janja 7d
i realized:
i was not addicted to you,
i was intoxicated by the thought
of who you should have been

and in that moment
it came to me
your charm was potent
as though it was whiskey

you could ruin lives
just as alcohol ruined mine
you were way too nice
and you became the reason why

i drank all the pain away
trying to make sense of it all
my heart burst into flames
knowing that i took a hard fall
The floor danced
as the sirens,
they beckoned

Sweet words,
a soothing melody
to my out-of-tune mind

What is their hair,
shimmering with droplets,
to me, a white flag

The scent,
the fragrance,
the stench

Of their shampoo,
pulling me under,
until I am choking on their locks

Their eyes, like an anchor,
weighing me down
so I cannot struggle

Instead, I still,
my body, a freeze frame,
my mind, a ravenous tsunami

Grey, static, fuzzy
until my last breath escapes my throat,
and I drown
FrankieM Jan 30
As you sing your heart out
My heart, my mind, this car
Goes 1,000 miles an hour

We pass semi tricks
Heavier than these feelings
I've been trying to drown out the entire night

I lay in my own passenger seat
By you

And the alcohol
And these drugs
Have me feeling every ounce of you

Drip into me
It's amazing
How I could want something so bad when I already have it
Em MacKenzie Nov 2017
I'm on the brink of destruction,
lacking spine and posture.
My soul is facing corruption,
I lost to the dark when I fought her.

Sitting back wanting to sedate,
bound to crack if I have to wait.
Sitting back wanting to sedate,
numbs the pain my heart does create.

I'm one to stay up until the end of time,
only then can I sleep eternally.
Methylphenidate with a spritz of lime,
Alprazolam, my mind is curdling.

Sitting back waiting to sedate,
forget I lack future and lack fate.
Sitting back waiting to sedate,
missing all hours, but mainly eight.

I'm not one for the Earl Grey,
nor Chamomile, or warm milk.
Rambling self conscious; nothing to say,
and nothing to feel except soft silk.

Sitting back needing to sedate,
so I can alter my mind and state.
Sitting back needing to sedate,
I'm death's prey and this is the bait.

I'm on the brink of imploding,
no more room for any emotion.
My brain has started corroding,
when I left my soul to this ocean.

Sitting back wanting to sedate,
but the release is always late.
Sitting back needing to sedate,
there's no choice and no debate.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Thought I was high
Then, I felt a memory
Thought I was high
Thought I was safe
Then, I felt some emotion

What if I sold my soul for the green of grass?
What if I smoke my ambition in a bowl?
What if I bake the little dough I make?
What if I'm red-eye all day?

Then, I'm a peasant.

What if I send my nightmares away, ablaze?
What if I exchange the pain in my body for body rolls?
What if I buy a ticket to ride, unafraid of eyes?
What if I'm dead all day already?

Then, I'm lifted.
Seema Oct 2017
...and this rain has become my recent enemy
...intoxicating my mood
...torturing me
...doing no good
...oh how much I miss you,
...this rain
...brings in the longing and pain
           my arms, await a hug from you
           my lips, await a kiss from you
           my heart, awaits a satisfaction from you
           my body, awaits a touch from you
...this rain
...brings in the longing and pain,
                                                   ....of you!

Bannon's Toy Box Oct 2017
I focus the lenses:
   My kaleidoscope eyes
Are out of their senses,
   And each of them cries.

The colors are runny
   And painted on space.
A red-eyed white bunny
   Stares hard in my face.

The smoke that I'm smoking
   Around my neck wreathes,—
A rope made for choking
   A smoker who breathes.

I float through the ceiling;
   I melt through the floor;
I'm feeling a feeling
   Felt never before.

I float high and cloudly;
   I run like a stream;
A raindrop laughs loudly,
   Then bursts into steam.

Fred Oct 2017
I hurt you,
because I want you
to love me.
I desert you,
because I want to
be chased.
I know I cause you pain,
I want to be your love's teary stain.
And when your fever keeps you up at night,
let my skin be your strap to bite.
All these things I do,
I want to hurt
for you.
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