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It starts like a spinning top
Hypnotically spirals
Then it swirls
Round like a hurricane

I look into the eye of the storm
It seems to smoulder
Delicate and warm
Yet distant

Unstoppable and yet serene
The vortex drowning my thoughts
Swirling me round
A turbulent sea

But I feel also peaceful
Overcome with serenity
Harmonious music
Drunk on its melody

Does it draw me
Towards rocks or bliss?
This shimmering cocktail
Sweet and heady

Why is everything so hazy?
Is it steam?
Is that a swirling bath?
An aromatic lagoon

Stirred by a gentle hand
Soft skin and porcelain
Inviting me in
Beckoning me in

Does it invite me
Or does the door close?
Leaving me indignant
And alone in the dark

Like a ballerina
Ever faster, ever lighter
Seeming as if to rise
With each revolution

Up and up it goes
Swirling and swirling
Now slower and slower
As it quietly dissipates

It circles now above me
Finned silhouettes overhead
Swimming around and around
I hope they’re not sharks.
4 line 4 line 4 line
According to legend,
if you stare into a mirror,
in a dark room,
lit with candles,
& say "Mary Jane" three times,
while smoking dabs,
you get high as ****.
A soft ****** ape,
& Dharma geek,
I dream asleep
& wide awake.

My third eye peers,
so ****** i'm rocked.
Half-baked ideas
are under-cooked.
Twilight is pastel,
grey grief wrapping the soul
in a pall of thickened mist
with a nauseating shade of
mourning brown.

At the horizon,
you wait for the homing birds
to fly on its wings
like a dream glued to my life’s script.

Many times I wondered,
why you come back to this land
where the scary hand of the butcher
scuttles every dream;
where humanity drowns
in its own anguished cries.

The smell of blood is
intoxicating when its grasp
tightens like a noose
on my consciousness.
Osiria Melody Mar 16
I. The Neighbor
Eyes, two immaculate, circular egg-whites
Donning uncanny egg yolks,
Captures a commotion like a camera from afar

II. The Parents
Indecipherable words blurred with alcohol’s embrace
Battered, ****** knuckles striking “I hate you”
against her–helpless
She strikes him back like a match set ablaze
Bird-like screeches pierce the air from the depths
of his cruelty

III. The Parents’ Child
Tomato-red ball bounces like a rabbit, gliding across
the grainy pavement
Young child, innocent and carefree, bolts toward the
ball with thunderous feet
Suddenly, a shock of lightning, blinding like the sun,
Obscures the child's vision (a car)
Ear-splitting burst of impact interrupts the neighborhood
Time took off from the ground, sending the child
forward like an airplane, limbs airborne
Not an emergency landing, but an imminent one
Her severed head rolls down the road like a bowling ball
Body splatters across the neighbor's yard, sprinkler watery

IV. The Father
His mash potato knuckles, battered, raises into the air as if
in protest
A visage ridden with contrition, contorts
Tears stream down his face like missiles (his daughter just died)
An explosion of resentment overcomes him (shock, pure shock)

V. The Mother
She, bloodied by his knuckles
Yelps in determination (she blames her daughter’s death on him)
She slams him with all of her will, ensuring his impending
death (he’s a goner for sure)

IV. The Father
Now in supine position, mutters an inaudible “sorry” to his wife
with an imploring gaze, asking forgiveness
As she watches him expire, grotesquely smiles (he deserved this)

V. The Mother
Sprinting from the scene, red and blue sirens, whirl and whistle
endlessly, audible torture
She loses touch with balance, falling head-first to the selfish ground,
forcefully embracing her
Crown splits open like a watermelon, its juicy contents ingratiate
itself onto the neighbor's yard (the grass looks green and red like
a watermelon now)

I. The Neighbor
Processing this ghastly ghastly scene, succumbs to Death’s embrace
from shock

VI. The Family
A fatal and unforeseen tragedy
Broke the silence in this town of tranquility

I drew my inspiration from witnessing a happy family taking a stroll in a park.
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या पता —२
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पता
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या  पता
मेहखाना हे ए मेहखाना —२

प्यासेको मेहखानेका दिसा कोइ न बताए
लहेरे पारसे  चाँद दिखा उसको न बताए  
अधेरो बाद साम हुइ  उसको कोइ न बताए
महेखाना हे ए महेखाना —२

पिनेका मजा आकर मुझसे  न पुछो
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा मुझसे न पुछो
कहनेको क्या हे बाकी, अब तुुमभी कुछ कहो
महेखानेमे गिरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —२
टक्राकर पिनेका आलम, आगया नसा —२
लर खराते घुमनेका सुरु हो  रहा  सिलसिला
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने  उसको क्या पत्ता
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखानेमे गीरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Intoxication
she was apprehensive
towards my behavior
and each night she
kindly asked me
to come to
bed early


and thinking
about it now
as I’m screaming
for an early
I understand
where she was
coming from

but in the grand
scheme of things,
exploding with
unsuitable stability,
brimful and glistening
with insomnia, insanity
intoxication, isolation
in that red light
of the new dawn
were just to beautifully
violent and untimely
to ever slow down.


Leon Dec 2018
You knew what perfection tasted like
as if you’ve molded limbs in a soulful dance
or bathed in each other’s voices in song

You knew what iniquity smelled like
the sickening sweet scent
from whenever your finger bones ran
graciously along her hair like the waves rushed to meet the shore

And through either you created me:
a strong bitter abyss that looks too much like heaven
drowned deep into the naked ***** of the eye

If you had not laid your flesh like a crown around my throne,
their tongues would not have craved for even a single crystal of you
you who slips carelessly pretty upon the seas

Our amalgamation was never meant to be candid
no melange with our imprints meant to stand the kisses of the sea
our collisions orchestrate an ecstacy, one that morphs with my solitude.
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