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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2021
I try to view as just a bump in the road
Wish silently the right way to be shown
I've been walking this path for so many years
Other directions seem to disappear
I sit and wait for opportunity's knock
It doesn't
Continue to walk..
Against wall my back is pressed
Is this destiny or simply a test?
I should be alarmed
The darkness closing in
It's nothing compared to the blackness within
What lies before us and what lies behind us are tin matters compared to what lies within us
luciana Dec 2020
a single note
a minor incident
a major fallback
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2019
Maybe in misguided mistakes
Messes made, erratic errors,
There is beauty hiding to be found
A point to all the madness and terrors

I want to believe in bigger reasons
Tried and failed so many times
The blood I've shed and sacrificed
Payment for past crimes

Every up is shortly followed
By an equal down
The saying states that what goes
Around will come back around

Today I celebrate every gain
Do not mourn any loss
There is meaning to be found
In each bump you come across
Mistakes help you grow
Xaha Dec 2018
Cry on, girl
Your troubles seem hard
But nobody hears it -
Your heart is scarred.
Why does each blow
Come with shortness of breath
And every step back

Come with pain in your chest?
You used to be stronger
Have walls in your heart
And an inner fire
That burned from the start.
But you learned over time
That people let you down
And sometimes they’re simply
Just not around.
You faced lots of things
Alone and you fought
To stay afloat -
Is harder than you thought.
Over time I guess
Those bumps in the road
Caused by falling objects
Make the path corrode.
Running back and forth
Arms shielding your head
Seems more like a chicken dance
Than a way to get ahead.
So you lay down your load
And collapse to the floor
Wondering as always
How much more?
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
Took a second look at our relationship today
Wrapped arms around the present moment
Why did you stay if you yearned to go?
This morning conveyed the hint.

Time after time the plan defers off-track
When everything is determined to go wrong
I'll be there regardless of how low our blows get
To take us where hearts belong.

Each time we face a new bump in the road
I'll be there to cheer on while you fix the tire
Promise my company to you
Even if not what you desire.
I try to stick to my promises even when it gets tough and things change. I still try my hardest not to let loved ones down.
when trump meets with putin
the one shows his routine
the other goes bump
when he bows over his ****
just to fail with his gross highfalutin'
Ashley Kane Mar 2018
Please don’t pity my situation
I’m frozen in situ
Don’t smile and **** your head
Don’t say awww or that’s a shame
Don’t pat my hand and assume it will happen
Don’t tell me I’m missing out
Don’t tell me I’ll never understand until it happens to me
Don’t assume your life is more fulfilled then mine
Don’t pretend it makes you more mature then me
Don’t make me a faux Aunty to another friends fruit
Don’t joke about lending or sitting like it’s the same
Don’t imagine Yours could ever be a substitute for mine
That they could replace the ache in my heart or fill it with what it’s missing - even worse be greatful for the privilege
Don’t act like it’s a grand gester like your giving my life meaning

When things are awful and bad don’t tell me you stay for them and use them as an excuse to not walk away
Don’t tell me if I had I’d under stand
Don’t make me feel incomplete because I haven’t - I’m already feeling it
Don’t call me lucky because I sleep in
Don’t say “nice for some” when I go out it isn’t my choice
Don’t assume this is about freedom
Don’t pretend it will happen one day
Don’t put your false hopes onto me
Don’t assume he will leave me if I don’t deliver - we’re much more then potentials Ps
Don’t assume it’s because of the weight
Don’t give me a gimmick or tips
Don’t tell me your storys
Don’t talk about it or predict about it
Dont tell me about feelings in your waters
Don’t treat me like this is my only purpose
Dont think I get hurt because you grow and blossom in a way I can’t
Don’t assume I’m bitter and resentful
Don’t pretend I can’t be happy for you
Dont treat me like I’m broken like my whole exsistence revolves around a broken womb

.......I’m so much more
.......I’ve seen so much more, felt so much more, grown and lost
.......I live so much more and want so much more
.......I have more plans and options then you can imagine

My back up plan is full of love and life still!!

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Not to offend - I think someone out there will understand
MC Hammered Mar 2017
Warming up like an electric orchestra,
the sound of your dad’s band practice seeped
through the vents from the basement.
Drums vibrated from the floor into my feet,
And we tapped our toes together,
thump thump thump.

Drowning out the 80’s punk, your mom
plays polka in the kitchen, making pasta. I stand
over the sauce stained stove watching the *** of water
sizzle to accordion cries and the idea of clogs. We sway
from side to side. Your hands hang off my hips.

Retreating, back to your blue room, we wait
for the wafting smells of garlic, grilled onions and
peppers to call us for dinner. You pull out your
keyboard, a pen, a pad. Pressing buttons, I hear
synthesizers and song samples through your
headphones. We smile, bobbing our heads in sync,
Bump, bump, bump.


Finding myself in a foreign living room,
I am alone. The TV is on mute and a “motivational”
speech muffles through his speakers. There are no
basement bands. No pasta, no polka, or clogs and cries.
Only sounds of silence. I press my feet against the floor.
I can’t hear the bumps, I can’t feel the thumps
Dr Zik May 2015
Jump, Jump, jump, bump,
Heaven to earth, jump

Bump, jump, bump, jump
Trip, slip and bump

Like ****, ****, ****
Don’t pile money jump
settle this 12
*** just went out the window as ***** deep dived in for the punch line **** no ***** didn't *** did you want to know what *** did *** didn't rest didn't sleep didn't revive didn't die lets ask *** GOD DAMNT I ASKED *** WHAT *** DID *** ANSWERED *** WENT TO SLEEP CAN *** TALK NO why did I ask *** a question cause I put *** to sleep mother *** ker
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