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Hamna Apr 13
The Ummah is sweltering with the heat of sins and immodesty.
When will it transfer into an oasis of humanity?
When will there be a loving bond like one between the Ansaar and Muhajireen?
When shall shamelessness be shunned away?
Kitten Yvad Mar 28
it seems to have taken
mold now but there
are no cold sounds where

verdant things kiss
the mountain rounds

and i promise this
where audobon park
grows listening, sighs are
met to sighs where homes are

you know this;
that it's not far
Celine Ngo Mar 3
you were an oasis in a desert

i thought you were an oasis,
but you were a mirage.
and a mirage is all you will ever be.
Amanda Hawk Oct 2020
I want to slip
Into Oasis
Become pixelated
Back in the 80s
Watch as all my fandoms
Come to life
I can have coffee
With Molly Ringwald
At The Peach Pit
Before hitting the beaches
Of Costa del Sol
Later check into the Overlook Hotel
To slow dance with Casper
As listen to theme music
Of Castlevania
To pedal a bmx bike
And touch the stars
To hang in detention
With the brat pack
To have my entire life soundtrack
Badly synthesized 80s tunes
I guess I am saying
I want my 2020
A little more Oasis
And a lot less
Black Mirror
Pockets Aug 2020
Cows graze in the grass
Caterpillars eat leaves
Humans ate the whole world
Turning God’s oasis into a feast
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Water and Gold
by Michael R. Burch

You came to me as rain breaks on the desert
when every flower springs to life at once,
but joy's a wan illusion to the expert:
the Bedouin has learned how not to want.

You came to me as riches to a miser
when all is gold, or so his heart believes,
until he dies much thinner and much wiser,
his gleaming bones hauled off by chortling thieves.

You gave your heart too soon, too dear, too vastly;
I could not take it in; it was too much.
I pledged to meet your price, but promised rashly.
I died of thirst, of your bright Midas touch.

I dreamed you gave me water of your lips,
then sealed my tomb with golden hieroglyphs.

Published by The Lyric, Black Medina, The Eclectic Muse, Kritya (India), Shabestaneh (Iran), Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, Captivating Poetry (Anthology), Strange Road, Freshet, Shot Glass Journal, Better Than Starbucks, Famous Poets and Poems, Sonnetto Poesia, Poetry Life & Times

Keywords/Tags: Water, rain, desert, flower, joy, oasis, illusion, mirage, Bedouin, miser, Midas, gold, golden, bones, rich, riches, thieves, heart, price, cost, thirst, tomb, hieroglyphs
Kyle McClure Jan 2020
bursted rocky ash,
streamers of magma flash their lights,
soft grass roots the back,
eyes lock spectrums of opacity,
dark matter is the curtain.

twitching leg muscles,
misplaced nerve endings,
electric waves pulse,
zapping harvest moon and man,
night is a double sided photograph,
dark and light,
boxed in, trapped, blind,
open windows, fields, signs,

cut tree frozen in freefall,
eternity seeing fake falling trees,
pressure cooker in the forehead,
explosive wired circuitboard,
cord pulled from wall,
Valentin Jan 2020
And she walks naked to the oasis
I am watching her stepping forward
Her **** is reflecting in the water
The sun is shining over her skin
Her dark hair are getting wet
And she dives into the water
Before disappearing with the oasis
Aŧül Sep 2019
The world doesn't hate me
It's too indifferent, you see...

Gusts of hot winds of change
They still remain hot and torrid...

It's like I walk alone in a desert
Your love is my oasis...
My HP Poem #1767
©Atul Kaushal
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