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Meera Dec 2019
Sometimes while hurrying with your life
You place your hot cup of coffee on the table
And forget about it for a while
Slowly it starts degrading
First it loses its aroma
Then its warmth
And finally its taste
Until it becomes a brown watery liquid
With nothing left in it to offer
Now it can neither energize nor refresh you
But you're getting late for work
So you gulp it down anyway
The feeling of disgust and discontent
Evident on your face
As if you'd have preferred poison
Over that cup of coffee
It's like you have forgotten that it was YOU
Who left it to rot away in the first place

I refuse to be that forgotten cup of coffee in your life
Find someone who loves you as much as I love my black coffee ☕
Meera Jan 2020
Patriarchy is no glass ceiling
That you can shatter in one half-hearted blow
Or a fragile soap bubble
That you can pop easily with your acrylic nail
Instead it's a concrete roof
Built to trap your soul
To make you feel less of a human
And more of an object
It's a concrete roof with numerous cracks in it
Made by the women who came before us
And the women who live among us
For centuries they have spent their lives
Trying to build those cracks
So that light can enter
In our gloomy fates
And you have to do the same
For the women yet to come
So bring in your hammer, girl
We have some work to do
By some I mean a lot of it
We have to work for nights and days
Until the concrete crumbles to dust
And humanity breathes in free air
But don't you worry or freak out
Cause no matter how tough concrete is
The spirit of women will always be stronger
PS. Choose your battles wisely, sis. Recognize what's worth fighting for and what's not. The last thing you would want to do is waste your time and efforts on something that won't help the cause we're fighting for and would bring bad name to the entire movement.
Do something that the future you can be proud of.
Meera Feb 2018
An angel of light
With dark wings
Wanderings in catacombs
Flying through springs
Tied to hell
With golden strings
A siren she is
Her beauty stings
Luring emperors
Temptings kings
Like a triumphant song
The Satan sings
Her lyrics echo
Her music rings
Meera Apr 2018
My pen bleeds
As its ink seeps
My words cry
The seer weeps
I keep scrawling
Until my pain recedes
Walking on my way
Where my lament leads
Crumbling to bones
Changing to fit the needs
My frailty drives me
As nothingness breeds
In madness I did
Those fearful deeds
Now I'll have to pay
The price of my greed
Making me suffer
My demons succeed
In the garden of love
I feel like a ****
I am looking for my way
To the flowery meads
Where the chains will be shattered
And then I will be freed
Sometimes you just feel lost and there seems no way out
Meera Feb 2020
I lie on my bed
I get some thoughts in my head
I try to drive them away
But they go on to stay
They keep haunting me
The words keep daunting me
I take out a paper and a pen
write the thought down, then
I read it, doesn't sound that bad
feeling content and glad
I go back to my bed
And fall asleep with an empty head
After dawn, when I feel unruffled and sane
I take out the paper and read it again
It sounds terrible, I want to cry
Nonetheless I give it another try
Reading it again, It sounds even worse
Ashamed of my 3 am self and her words
Registering the lack of passion they display
Disgusted, I post them anyway
Thank you for reading this 💕
Meera Dec 2018
She looks like heaven
And tastes like hell
Meera Mar 2018
I wish to be colorful and bright
Everyone would be pleased at my sight

I  desire to be touched by delicate hands
Little kids would be my friends

For once, I wish to be tied by a string
Giving me a sense of belonging

And when they'd let me free
I would sing a Carol of glee

Losing the control of my mind
I'd drift freely with the wind

High above the world I'd fly
And float between the layers of sky

When drained of all my energy
As tired as  I'll ever be

I'd lay flat on the ground
There I'd have a sleep profound

And when the stress would be too much
I'd have the luxury to burst

To fly too high and to be shattered too soon
In nutshell I wish to be  a balloon
Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a balloon. So here I am penning my dream
Meera Mar 2018
When I was trembling
You held me
When I was falling
You supported me
When I was crying
You wiped my tears
When I was scared
You shared my fears
When I was low
You held me high
When I was lying
Flat on ground
You raised me up
To the level of sky
You stood for me
When no one else did
You cuddled me
As if I were a kid
When nights were dark
And the days were tough
To strengthen me
Your support was enough
But I forgot you
When the days were brighter
My selfishness made
Our friendship lighter
I feel so sorry
For letting you go
I am such a hog
Still forgive me though

You are the one with the bigger heart
Now please come back and hug me again
I have had my share of misery
And no more I can handle this pain

I beg your forgiveness
I cry in repentance
Please return my friend
And end my sentence
Meera Jul 2020
the town i was born in wasn't big enough
to contain the vastness of my dreams
so i moved out
i spent hours upon hours on the bank of river yamuna
looking for a sign
completely forgetting that a dead river can't speak
i misunderstood its silence for an invitation
so i moved in
i traded my inner peace for smoke filled air
and my innocence for the facade of a happy woman
delhi, i spent years of my life trying to fit in
to make sure that i belong
then why do the stares on the streets
tell me that i don't
delhi why have you been so cruel to me
like a failed mother forcing her expectations on her daughter
no matter what i did
i was never good enough
every time i tried to speak
you just didn't want to hear
you're a city trying to hide its deafness from its people
delhi why are you so unfair?
you throw stones at the workers that build you
and bow down at the feet of your destroyers
maybe you're just as confused and tired as me
people have taken more from you than you could give
so you stand exhausted, defeated and short of breath
and i do the same
for both of us have failed miserably
i could never be your daughter
and you could never be my home
i came looking for a home in a city which doesn't have space
Meera Nov 2018
One day you'll have a complete heart to yourself
A heart which
will beat just for you
It will move mountains just to make you smile
It will swim across oceans just to be closer to yours
It'll feel your tears before they leave your eyes
It'll listen to your words even before they escape your lips
A heart strong enough to fight
A heart warm enough to care
A heart brave enough to love

One day you'll have the sort of heart you deserve
And baby, don't you dare settle for anything less
One day you'll come across someone who'll love you wholeheartedly
Meera Jan 2019
What flows in your veins
Blood or Anguish??
Sometimes your poems kick me in the gut and sometimes they soothe me with love
Meera Apr 2020
sad like her cheeks when she forces a smile
dry like her lips when she kisses my cheeks
lost like her expressions when she stares into the darkness
Quivering like her voice when she lies that she's okay
Deaf like her ears when she slips  back into her void
tired as her eyes when she hasn't slept all night
Yellow as the pills she places on her tongue
And red as the wine she gulps them down with

If you ever wonder what depression looks like
It looks like my mother's face
Meera May 2018
Do they think I am ugly?
Do they feel I am dumb?
Am I hopeless? Am I stupid?
Am I worthless? Am I ****?

Do they even like me?
Or are they just being nice
Questions like these
Went daily through my mind

I acted like I ain’t afraid of anything
Like I am just being myself
Though inside I felt miserable
Like a cobweb on a shelf

On this very face of mine
I have put masks for years
Hiding all my insecurities
Hiding all my fears

I pretended to be
Someone I am not
A girl who looks pretty
A girl they think is hot

I kept putting on these masks
Till they became a part of me
As slowly and gradually
They grew to reality

But lately I realized
I was losing my soul
Living in a fake world
Growing up a hole

I didn’t have any idea
Who I actually was
When I came to terms with that
The masks began to fall

And as the masks fell one by one
There was a different girl underneath
A girl who could face her demons
And believe in herself

This was a journey with many hills
And sometimes it was ok to be in a valley
A mask may help to’ fake it ‘til you make it’
Until you start living your own poetry
After 6 months, 1k words and almost 100 followers, HePo feels like home how
Meera Oct 2018
There is definitely something magical about first love
Butterflies in stomach, sleepless nights and the excitement of the first kiss.
The feeling of holding heaven in your hands
Like god is answering all your prayers
The way your cheeks flush scarlet when someone says his name
How your eyes twinkle like stars on seeing his picture flashing on screen
Your entire world brightens up with the glow of a thousand suns
You know, this wouldn’t last long but that doesn’t stop you
You keep falling deeper in love with each passing moment
Until the dream shatters like glass and reality steps in
Leaving you struggling with the broken pieces of your heart
This is the moment, you have to stay strong
For love is definitely not for the weak
You know what?!  You will fall in love again
Maybe not as passionately as the first time
Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter
‘Cause the flame of your first love will always stay inside you
Burning brighter minute by minute
Keeping you warm for nights and days
You can fall in love more than once but it's impossible to forget the person who taught you the meaning of love
Meera Feb 2018
In the scorching heat of desert
Amidst the burning sand
Love blooms like a daisy
Whenever you hold my hand

Others ruined my life
Like a sabotage
And the happiness I saw
Was just a mirage

The creeks ran dry
And water was scarce
Thirst was all I know
The pain was fierce

You blew like a breeze
You poured like rain
The beauty of your love
Ended all my pain

In the heat of desert
You are my oasis
In the moments of sorrow
You- my eternal bliss

The life is more beautiful
When we are together
The world may perish some day
But our love will last forever
Meera Jan 2020
hate to me is a precious emotion
something even more sacred than love
i keep it reserved for very few people
and for even fewer occasions
it isn't something that I carry around with me
spewing at random strangers on internet
sometimes I do get a bit sarcastic
sometimes a bit edgy
but trust me what you saw
was neither sarcasm nor edginess
and definitely not hate
it was my stupidity
stupidity to forget that the only use of comments section is to
shout out compliments
it can't be used to express disagreements
disagreement for the usage of the word 'thing'
for a living person
specifically a girl
i didn't know you wrote that for your daughter
don't remember if it was mentioned anywhere
all I can say is sorry
sorry for misunderstanding
and sorry for being misunderstood
sending love for your daughter
blow her a kiss for me
educate her and give her books to read
so that when she grows up
she won't be stupid like me

Goodbye, won't bother you again
I would send this directly to ap but I have been blocked (lol) so you guys carry the message. Also tell me if there is some therapy to treat stupidity, I am in dire need of that
Meera Jan 2020
they say at the end of every dark tunnel
there is light
but what do you do
when the inside of your heart
is darker than darkness itself
so much so
that even LIGHT is scared of you
Black holes can be beautiful too
Meera Dec 2017
You aren't the luxury of a seven star hotel
You aren't the fun of a pub or disco
But you are the comfort of my old childhood house
You are the one i call home

You aren't the perfection of a well fitted suit
You aren't the glamour of a short dress
But you are that blue grandma's sweater
Which keeps me warm when the nights are cold

You aren' the playfullness of sneakers
Neither you are the beauty of high heels
But you are those old shabby flipflops
Whose flat sole keeps me closer to the floor

You aren't the cool friend i party with
You aren't that hot colleague in the office
But you are the the only one i talk to
Whenever this whole world makes me feel alone

You aren't that lipstick which makes me look bold
You aren't the lip gloss which allures everyone
But you are the lip balm i use every night
To heal the cracks of life,my love

You aren't the passionate kisses of love
You aren't the make out sessions at night
But you are the one whose arms i run to
When all the pleasure of love is gone

You aren't my highschool or college boyfriend
You aren't the love of my life
But you are the one who matters the most
While the stupid world calls it friend zone
Meera Oct 2018
Ever got up early in the morning
To stare at the beauty of sunrise

Ever stayed up all night
To gaze at the million shining stars

Ever spent a whole hour in the park
Talking to a complete stranger

Ever planted flowers on a place
You never intend to visit again

Ever fed cookies to the stray pups
And got your hands licked by them

Ever read a book so good
That it changed your entire world

Ever walked on wet grass
As the tiny dew drops tickled your feet

Ever shared your lunch with a hungry child
To see his smile reflected in your eyes

Ever loved someone so much
That it broke you apart when he went away
In the end, everything gets reduced to love
Meera Jan 2021
what is more dangerous
than a woman in love,

a woman drained of love

she will raise hell
she will wreak havoc

she will set your house on fire
just to warm her toes

she will make herself a drink
just to pour it on her wounds

she swears she doesn't hate you
she just wishes, you didn't exist
What have you done to her?
Meera Jan 2020
I am your muse
She is your love
I inspire you to write
She inspires you to live
She has your heart
I have your words

And words, no matter how magnificent
are nothing in comparison of love
I'd rather be heartbroken than be a homewrecker
Meera Jul 2018
I don’t want your fingers to bleed
while holding the pieces of my broken heart

I don’t want your eyes to cry
for the pain that lives inside me

I don't want your tounge to taste blood
each time it whispers my name

I don’t your hands to shiver
while reaching for my cold soul

I don’t want you to suffocate
while drawing air to my lungs

I don’t want you to consume
the venom that flows inside my veins

I don’t want you to break down
in the process of healing me

So I’ll love you but only from a safe distance
Knowing that we don’t belong to each other
I’ll always love you
But will never show it
i think it's better this way
Meera Jun 2020

Last night I came across a man
His skin pale as marble
Eyes dark and cold
Wearing a crisp charcoal suit
And black sparkling shoes
The smell of his cologne
Burning my nostrils
The warmth of his breath
Making me shiver
A chill ran across my spine
As he pinned me to the wall
Tracing circles on the back of my neck
With his bony fingers
He tightened his grip on my throat
As I held on to dear life
Slowly he drew his lips close to my ear
And asked ; his voice, barely a whisper
Will you come along with me?
I tried but couldn’t say NO
Soon he took over everything I once called mine

Last night I met a man named Death
And I fell in love with him
Meera Jun 2020
didn't your heart stopped for a while
before making such a weighted declaration

didn't your lungs gasp for air
before these words could escape your mouth

didn't your voice tremble
while speaking these words out aloud

how casually you said them
like you didn't even mean to

but why am I scolding you now
'cause once it's said
it doesn't matter
it doesn't change anything

the words have been said
the blood has been drawn

and now there's no turning back
'cause mortals aren't allowed to fall in love with Gods
how can I lose you when i never had you to begin with?
Meera Apr 2018
In your eyes
I can see both courage and frailty
And I just wonder what'd you show when I'd expect you to fight for our love
Will you be my knight in shining armour
Or will you let me down like you always have
Meera Jun 2020
to be needed by everyone
but wanted by none
if i disappear tomorrow the only thing you'd probably miss is a clean house
Meera Oct 2018
When you cut your heart open for someone
who doesn't care if its bleeding
Unrequited love is **** painful
Meera Nov 2018
Before I could realise
How dangerous it can be to love a monster
The damage was done
The blood was drawn
And now there is no turning back
Meera Mar 2018
I don't have the strength of durga
Neither I have the wealth of lakshmi
Nor the purity of parvati
I ain't selfless like sita
I don't have the heart to love like radha
Don't expect me to be a saviour like savitri
Cause am weak
I am poor
I am impure
I have scars
I am flawed
I am selfish
I am imperfect
I am just an ordinary woman
Don't worship me
Just let me be
Durga, lakhshmi, parvati, sita, radha and savitri are the characters of hindu mythology known for their strength, wealth, wisdom, loyalty, love, selflessness, loyalty and purity. Women in India are often considered as the incarnations of these characters.
Meera Apr 2018
Have all the school buildings collapsed in an earthquake?
Has someone stolen all the footballs and cricket bats?
Have the backyards and playgrounds disappeared suddenly?
Has anyone put all the storybooks to fire?
Has some evil spirit cursed the joy of childhood?
If nothing of this sort has happened
Then why is that eight years old kid washing glasses at the tea stall?
Meera Dec 2018
I knew that
You taught me
How Much
Meera Apr 2018
Slowly, the curtains approved
And the moonlight entered serenely
Lightning up my soul
And solemnizing my heart
Insentient of my surroundings
But cognizant of the newborn love
Your advent giving a face to my darkness
Your devils meeting mine
Just how two strangers meet
By coincidence......
Meera Mar 2018
The affection that you showed
Was a bait to trap me
Behind your angelic face
Were fangs I couldn’t see
You broke my heart ant ripped my soul
Until there was nothing left in me
******* in bondages
I tried but couldn’t flee
The temptation to be loved made me fall for a devil
The devil that were you
And by the time I emerged from your hell
I was all black and blue
You stood there smiling
Watching me while I bled
Now I’ll make you pay
For every single tear I shed
Go run away from me
But I gonna chase you down
You’ll lie there repenting for your sins
While I’ll straighten my crown
Meera Mar 2018
Just another drag of cigarette
Just one more swig of your favorite scotch
Just a little more bagginess under your eyes
And some more chaps on your lips
Just a few more scars on your soul
And a bit more pain in your heart
Just another sleepless night
Away from the felicity of world
Is all it’ll take to turn you
From an ordinary work of art to a ‘masterpiece’
Meera Feb 2018
I love the candor
Of a mirror
It never fibs
Even when it’s broken
My messy hair
My chapped lips
My pale face
My sunken eyes
My dark circles
My tears
My fears
And my fake smile
It reflects, reveal
And unmask them all
Without pretenses
Prejudices or Delusions
Meera Dec 2018
You used to call me your Moon
And that wasn't a lie
I was your Moon
And she was your Sun
The moon is nothing but a cold rock which reflects sun's light in its absence
Meera May 2018
Girls like me don’t FALL in love
Instead we walk,  gracefully into it
Wearing red lipstick, black dress
And high heels

In one moment you’ll be the center of our universe
We’ll show all our love to thee
And in the very next ,you won’t mean anything to us
Cause we believe, detachment is the key

We’ll break your heart,
Leaving you with the pain
And you’ll struggle through the pieces
Till you are not so sane

We’ll tear open your wounds
And play with your scars
We’ll shine upon you
The lights of a million stars

Like siren we rise
Establishing our reign
You’ll weep and sigh
Your grieves in vain

But you know what is
W  O R S E
Once you have tasted our lips
You can’t kiss anyone else

And after this disaster you’ll wonder
Will spring come again?
No baby no
You’re not going to sustain

We can treat you like ****
And you’ll let us do that
We can push you out of the door
But you’ll always come back

The thing about girls like me is
You can never get over us
Don’t ask me why is that
You just simply can’t
Never fall in love with a girl like me. i repeat 'NEVER'
Meera Dec 2019
No Jesus was born on December 25
And no way there's new year on January 1st

The winter is cold and depressing
without an ounce of sunshine

The flowers are dead
The trees are barren
The sky is foggy
And the lips are dry

Why would anything great happen at this time of the year?

Maybe it's our ancestors who are trying to tell us something

If Jesus took birth and survived
defying all the odds
Despite the king of Judea
trying to take his life

Then no matter what happens
You can survive too

If the new year can come
Walking on snow
With no flowers to welcome him
And no sun to keep him warm

Then no matter how depressing the times are
You can always become 'New'
Congrats you have survived another year
Keep fighting your battlles. I am so proud of y'all
Meera Dec 2019
You are kind
You are sweet
You are caring
You are gentle
You are loving
You are caring
Any girl would be lucky to have you
But you're not 'him'
And that's why we can't be together
Meera Jun 2020
It feels like yesterday
when a politician appeared on our doorstep
with promises of development,
and better health facilities

He said
"we would turn India into

The same politician was on our doorstep
distributing masks and soap bars
among people
who can't afford them

When people expressed their
over the growing number of

He replied by saying
Don't worry we won't let
India turn into
How the tables have turned
Meera Apr 2018
Do you remember our last meeting?
The last time we saw each other before separating our ways
The last time you looked deep into my eyes
The last time I held your hand
The last time I listened to your heart beats and breaths
The last time I brushed your hairs with my fingers
The last time I saw you smile
The last time you saw me cry
The last time I felt the warmth of your arms around me
And the last time we were so close that there wasn't enough space for air to pass through.
Do you still remember anything ?
Cause I have forgotten nothing
Meera Oct 2018
Some poets write with pen
And others with pain
Just a random thought...
Meera Jan 2020
If you don't a support the left
You're a fascist
And if you are critical of the right
You're anti-national

So I guess, I'm a bit of both
The current political state in the nation where you can't exist without being wrong
Meera May 2018
all                                                     my
tears and    

             in      a     wine    glass






                  Cause that's all I have to offer
Emotions are like wine..... both become stronger with time
Meera Jan 2020
Sometimes, I feel
that intoxication would burn down my pain
only to find out
that it can reemerge from the ashes
unless it's treated with love
“Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican Priest, 1225 – 1274,
Meera Jul 2018
Paper towns
Matchstick people
Plastic hearts
Concrete emotions
Plastered smiles
Coal tar tears

Where to look for real love?
Thankyou for reading this.
Meera Feb 2020
T-shirt and jeans form a good outfit
Bulky sweaters are better
A turtleneck and jacket is definitely the best

Gotta hide all her bruises, you see
At least he didn't hit her in her face
Meera Jan 2020
loving her is
dreaming of tropical sunsets
while stuck up on a blizzard
believing her is
driving fast on the highway
with ***** in your blood
wanting her is
hoping for the snow to fall
in the month of July
kissing her is
chewing the pieces of your own broken heart one by one
but that shouldn't stop you from
-loving her
-believing her
-wanting her and
-kissing her
her rise might lead to your end
her smile might leave you distressed
you might land up in situations, you can't comprehend
but isn't what you signed up for when you chose her over me
so you are not allowed to give up on her
not now
not ever
Tell her that you love her despite her flaws, believe in her ability to fight her demons, make her feel wanted for everything that she is and when she gets tired of fighting kiss her gently and lie down with her. Love her more than you ever loved me. Your love can be her only savior. Please don't let me down this time.
Meera Apr 2018
Shiva- the destroyer
The plethora of power
The synonym of destruction
He- who can never be defeated
The one who can demolish the world by mere opening of his third eye
Halahal- the most vicious poison rests in whose throat
Words are never enough to define whose eminence
The greatest manifestation of divine
The eternal and the auspicious
That shiva- the ultimate god
Is a mere corpse without ‘Shakti’

She gives strength to the ‘supreme being’
And they say women are weak.....
Shakti- the female or generative principle; wife of Siva; Meaning sacred force, power or energy, it represents the Hindu concept or personification of the divine feminine aspect, sometimes referred to as 'The Divine Mother'. Shakti represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power. In Shaktism, Shakti is worshiped as the Supreme Being. However, in other Hindu traditions, Shakti embodies the active energy and power of male deities
Meera Feb 2018
I am sick of the stares that follow me everywhere
And of the letches I find on the street
I am sick of being catcalled on roads
And  then asked to be silent about it
I am sick of the curfews that my parents impose on me
And their fears about my safety which it reflects
I am sick of the **** cases I hear about everyday
And the threat that i might be its victim too
I am sick of acid attacks
And of one-sided lovers whose love isn’t actually love
I am sick of listening about dowry victims
And of how people burn their brides for money
I am sick about not being treated equally as men
And the discrimination I see everywhere
I am sick of being judged by my clothes
As if they aren’t my clothes but my character
Yes I am a woman
And trust me I am sick of it
Having undergone inexplicable misery being a woman in a place where women were placed on an elevated level in the past, the present commotion
of a world with annihilated human sensibility seems to have made life of women  a terrible experience in diurnal move in every day life forcing live in misery and pain.
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