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Lewis Oct 22
the finger of winter
leaves fire on my cheeks
soft clouds echo birdsong
ice laced to their beaks
a world drowned in hail
over skyscraping peaks
one day is everyday
as smoke curdles in streaks
Alicia Moore Oct 1
I wonder how someone
with such warm cheeks
can have such a cold heart.

your face flushed red
as if the blood meant to settle in your chest
has taken a wrong turn on its quest.
Paul Idiaghe Aug 25
The sun must have reached low to prepare
our paths, as we walked those grandeur
streets, how it simmered the wind mild
and warm, to embrace the moment as its child;

how it forged halos around your cheeks
as you smiled, painting heaven on those peaks
& august bloomed in the lake, where my hand
kissed your fluttering feet—I felt it expand

till it was too leaden for my palms, and it drained
away into a moment in time, but you remained,
steeped in memories & my deliquesced heart
whose tides would fail to let you sail apart.
Inspired by the song “August” by Taylor Swift
Äŧül Aug 23
I love her infantile eyes,
So deep and dark, with no lies.

I love her chubby cheeks,
So likable and lickable, with no ice.

I love her beautiful hair,
On her mandible so magical, with no lice.

I love her smiley curves,
So spicy, with no added spice.

I love her cute nose,
So precious, with no price.
My HP Poem #1880
©Atul Kaushal
nif Apr 30
above her feet
and lil tummies
above her teeth
tiny necks
and chubby arms
in final form
a female physique
all cheeks
i am woman
I-sun Apr 21
whenever I stare at you
I actually await the apples of your cheeks ,
to be ripened.
Hey gal..
I have some queries about your "one-sided dimple"..
Like materials,, does it expand or contract when subject to change in temperature??🤔🤔
Like magnets,, does it attract to opposite and repel the same??🤔🤔
Like an electric charge, does it produce current??🤔🤔
and like water,, does it become steamy when heated and become icy when cooled??🤪🙈
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