All of this time, I felt so claustrophobic;
The walls are caving in on me.
But, I’d never tell anyone.
No, no…
My home and chest and mind and
Sanity can all cave in,
And I won’t say a ****** thing.
I am sick of missing myself.
I’m right here, I’m just…
I stumble over my own two feet
Like some blind traveler,
Lost on these same roads I’ve walked
And maybe, just maybe,
This time I’ll actually wake up
On the count of three.
Maybe then, it’ll finally make sense.
The walls were never caving in.
They were floating away.
They’re gone.
There is no four corners that I will
Allow to define me.
I am nothing and everything all at once..
I am whatever the stars
Wish to see me as.
I am only worth the thoughts I leave
Here on this planet.
Stuck in a chair,
Mind disappeared somewhere,
No time, and no care,
No place out of there
Lily Jan 7
~You are always the first person I look for when I walk into the room~
Jordan Ray Jan 7
Scare away, my dullest days
Staring at a blank page, hoping for a rescue
I'm inside, my lonely eyes
Staring at the brighter side, feeling like I'm lost sometimes

Breathing in, the leaves outside
Maybe I can shine as bright, as the stars that make up half our nights
Believe me when, I tell my friends,
You're the center to the maze I made, when I locked my heart into the cage

I go back to, my safe room, and hide away until the sun comes
Shinning, onto, my faith.
Because I believe, I believe in, you and me.
poemcla Jan 3
It's a heart, the room
Walls so close
Feeling the veins, the spasm
It had me in, lost all
Let it win, to win it all,
When it drops the life begins
So play it to have it all,
Make it beat to have it all
laura Jan 1
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a room that
used to be owned by my older sister.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a shelf of some
of the toys I have
received over the years.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a twin sized bed,
that I got a couple years ago.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a shelf with
gobs of my favorite
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a bunch of,
sports posters around the wall.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a dresser
with some very special
items on top of it.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see a closet
full of clothes, puzzles,
and boardgames.
When I look inside
my very own room
I see a window
that I look out of
every single day.
When I look inside
my very own room,
I see my very own
This is a poem written by my 9 year old brother Simeon. He was very eager to have you guys read it.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
When I look at from the varendah
I saw only a green grass floor
on my table full of memoranda
my bed is behind the french door

I am alone standing how lonely!
sure it's not a tranquility
when my room will be homely?
future is unpredictablility

Longing for the day when we can be
marry and having a chat without a pause
while teaseing and tasting one candy
sometime doing a bit of faux pas
Caitlin Ellis Dec 2018
Lousy with life
warm with haze
on walls, idols hang without any names

Dull with growth
bored as bloom
curtains, drab
a lifeless gloom

what was once the music, the life the dance
now is silence
the quiet trance

Like stones, words are stacked atop drawers
language it gathers
dust it falls
Max Dec 2018
Full of thoughts.
My head
Like a crowded room.

Every thought close to the
And bumping into eachother.

But when the music
It stops the race of
And the resulting memory loss.
Not my best work, sorry:(
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