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Vani 4d
didn't your heart stopped for a while
before making such a weighted declaration

didn't your lungs gasp for air
before these words could escape your mouth

didn't your voice tremble
while speaking these words out aloud

how casually you said them
like you didn't even mean to

but why am I scolding you now
'cause once it's said
it doesn't matter
it doesn't change anything

the words have been said
the blood has been drawn

and now there's no turning back
'cause mortals aren't allowed to fall in love with Gods
how can I lose you when i never had you to begin with?
  5d Vani
i do not want you
to try to complete
each missing part of me
to make me perfect for you
i want you
to see me perfectly flawed
lost pieces and all
and still want
to light up my darkest shadows
enough to outshine
each star in the sky.
  7d Vani
and they never knew
they were lost stars,
building their empires
after many lost wars.
Vani 7d
It feels like yesterday
when a politician appeared on our doorstep
with promises of development,
and better health facilities

He said
"we would turn India into

The same politician was on our doorstep
distributing masks and soap bars
among people
who can't afford them

When people expressed their
over the growing number of

He replied by saying
Don't worry we won't let
India turn into
How the tables have turned
Vani Jun 24
to be needed by everyone
but wanted by none
if i disappear tomorrow the only thing you'd probably miss is a clean house
Vani Jun 24

Last night I came across a man
His skin pale as marble
Eyes dark and cold
Wearing a crisp charcoal suit
And black sparkling shoes
The smell of his cologne
Burning my nostrils
The warmth of his breath
Making me shiver
A chill ran across my spine
As he pinned me to the wall
Tracing circles on the back of my neck
With his bony fingers
He tightened his grip on my throat
As I held on to dear life
Slowly he drew his lips close to my ear
And asked ; his voice, barely a whisper
Will you come along with me?
I tried but couldn’t say NO
Soon he took over everything I once called mine

Last night I met a man named Death
And I fell in love with him
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