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You are proud to remember,
while I forget it all.
You know how and when to pick
while I barely depict
that getting lost is not an option.
You hate seeing balloons
floating in the sky,
"ones beyond its limits,
will break into small pieces.
Look how confident I am!”,  
waiting to pat you on the shoulders.
“Great, I can just watch tv”

I didn’t know I was punished.


an easy one for you to remember puffy.
i am not an overnight oat to make your morning easy.
i am seafoam, whisked by smashed whitecaps and breaking waves blown inland. When you are hardly sea spray ejected in the air.
I chase after balloons without a second thought. I break into a full sprint down the street, across a parking lot, onto a busy road, just about anywhere, don't care who sees, don't care who stares. I once caught two balloons on the same day within about 5 minutes of each other. It was a great day.
Spontaneity - the game within the game. Thrills and Joys abound. The rewards can be profound. Play at your own risk.
Janice Feb 21
As the balloons rose up
My heart fell down
I cant believe
Youre in the ground
My head keeps spinning
Round and round
I'm lost and never found
Without another sound
Selah Rose Jan 22
Balloon people.
People made from balloons.
What is the mood of the sky today?
This is the reminder that I too contain volumes
And I do not crush the grass beneath my feet
A tree dances to the piano cascading upward from the floor below
The music feels like a distant promise
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
A day you look back
to see how much you’ve grown and bloomed.

A day you reminisce all the lovely
and memorable memories made over the year.

A day you are thankful for all
your blissful ups that integrated themselves
as memories in your mind.

A day you're thankful to the people
you have met over the year that made
an impact for the better.

A day you're thankful for the life lessons
learnt that made your become a better,
wiser, stronger or simply given you a an
edge that you never had before.

The day when you let your ego
be glorified by the wishes and compliments.

The day you feel extra dose of love
and attention from the people around you.

The day you are grateful for the life you have
and look forward to growing, progressing,
creating more memories.

Because birthday to me is all that
and spending the day with gratitude for
your existence and being around the people
who make you feel like your existence is meaningful
and you are beautiful.
Bea Jul 2019
Wishes and calls from friends
Not my brother
Of course he can't call
He's learned from his mother

He was taught wrong
Though could've done better
Could've wrote his own songs
Can't write me a letter

My friends write me letters
They think that I matter
Even got me a sweater
Hoping I will get better

The ones that show up
They're the ones that still care
We all raise our cups
Wave them high in the air

It's getting real late
And it's time to leave now
It must've been fate
Not exactly sure how

Glitter may fall
And people may fight
Memories of it all
Escape to the night

Balloons in the backyard
Like memories we shared

We filled them all up
Now they're dancing through air

Colors were popped
And pieces were scattered
Bad thoughts seemed to stop
I believed that I mattered

Balloons in the backyard
Like memories we shared

My heart is filled up
I am walking on air

Colors were blended
And so was my head
Eventually it ended
We must go to bed

Balloons in the backyard
Like memories we shared

Suddenly look up , and you're still there

Brain is now syrup, I don't mean to stare

You look so lovely, you float with the air

I feel so lucky , I'm glad I was there

Balloons in the backyard
Memories we shared

Hearts all filled up
Eyes that may stare

Colors can wander
All through the night

Still found no lover

We travel in flight

July 11
Me and my best friend popped balloons in the backyard on my birthday . Thank you for always listening and caring , much love - the girl who's kinda in love with you
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
if my head weren't attached
i'd lose it in seconds.

no. milliseconds.

my head is more like
a beautiful bouquet of balloons
i hold tightly with both hands

when i'm doing too good
i get so excited that


i let them all go.

and then i'm jumping
like a ******* idiot
trying to gather them all.

but they float away fast
and i'm still jumping
while others tell me,
"it's okay, they always come back...
well, after you f i n a l l y calm down."

but i can't calm down
i lost my balloons.

of course, eventually, they do come down.
deflated and strings tangled
(or missing)

i gather them
try to untangle and repair them
and hold on tightly
with both hands
once again.
NaPoWriMo day 3 - 040319

ya know, when you frequently lose your **** it takes a minute to come back down to Earth, regroup and try again.
Karen M Feb 2019
Sounds of rubber against rubber
Scraping a sandpaper Q-tip through
Your ears will raise hairs from your
Arms and neck to be tugged
On by little ghost hands
Of electricity coming from a tiny sack
Of nothing that fits anything and everything
Wrong you've ever said
Or done and thought rising above
Your head out of reach to be
Popped outside of Heaven's
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