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In this ecstatic love
All my actions
have become
My body moves to help
And my hands grasp, stretch, and cling
own desires
At last a soul to whom to give my all
A love song like a prayer call
A face ultimately to behold forever
A name to sing and leave never

A match who reflects me and I her
A graceful echo, soul’s inner myrrh
A special lover, my wait is over
At last a soul to dwell within and cover
I wish you were with me
tonight, here, right now
Wish you came to eat with me
while there was still some food left

Everywhere, everyplace
I miss you
Ever since I first saw you smile
at me
I have lost my own laughter
Now I just look for you
Even though I know
You live in my heart

I still wish
You came out tonight
Your food is getting cold
I no more hear the noises
This all has become so sweet
I no more see the pain
You raised me up from the dead

My love, in your dancing beauty
I am charmed and captured
This is not a fairytale, not a dream

In your invitations for love
Clinging to your silent wings
I see the promises of hope

I belong to you, O Love
Like the first day of spring
I sing all hymns to hope
You are my home and refuge
You tickle me
In early morning
And gently whisper
Wake up
Into my ears

You slide me down
Into the wetness
Even before
I am awake
Bathe me
in the sunshine
Let the wild air
touch my skin
Swim in my
naked and free
Love me
Take me away to your poetic land
Where we can get lost in each other,
Where the milestones are all paved with love—
A journey filled with lust,
The sound of the surroundings
enchanted with your kiss!

Take me away to your poetic land
Where we’ll make things steamy,
We’ll make things sweet;
Where we’ll breathe for each other,
Taste each other deeply;
Where we’ll make the world envious
with our moment of bliss!
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