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Afreen Aug 15
I wish you'd all see the person
in me beneath my insecurities,
layers of locks into my heart.
Why'd you leave me before I speak?
am I not as normal as you?
what is normal if there are many?
Am I crazy or are you blind to see the
normal in me?
I wonder what's missing in me that
forced you to leave.
As you remain blind to the eons
of hope that remains in my heart for you.
As I redefine my normal for the next layer of lock
that encapsulates my heart.
It hurts when your friends and those you held close to your heart ignores you and turn their backs on you. You feel as if your opinions are not normal and you question your sanity.
Vani Jun 29
didn't your heart stopped for a while
before making such a weighted declaration

didn't your lungs gasp for air
before these words could escape your mouth

didn't your voice tremble
while speaking these words out aloud

how casually you said them
like you didn't even mean to

but why am I scolding you now
'cause once it's said
it doesn't matter
it doesn't change anything

the words have been said
the blood has been drawn

and now there's no turning back
'cause mortals aren't allowed to fall in love with Gods
how can I lose you when i never had you to begin with?
Nathalie Dec 2019
There is no point
To be the voice of reason
If a dialogue cannot
Offer the discernment
Of honest expression

There is more value
To say what is not
Always popular than
To hide behind deceptive
Means of communication

There is respec to be
Earned and given to
Those that choose
To share their genuine
Introspection with sincerity

Megan Parson Mar 2019
Her lips were stained red,
   Her bright smile, utter dread.
      Befitting a She-vampire,
         "But tis only Beetroot, Sire!"
Looks can be deceptive,
Be always adaptive.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Careless with their lives
They slog in infested slimy waters
In rubber shoes covered in holes
Merging bodies with all the inhabitants of the world beneath their feet
They trudge on

They’re deceptive
Picking up dirts to throw it back in
In those times they’re not seen
Or so they believe

They’ve reduced themselves
To the dirt they feed themselves
And they care not
Their pores clogged with infested slimy waters

Exhibiting animalistic behaviors
They’ve now become barbarians
“Buy us water”,
They cry together.
He who is living a deceptive life
Trudging around in the slimy waters
A place no one has sent them

They feed themselves with those slimy hands?
It’s no wonder their mate died
I stamp my feet in anger!
Do they not see the danger?

I do not feel pity for them
Their state of being
Though perplexing it seems
They chose this.
Their families I weep for
Bodies coated with infested slimy waters
They go home.
Gods1son Oct 2018
Maybe it's not the wrong thing done to us
By a loved one
That is really painful
Accepting that their heart
Could produce and allow such a thing
Is the real pain!
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Seductive anchor,
News seems deceptively tame;
Anesthetic helps!
Rain May 2018
Far away in the distance I see
Fireflies, each one tiny, and brighter than the morning sun
Like suspended lanterns they sparkle
Coming ever closer,
Alluring; glittering, dazzling wings beating faster than the eye can follow

Suddenly they gather, more and more of them
A whirlwind around me
Surrounding, beautiful, stunning
These hypnotizing fireflies come closer, brushing up against me
Tiny stars blotting out a velvet sky above

And then all at once a dream turns to a nightmare
As a hundred minute creatures swarming up in magnificently terrifying clusters
Press against me, making it impossible to move
Pigmy devils, to be sure
Choking me, stealing my breath away
Swirling up into my eyes, my nose, my mouth
I can’t breathe, I can’t think!
Suddenly their lights are too bright, no longer simple stars but supernovas
I am blind and deaf to the world,
And stumble to my knees,
Sinking haltingly to the ground
The world
To Black.

But then as quickly as they’d come, they vanish
I draw in a mouthful of sweet, sweet air
Forever to be haunted by the memory of a million insect legs, crawling, buzzing and blocking out my world

Yet still I am alive.

I get up warily and look about- not a soul to be seen.
I turn, and in a daze,
Begin to trudge the long hike back,

Back to anywhere with insect repellent.
Not everything is as it appears. A word of advice- Approach with caution anything that at first glance appears enticing
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