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Jackie G Sep 8
To continue moving forward in a forceful or steady way.
To Continue to do something ESPECIALLY in a determined way.
Life Happens
Test Come
We attain many things

Amongst those are unforeseen events
From there, We learn order and Balance

Too much of Anything can throw an entire operation off
And Not enough can have the same results

Determined to stay afloat.
Keeping in mind the experience and wisdom gained along the way.

Finding beauty in Every piece of life itself, while remaining as a light, in what's considered to be a dark place.
With the appropriate use of Power
Transformation becomes less complicated.
Meaning no matter the condition, its always beneficial to Press On!
You got this
When the darkness outside
Threatens to overtake your mind
Press forward in faith

When times of trouble come
And you can’t see your way out
Press forward in hope

When others call for help
And you have little to give
Press forward in love

When supplies seem scarce
And your trust falters
Press forward in abundance

When the outer world is in chaos
Strengthen your mind’s eye
Your mind is the key to prosperity
This is Prosperity Poem 72 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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Because many in the world are struggling at this time, I'd like to share the message to press forward. Let the words sink into your soul and provide some comfort. Pay attention to the ending of each stanza. We are all in this together.

Press forward by helping those you are able to help. Just a phone call or a text or an "I Love You" are helpful and comforting.
Nik Bland Feb 18
Cracked China cup
At a chipped table
Stained cloth dressing
Do you still see
Tell me now
As broken candles
Broken things
See broken things
And cracks hide
I see you
This crack’ed thing
And I see you
Lovely you
But not outdone
They try to
Break you
Take you
Because you’re the only
A cracked cup
That runneth over
Can still hold your
Oh precious
How you’ve grown
Setting a place that
You deserve
I pray that
You are filled
Cracks only
When you can’t

But I’d gladly hold
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Camera please
Bring your camera please

O' my media, O' my Press
Bring your camera please

Come and praise me
Praise my looks

Praise my dress
Praise my deeds

Praise my voice
Praise my style

Praise my mind
Praise my actions

Never bother for money
You are my media

Just praise me, Jump
Sing and dance for me

Play to my tune
Just play it repeatedly

I will pay you enough
Much more than you think

I never use to pay a dime
From the pockets of mine

I often pay from others pocket
I feel I have the right to do so

I never pay to my wife
I never pay to my children

I never pay to my family
I never pay to my friends

I earn and earn and earn
I spend, spend and spend

But not on anyone else
I spend only for myself

Though I often take selfies
But please don’t call me selfish

My heart truly beat for others
My nose truly breathes for other

My kidney purifies for others
My liver work for others

My eyes see for others
My ears hear for others

My leg walk for others
My mind think for others

I am the divine soul
Only I am the divine soul

If you fail to praise me
If you dare to criticize me

Then you are not a press
You are not a media

Then what you are?
You are fake news
Your Camera is for me. Note it. Its not a joke. I am serious. Not dead serious. I live serious. That's all. Simple.
He chokes
paper and
inhibits law  
there in
habitual way
as he
lumped this
load on
my community
with popular
dogma still
ministry of
the house
though the
township nigh
but a
hospital standard
A word on healthcare
a mossy
lives in
shoe where
a theater
turncoat ultra
bleeds as
Putin a
cowbell if
fingers won
Equinox and
the squatly
kneel but
this share
of their
misnomer is
Baltic leader
nigh again
A note on journalism
electrocution marks
the hall
with flatulence
that table
jars a
rebuttal from
his umbrage
their rounds
o explosives
polarized steps
in building
avenue to
the union
with twist
whether turbulent
lifestyle now
this millennium
Marlboro Country
A Simillacrum Oct 2018
I raise the bone up to my two juicy lips
and I purse.
Here comes the carcinogen, the miasmic smoke,
the old ghost.

But, my
it's not like it

My love,
not like it was.

I pick into the basalt black, like a boss.
I exhale,
mining verses from my vernacular

But, my
it's not like it

It's nothing like it was,
and I'm perfectly fine.

In a manner of speaking.
an orient
of tabulation
well ornament
was polar
as confabulation
sought variation
that once
made neighbors'
diversification and
now their
state proxy
of community
found in
direness and
guarded their
intoxicated draft  
in myalgia
communities in peril
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