me up
or frozed me up numbed me
you too the light of God in my face you could see
sumissive to you
the years did pass

my new lovers silence grief martirdum and regret
refused to leave
I refused them all
and then some
the bad with the well intentioned ones I did refuse

please thaw me slowly now
don't dig your knifes in me
can't you see
I've put everything to sleep
who can live in your love without you
in every life time you left me
for another woman and
each time I took my life
in jealousy or
drowned in silence I died
who am I?
  the woman who loves you
the MOST
in this whole wide world
that's who

now all my lovers have
finally given up and left me
if you still wish to see me cry
USE honey HUG me
kiss me with your Rhett kiss
of life and if you can't
look at your star
in your bed
and my diamonds in the
constellation of Aries
who bid we should
marry once upon a time
to change the world.
You changed my life
I love you forever.
don't dig knifes to see me cry for my diamond or my wedding ring try honey to catch my honey bee. Sorry I stung you I died in pain love of my life
I loved you with a love which had no beginning no end omnipresent you remained my twin shy mam
Amenah Jun 20
infinitesimal shards of glass
glisten fiercely underneath neon lights of prospect
a reflection of shattered hopes and aspirations
now lay asunder for being trodden to dust
carpeting over splashes of blood long gone brown
a silver ring or two coated in red
pearls scattered like a life torn to shreds
rag-like bedsheets torn at the seams
as if the fabric of reality was chewed by cruel Fate
emptiness echoing through the debris of humanity;
with a room torn of its plaster wallpaper
paint chipping off like rain
the conconcrete within never looked so ugly as now
hideous and disformed
by weathering the storm of conflicting ideals and isms
numerous cracks snake through concrete body
at any moment ready to crumble to naught.

can anyone fathom what wonders gave birth within these walls?
first loves promised in wedlock,
difficult loves resolved clemently,
impossible loves grew to become the greatest,
broken loves coalescence to wholeness,
platonic loves strengthen for lifetimes,
familial loves strung back once more.
Tis was the Rose Room of Ethereal Wonders
that harmonized the tragedies of humans
unfortunately even the worst of chaos is meant to remain unbridled
of which to leave asunder is better
or else You’ll just be a soul sacrified in vain
Sabrina Jun 14
The room is large,
A place we recharge.
But what is the state of our hearts?

The bed is warm,
No fear of the storm.
But what if our hearts are in parts?

There's lots of gear,
Which we hold dear.
But who will act as our backbone?

The room is great,
But life we hate.
When we are confined and alone.

© Sabrina 2018
no amount of riches can beat loneliness
I've been trapped in my head
Wandering a room far too familiar
Memories covered in white sheets
Ghosts of a time long since passed
I could never leave this place
Moments forgotten with time haunt me
Begging me to stay and remember
Reminisce over the fast times
Pubescent and without worry,
We delighted in careful recklessness
Now we sit sober in the stillness
eli Jun 7
and in a room filled with people
i still feel lonely

i want you
i need you
i only want to be lonely with you
Aa Harvey Jun 4
Silent thoughts

Candles burning brightly bring visions to my eyes.
Shadows dancing in the corners give this room a supernatural vibe.
As I sit here under the covers, all fears are held below;
I gaze into the broken mirror, in a room with no visible windows.
Curtains hide the outside from me; pictures hang on every wall.
Unopened boxes still sleep their long slumber;
They have sat there since the fall.

Unread books sit on the bookshelf;
The dust has gathered on all their pages.
Cobwebs hang like Christmas decorations,
They show the footsteps the spiders took;
They have been there for ages.

As the cold air slows my heartbeat, I could have been here for a year.
So forgotten, so complicated; there is no-one left to cheer.
I have tried to change the channel,
But everything just sounds the same.
I have tried to feed my hunger,
But my body refuses and so it remains.
A thirst calls out for a glass of water; legs are aching for some help.
If I hired myself a waitress, maybe I could help myself.

Candles flicker in their actions; a silhouette fills all above.
There is a ghostly face on my ceiling; swiftly it changes and all is mud.
As the wick burns down to nothing, I prepare to make a stand.
I am reaching out for lightning; fire in my hands.
As I strike another cigarette with the last match inside the pack,
I carry the flame across every candle; I will have to soon sleep or act.
I whisper words into the emptiness, as several thoughts go passing by.
I take hold of my loneliness and put it out of sight, out of mind.

A man is speaking on the TV and I do not like the news he has to tell,
So I press the off switch at the television,
So I am no longer under its spell…
The sound of silence is beginning to annoy me,
So I flick the switch on the radio.
Another old man tells me something new again;
I need music not this breaking news show.

I try and fail to read a fictional story;
The fading light no help at all.
Remembering former days of glory;
Newspaper clippings on the wall.
All the frames have cracks along them,
Where they have fallen to the floor before.
The memories that live outside my head,
Are entrapped in photo’s that are boxed up against the wall.

I need money to change my life,
But changing times are always hard.
A moth is living where there should always have been plenty of cash.
I take out all the plastic cards…
And I throw them in the trash.

Counting pennies like an accountant;
I don’t just wear this hat for fun.
Another winter of discontent;
Crying out to feel the sun.

Breathing clouds because of the cold air;
Toes are asking Santa for slipper shoes.
I lost my will to try a long time ago;
My heart is not mending, it is way too bruised.

Body aching from a lifetime;
I never give it a second thought.
The clock annoys me more and more,
With every tick-tock and with every chime…
I’m too old to be closing doors.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dust balances in the sunlight
Curtaining a mystery room
Of hazy sunbeams
Working fabric of gold
From its sacred loom
Spindles turn in ballet curve
And mingle in a hue
Of bright clarity
And hidden to the few
Who believe
They never see the view
Lily May 30
It’s like everything is still in slow motion, but also a silent film.
It’s like I’m not even sneaking out for a cigarette anymore,
I light one in the room with the door open.
It’s like I’m not trying.
My grades are dropping as well as my bags are growing,
They ask me if I’m sick and I say, yea
It’s the cold
I have a cold
Nazrana Kalil May 23
slipped my leg into the room
let the temperature seek your soul
lend your hand,
never let go.
Chain yourself down and forget the door.

there's something creeping from the corner
a knife tucked in the bed
metal to flesh
a ring tight on her finger
yet mine,still,
volume and depth

head turned away
a smile determined to stay
the little space reserved
but all went in vain
and the metal curved

send me to sleep whisper "this was all a dream"
bury the smile, put up a fight
you see the problem was-
i entered with my left foot,
not my right
Robert May 22
it was a day when my eyes
didn’t know what to do
they travelled across the room
until they met you
that’s when they stopped
you came into view
my pupils expanded
my brain suddenly knew
just what it wanted to do
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