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Soil in your palms
Seeds in its depth
Care and warmth
Water and light
Growth of life
Sprouting from the earth
Awake inspiration
A new home
Lush and full
Green and soulful
An oasis
Welcoming Spring
Stephen James Mar 27
Oasis is on;
Wonderwall—why do i feel
i should sing along?
a haiku
Zywa Mar 21
I walk twenty steps, five feet
down into the darkness
of buried secrets
on the outskirts of the oasis

I walk twenty steps, five feet
in the excavation
next to the shallow ditch
that was once a pond

discovered from the sky
vaguely ticked off in the sand
by odd gauge values
of the substrate

I walk back into the light
where a man sits
on the roots of an old tree
looking at me

compelling he beckons me
pointing to his water bottle
and I realize
that he knows the answers

to the questions I shall ask
when he is no longer there
Allen James Jan 30
Like the moment I first saw her,
Parched lips that tasted water,
Mother Nature's only daughter,
Living on the street,

In the open desert valley,
I feel her air around me,
Effortless and soundly,

One day we will meet.
A quiet room,
Tucked away,
An oasis from the crowds
And the noise.

An odd assortment
Of chairs,
But without the stress
Of the other rooms.

A safe space
In a place with no security,
A warm space,
In a cold building.

A little room,
Hidden away,
This is my safe space,
This is my room.
You'll always be at rainbow's end
Eternal *** of gold
A fairy tale told long ago
Forever I've been sold

I try so hard but out of reach
With each hand would grab hold
No words needed so please don't speak
Would never let you go

But when I give up in defeat
The cycle getting old
The hill to climb becomes too steep
Turn down 'Yellow Brick Road'

The Wizard who I wish to meet
Told he can take me home
I hear the scurrying of feet
New shadow is well known

But like they say it's "Trick-or-treat"
And both will I be shown
With me you stand here in the street
No longer I'm alone

Now found; forever I had seeked
But actions had been cloned
Reached out but this dream could not keep
Like that; I'm turned to stone

You laugh and turn off in retreat
A call without a phone
A diet forced myself to eat
These actions had been sewn

This game of love again I'm beat
And tossed like trash I'm thrown
You stole from me just like a cheat
This life I live alone

No tears to cry but inside weep
My head, the space I roam
No need to hide; Escape don't seek
From now on is my home
Written: November 13, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Heptameter in Common Meter format]
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Old man with his Atacama tongue
dusting off stories of his youth
forty-nine knock outs he spattered out
heavy weight champion travelin' the world
stories of tribes auctioning off slaves
that they couldn't sell
that became that nights meal
pieces in a stew
how it could make a man cry and cry
oiling up trees so the lions
slide right off
tent births and baseball cards
a preacher neighbor who beat a woman
then had his teeth knock out
by the holy word
then points out his bird houses
only to dive deep into something else

"Old man" says I,
"I have to return to work
but next time I will save
your stop for last. There's
an oasis in that head of yours
and I tend to bask in it."
Popleocan Sep 2018
I was in the desert
My lips were potato chips,
My skin was a raisin.

The same land a savior was raised in.

The same wilderness trial.
Not 40 days but 20 years.
Behind me, temptation.
No water.
But gold enough to buy it.
Women enough to lie with.
My own islands.

Why then.

Did i choose you.
Looking like an oasis.
I'd say shes all i need.
One pond alone.
I just need one sip.

As the heat gets hotter.
I reach you
I cup hands.
I wanted water.
You gave me sand.
Apporva Arya Sep 2018
What's unsaid about it?
Still it's different
and unique for everyone.

Sometimes,for me its like
songs of cuckoo bird.
Sun that rose again in my life,
a green oasis in a desert,
The best part of my youth.

and sometimes,
i am a lone warrior in the battlefield,
searching for the enemy soul,
dont know where to find
and how to defeat!..

I am not afraid of break-ups or
passionate love.
since who knows,
what love has at store!
the equal amount of love back?
or may be a surprise?
i have decided not to be fearful anymore. whatever it will be,how far we will go i will cherish our journey,our moments together .Because now i know some people are destiny and some destination.
Poppy Fields Apr 2017
**** them, they don’t
have to pay for parking.

My feet have tread there
a thousand times,
but only now do I see
the weight of
my million pictures.

I borrowed your eyes
for a moment,
to think through you
in a drunken view.
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