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Alicia Moore Apr 2021
With the point of my arrow as sharp as my jaw,
my draw back and backtalk are equally as piercing.
Jos Mar 2019
sour jaw pain
distant screams
i will never gain
a hopeful dream
i clench my jaw in my sleep and caused ear pain. i only know how to explain it as sour
charlie darling Mar 2019
anxiety held in
the stomach
the hips
my jaw

it hurts but
it moves like t.v. static
crackling like wood in fire
crawling like larvae

breathe in and out
making the mind clear and empty
but the cracking of my jaw
echoes in the quiet room
is your classroom ever just super quiet? but you have tmj tension (extreme version), so...
stopdoopy Dec 2018
Any time I think of her
my jaw locks
and my teeth press
into a viscous snarl
as if I've become some beast

And I would bite
with words I've held tight
sinking teeth into flesh
and getting it where it hurts

Maybe I am a rabid animal
who's too dangerous to trust
but what does that mean when
you're the one who made me this way
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
Do you still love me like you once did?
Im starting to feel like you don't.
Where did those feelings fly off to?
I want to change for you but I won't.

Am I able to turn around and avoid a collision?
If not we will be left with more careless aches.
Is there enough courage inside these bones to be better?
Still making the same stupid mistakes.

Are you tired of my selfishness yet?
I can tell you are by the tightness in your jaw.
Didn't I warn you to stay far away?
It seems my ice is too thick to completely thaw.
I was right
III May 2018
The curve of her jaw
Does not fit into
The palm of my hand
Like yours did.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
Throbbing jawbone aches
Such excruciating pain
Leaves me motionless
My jaw and teeth hurt so bad... I get my wisdom teeth taken out 5/24. I'm scared but at this point anything would be better.
Nahida Apr 2018
bones and word-sentence-paragraph structure ache under skin and i shiver / rattling to disrupt the quiet of me /
the cage of my ribs, the fence of my teeth / hold tight my words / hold tighter my heart /
a raw feeling / a disquiet / good morning i have opened my eyes / good morning i have written down my day /
pen-to-paper / word-to-throat-to-mouth /

jaw opens
tongue moves
heart escapes
good night i close my eyes to erase my day
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